Spiritual Inspiration 2021

Treasure Tuesdays

Weekly Dose of Spiritual Inspiration Well, Welcome to Treasure Tuesdays! Prayerfully, each Tuesday, you will get a Golden Nugget of truth that resonates with you and motivates you to keep pressing forward into all God has in store for you. In times like these, we all need [...]
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Life Coach Insights - Privileges

Relationship Has Privileges

A Stranger Doesn’t Have Privileges If a stranger walked into your home and went to your fridge, pulled out some food to make a sandwich, what would you do? Or better yet, they went to your bathroom and grabbed five rolls of toilet tissue? A TOTAL STRANGER! I [...]
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Life Coach Brenda Underwood - Blog

God Blesses the Steps You Take – Faith Steps

There are some blessings you will never experience until you take the first steps of faith. As I began to study how God moves in scripture I realized it wasn’t just enough to have a dream, I had to act on the vision God gave me. He wasn’t going to [...]
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