Group Coaching

The Procrastination Crusher Group

The purpose of this group coaching program is to empower you to become a Woman of Action. It is time to crush the barriers that hinder women’s ability to achieve what they want out of their careers and life. You can go from a procrastinator to a producer in 6 short months.

This is not your information overload online course! This is a highly interactive implementation program designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Discover the possibilities in a Discovery Call. Click the button below to schedule a time.

I am your RESULTS COACH, implementation coach, life coach, and business coach here to help you WIN AT LIFE, personally and professionally. Barriers are meant to be CRUSHED. Life is meant to be ELEVATED!

Who does the Procrastination Crusher Group serve?

Female professionals who are ready to change the trajectory of their future and become a WOMAN OF ACTION! This lively course will impact every area of your life.

When procrastination is in full effect have you ever thought of the following:

  1. Time management is the culprit?
  2. It’s an organization issue?
  3. I’m just LAZY!

If you said yes to one or all of these, THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU!

These are not the reasons why you procrastinate. I would love to help you understand the anatomy of procrastination, dig up the real roots, and engineer triggers for overcoming procrastination.

What has procrastination cost you?


What results will you get from this lively course?

  • Overcome Overwhelm
  • Greater Productivity – Get the Right Things Done
  • Reduce Stress caused by Deadline-Induced Panic
  • Build Confidence and Eliminate Negative Self-Talk
  • Deflate Fear
  • Crush Your Goals
  • Build Community with Like-Minded Professionals

How will this program transform you into a Woman of Action?


The Anatomy of Procrastination

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Understand how it operates
  • Identify your root cause
  • Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Learn the role fear plays

Reverse Engineer ACTION!

  • Re-engineer triggers of procrastination into triggers for production.
  • The Results Cycle
  • The Habit Cycle
  • The Motivation Cycle
  • The Confidence Cycle

Tools for Transformation

  • Focus Zones will help you kill distractions
  • Finally, CRUSH worry (Yes, there is a tool for that too)
  • Create the safety you need to take risks that will propel you forward
  • Implement Guilt Free Play EVERYDAY that motivates action

These transformational gems and many more will help you CRUSH PROCRASTINATION. Your future needs you to take action. Why stay trapped in a procrastinator’s mind while dwelling in a producer’s body? Your opportunity for breakthrough is HERE and NOW!

Custom Coaching Designed with You in Mind – Program Layout

Monthly 1:1 Power Coaching Sessions (45 Min)

One size rarely fits all! As an Implementation Coach, I will use my gifts, skills, and training to identify invisible barriers unique to your life situation.

After we identify the barriers that hinder you most, we will customize a tool kit to address each barrier based on your unique personality. You will have an arsenal of tools to crush barriers like fear, overwhelm, negative self-talk, burnout, destructive habit cycles, and much more.

Your Breakthrough Tools Welcome Kit comes with an assessment of 16 barriers that hinder progress. Can you say bye-bye procrastinator and hello producer?

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom (90 Min)

Live time with Coach Brenda – No Pre-Recorded Video!

A group of like-minded women with a common goal will connect twice a month developing a synergy of power and motivation that energizes your belief to overcome every barrier. By the end of the program, this community will transform into a tribe of women ready to soar. These sessions are private and confidential.

We will have an open discussion about the material presented in the weekly videos, live Q&A, and address any challenges you have with implementing the tools.

Weekly Crusher Videos (30-45 Min)

Each video provides fresh concepts and proven tools to reverse engineer triggers of procrastination into triggers for action. By applying the tools in these videos, the habit of procrastinating will subside.

These bite-size actionable steps will stop procrastination dead in its tracks, propelling you forward to goal achievement.

On the first day of each week, you will receive a new Crusher Video via email. There will be three videos per month. On the first week of the month, we will have our one on one power coaching sessions and no crusher video. This will provide the balance necessary to effectively implement the new concepts provided. Remember I am your RESULTS COACH, here to help you put to use the techniques that will transform your life. I am not here to overwhelm you.

In six short months, you will crush years of procrastination and become a Woman of Action.

Are you ready to make traction toward monumental success?

Procrastination Crusher – Client Success Story

The Procrastinator Challenge was amazing. Going through this program allowed me to dig deep and really see those barriers that have had an impact on my thinking and decision-making. I was able to identify thoughts in my subconscious that have kept me from moving forward.

The opportunity to connect with many amazing women was energizing. I am grateful to Brenda for all of the tools and resources that she provided. It helped me overcome my procrastination and I can continue to use them as I work toward achieving my current and future goals.”

Katina, Team Lead Auditor – Raleigh, NC (Life Coaching Method:

Client Katina

Chat with Coach BU (Brenda Underwood) – The Breakthrough Strategist

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call and take the first step to craft a winning life, both personally and professionally. Brenda can help you crush procrastination, break through barriers, reveal blind spots, and align your purpose with your profession. Workplace Exit Strategies are her specialty and she loves to empower women with the tools to WIN at LIFE in every area of life. Pick a time and schedule your call today!