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Whether you are looking for a coach or seeking to become a certified life coach, Brenda can help.

Coach Brenda Underwood is dual-certified in business and life coaching. All confidential Discovery Calls are conducted by her via

Discovery Call

During your FREE 45-minute Discovery Call we will:

  • Gain clarity on what you are most urgently seeking to achieve in your life at this time
  • Discover how custom coaching can tailor make a journey covering your unique goals and aspirations
  • Explore what tools are necessary to achieve your overall goals
  • Discover the results you will obtain from a coaching journey with The Breakthrough Strategist, Coach BU
  • Discuss investment options and determine the next steps to achieve the results you desire most.

Schedule a Discovery Call and take the first step to craft a winning life. Brenda can help you crush procrastination, break through barriers, reveal blind spots, and align your purpose with your profession.

Workplace Exit Strategies are her specialty. She loves to empower women with the tools to WIN at LIFE in every area of life. Pick a time and schedule your call today!

Client Success Story:

From my very first call with Brenda Underwood, I knew in my heart that there was something special about her. Brenda’s approach as a Business Life Coach was so different from other coaches.

“In fact, after that initial call, I was convinced she could help me. She was the answer I had been searching for. I’m still in awe of how much I have accomplished since working with Brenda. I see why she calls her business Breakthrough For Life because I received breakthrough after breakthrough in her custom coaching program.


When I came to Brenda I was still wavering about the direction I wanted to take my business. I lacked the clarity I needed to move forward with confidence.


Within a few weeks of working together, I had my first breakthrough. She was able to help me tap into my true passion and determine how to best monetize it.


From there, she gave me the tools to build out my program, the strategy to market it, and the insight on how to best connect with my ideal client. She has also given me a framework that I can now use to develop future programs. I know this won’t be my last time tapping into the brilliance of Brenda Underwood. She is just that good. I’m a better person and a better media coach because of working with her.


I can truly say her Breakthrough for Life custom program is one of the best coaching investments I have ever made.


Joy, Media Coach and Host of The Joy Sutton Show – Nashville, TN (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Business Coach - Client Joy