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Brenda Underwood has a dual certification in business growth and life coaching. All discovery calls are conducted by her primarily over the phone. However, for your convenience, she also offers video conferencing via Whether you are looking for a coach or seeking to become a certified life coach, Brenda can help.

Brenda is also a licensed instructor qualified to certify life coaches. The BtFL Coaching Academy not only teaches you vital coaching modalities but it also shows you how to launch a successful coaching business. When you receive a certification from BtFL you will be able to help facilitate transformation in the lives of others and get your first paying clients. All classes are virtual, so you can attend class from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and computer.

Discovery Call During your FREE 45-minute discovery call we will: 

    • Gain clarity on what you are most urgently seeking to achieve in your life at this time
    • Discover how custom coaching can tailor make a journey covering your unique goals and aspirations
    • Discover what tools are necessary to achieve your overall goals
    • Discover the results you will obtain from a coaching journey with Business Life Coach, Brenda Underwood
    • Discuss investment options and determine the next steps to achieve the results you desire most.

Schedule a Discovery Call and take the first step to craft a winning life, both personally and professionally. Brenda can help you crush procrastination, break through barriers, reveal blind spots, and align your purpose with your profession. Workplace Exit Strategies are her specialty and she loves to empower women with the tools to WIN at LIFE in every area of life. Pick a time and schedule your call today!

Client Success Story:

Business-Coach-for-Life-Brenda-UnderwoodAfter Rebecca completed her one on one coaching journey, she decided to become a certified life coach through BtFL Coaching Academy. Read about her 1:1 coaching experience with Coach Brenda.  
“In a world of knockoffs, bait and switch, and transactional businesses, Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life stands out like a North Star in the early evening sky. As a person of driving passion and integrity, in each and every one of our Life Coaching sessions, she lived true to her business name…as she pushed, pulled, challenged, and encouraged me through not just one, but multiple breakthroughs. Although seemingly magical, her skills are solidly grounded in a life of rich personal and business experiences, deepened even further through her Christ-centered worldview.


I came to Brenda needing focus and intentionality in my life and business and felt lost in how to achieve it. She took me through manageable step-by-step exercises that allowed for expansive soul-searching growth as well as the creation of grounded business-focused action steps. Specifically, I went from being a person of doubt, unfocused, and disconnectedness . . . to a woman who knows precisely who in this world I am meant to serve and how.


From 2D in B&W to 3D in Vivid Color…that’s what I got from working with Brenda. If you are looking for riches . . . spiritual, emotional, financial . . . there is not a single person or company I would recommend ahead of Breakthrough for Life. Thank you, Brenda!”


Rebecca, Owner and Fitness Coach at The Fittest Me – Suwanee, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)