Breakthrough for Life is proud to announce its new podcast to help women craft a winning life. "Breakthrough with Brenda" is hosted by our founder, Coach Brenda Underwood, who has been transforming lives for nearly two decades. The show is a 60-minute or less, interview style vodcast. Each episode will include Brenda coaching a woman through a life-challenging circumstance to a life-changing breakthrough. Season one is available on YouTube and listen on all major podcast platforms.

Life Coach Brenda Underwood

Meet the Host, Coach BU

Coined “The Breakthrough Strategist”, Brenda Underwood is a former corporate leader turned empowerment coach and business strategist. She has helped thousands of people:

  1. Take control of their own destiny
  2. Crush hindering barriers
  3. Bring their dreams to life
  4. Marry their purpose to their paycheck
  5. Win in every area of life to build a life they love!


Coach Brenda is a caring, compassionate person who knows how to empower people to achieve their goals and let go of the things that no longer serve them. Her innate ability to crush barriers and create opportunities out of obstacles leads to life-changing experiences for her clients. Her non-conformist approach celebrates the uniqueness of every individual and activates their superpower for success. 


Brenda is a single mother who beat the odds. Through her hard work and faith, she overcame suicidal depression and created a life she loves. Now she spends her days helping others do the same. After spending more than twenty-five years as a corporate leader, she is now a dual-certified business and life coach. She has spent the last two decades helping people achieve a winning life. Her education in both accounting and biblical studies works to both inspire and keep her clients grounded. She is skilled at helping people succeed and Breakthrough with Brenda is the latest attempt to help people reach their full potential. 

About Breakthrough with Brenda 

Breakthrough with Brenda is a sixty-minute, weekly podcast broken into seasons and presented in an interview-style format. The show is designed to help go-getters, women, and leaders understand how to craft a winning life while balancing it all. You will laugh, cry, and be empowered to elevate life to new heights and SOAR!


It is a perfect listen for anyone who desires to reach their full potential, crush barriers, and become a goal achiever. If you are a woman unhappy with your current circumstances and ready to finally break through the barriers that hinder monumental success, then this show is for you. Life Coach Brenda, will help you gain clarity on the steps that need to be taken to get what you want out of life. If you are seeking breakthrough to long-term life issues, then look no further. Coach BU is certified and skilled to take you from stagnate to solutions in 60 minutes or less.

Upcoming Topics 

Brenda will cover a wide range of topics on the show. You can get everything from advice to empathy to concrete steps you can take to make a change. Upcoming topics on the show include: 


How do I get out of my narcissistic marriage?


How do I overcome paralyzing fear and the indecision that keeps me stuck?


How do I leave my job and launch my business?


How do I find my purpose? I feel lost.


How do I keep my dysfunctional childhood from impacting my life?


What is keeping me from losing weight when I know exactly what to do?


I just got promoted and have no idea how to lead others.


I’m struggling with imposter syndrome. HELP!

"Breakthrough with Brenda" is an excellent listen for the woman that wants it all. A phenomenal career, harmonious family life, and the freedom to live life on your own terms. Stay tuned for new episodes to air January, 2023. Subscribe to our YouTube channel Breakthrough with Brenda today.