Life-Coaching-Testimony-ZakiaI had been seeking a life coach for over a year. Throughout my journey, I have connected with some potentially good life coaches. However, when you have the knowledge that something is missing, you wait. I waited on God to direct me to someone who would meet me right where I was and would take me where I desired to be. I was unfulfilled professionally and stagnant in my personal growth. Hindrance in my spiritual walk derailed me from my purpose; I was unsure of the root problem. I wanted someone who could guide me both spiritually and professionally.

My connection to Brenda Underwood, came right on time, which is how I knew it was God’s timing. I was unable to sleep late one night and decided to google life coaches. I knew it was God nudging me. As I searched the same way I normally do, a new blog caught my attention. I read the entire blog including Brenda Underwood “about” page. My spirit instantly opened and her words resonated in the deep areas of my soul which I did not even know existed. Her authenticity and truth were so palpable to me. I knew this type of personal testimony could only come from a place of spiritual growth based on a love for Jesus and life experiences. It was as if she had secretly witnessed pieces of my journey.


After reading her blog, I was moved to goosebumps and tears, because she displayed an intellectual and spiritual revelation in a way my soul could easily understand. I emailed Brenda, right then and there. Yes, in the wee hours of the morning, for I knew if she did not respond as others had in the past that God had someone else for my journey. Within 24hrs, Brenda emailed me back, and from our first consultation on the phone, God gave me confirmation after confirmation that is was going to be my life coach. Our first call started with her listening and ended with her in prayer.


During my future sessions with Brenda, I could finally identify strongholds, curses and spiritual warfare from generations before. Some of these revelations might have taken me years to identify. With prayer and the Word of God, I was also able to release and open myself up to the real me, allowing confirmation of God’s purpose for my life. Of course, I did the work, but without Brenda’s guidance and expertise, there would be no consistent progress or results. I am clearer than ever regarding my God-given purpose, and I know what to focus on in this season because of our coaching sessions.


I utilize the techniques, research, and tools every day in my walk with God that Brenda and” Breakthrough For Life” have bestowed upon me. I know without a shadow of a doubt who I am in Christ, and with my strengths identified and my weaknesses exposed, I am on my way to a higher calling. I feel more assured in my career choice helping others. Furthermore, my relationships are better, and my self-confidence has skyrocketed. I know that my connection to Brenda as a life coach was not by accident, but divine intervention. Her passion and love for Christ are evident, and she has helped me be more of a loving mother, wife, and woman living to please the Lord.


I recommend Brenda, to anyone who is stagnant in their walk with God or stuck professionally. Her versatility can help with various areas of your life professional, personally and anywhere in between. I have decided to further my coaching with Brenda through her achievement program, and I am excited to see what God will do!

Zakia, Business Owner, JaMae Phoenix Company LLC – Lawrenceville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Laurie“I first became acquainted with Brenda Underwood when I was in my second phase of School of Discipleship at our church.  I was immediately drawn to her transparency in teaching and dealing with real life issues that we all have or will have at some point or another in our lives. She was real and relatable, anointed and unafraid to speak the truth in love.  Truly the perfect instructor for me during that time in my life.
Here now in 2017, a number of years later, I find myself facing a definite crossroads in my life. As I began to contemplate exiting the financial industry that had been my source of income and identity for over thirty five years, I knew there would be no one better than Brenda and Breakthrough for Life to help me overcome the doubts and fears that were keeping me stuck and establish the right thought processes to break me out of my place of comfort and seize the opportunities that God was setting up for me.  If you know me at all, I’m not a risk taker, but I so desired at this crossroads to make the changes my heart has longed for throughout the years.  One call to Brenda and I had an appointment for my free consultation and we immediately began our life coaching sessions.
Courage was what I needed and through her life coaching and spiritual guidance, I see myself differently now. What seemed like a bitter ending has now taken shape to be an open door of opportunity created just for me to walk through. We’ve dealt with lots of things during our eight weeks of sessions, but none as impactful as helping me realize I can dream big in the face of my fears and courageously hold my ground when I really want to run and hide.
You see, what she helped me realize was as long as I let fear rule, my dreams would never be given the life that they were intended to have and I’d continue to retreat to the familiar even though it left me feeling unfulfilled and falling short of what God created me to be.  The motivational tools and resources Brenda shared in our life coaching sessions will undoubtedly serve me well as the next chapter of my life unfolds.
Brenda is inspiring, insightful and gifted to motivate individuals to find their purpose and live to the fullest, the life that God has created for them.  I am so thankful that she followed her heart and birthed Breakthrough for Life. I can’t imagine navigating this transition without her!”

Laurie, Vice President, Financial Services Industry – Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Shira“One day I was scrolling on Facebook and I came across a post that a friend of mine had reposted from one of Life Coach Brenda’s blog post. It was from a blog post entitled “I’m Living with Him.” I immediately went to Breakthrough for Life’s website to find this blog post. That blog post Blessed me tremendously. So much that I had to leave a comment. Brenda immediately responded to my comment and I truly believe I was hooked from there. Throughout the day, I kept thinking about the post. I kept trying to shake it off. I was already seeing a grief counselor due to the recent loss of my Grandmother and adding a Life Coach seemed so far stretched. I didn’t know much about Life Coaches and I didn’t think I needed one. 

A few days later I found myself back on Breakthrough for Life’s website and this time I decided to submit the online form. Not long after, Brenda contacted me and we scheduled my free consultation. I was still a bit apprehensive and unsure about what I was getting myself into but I was open to whatever was getting ready to come. After my initial consultation, I knew I needed Brenda Underwood. There was no way I wasn’t going to begin my next journey in life without Life Coach Brenda and Breakthrough for Life. We invest so much in other things and people and short change ourselves. So, this time I made the decision to invest in my future and it was the best decision I could have ever made for my life.

I started my journey thinking I was unsure about my purpose. My biggest breakthrough during this process was discovering I already knew my purpose, I just lacked the confidence. With all the lessons, I’ve gotten from Breakthrough for Life, I now possess the confidence to be a better Me and to live a better life. Brenda is the rawest, realist, and most loving person I have ever met. She really wants you to win at life. She is truly gifted and great at her talent. She has poured so much into every aspect of my life. She saved me and I thank God for sending her my way. She is truly a Blessing!:)”

Website: www.lovesbugworld.com

Shira, Business Owner of Lovesbugworld, LLC – Lansing, Michigan (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Teresa“Through Brenda’s coaching sessions and her anointed gift of deliverance, I experienced a breakthrough that ignited my ability to fully trust in the Lord. This breakthrough released an unspeakable joy, love and peace that has helped transform my walk with Jesus and sparked a renewed love affair within my marriage of 21 years. I have hired different life coaches over the years but only Brenda was able to unlock what no other life coach could. Brenda’s methods gently exterminated the steadfast walls I had built up over time enabling me to accept and receive God’s full trust and a new reliance on His strength vs. my own.”

Website: 247purpose.com

Teresa, CEO of 24/7 Purpose – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Natasha “My experience of having Brenda Underwood as a business life coach has been phenomenal, from start to finish. During the weeks we had together my life was transformed by Breakthrough for Life’s lesson plans that got me from wishful thinking to action. The action steps Breakthrough for Life has in place will set you up for improvement in your thinking to an I Can attitude. I experienced a greater level of confidence that got me a promotion at my job. My business plan for Natasha’s Thread LLC was successfully put together even through all the challenges I was facing at the time. I learned so much about being persistent and overcoming challenges through taking focused action steps. I highly recommend Breakthrough for Life if you feel stuck in life and don’t have direction. I left my life coaching sessions with a sense of purpose and understanding of my destiny. After completing all of my life coaching sessions, I’m still seeing the success of right thinking. Your Dreams can become your reality with right thinking; this is what I got from Breakthrough for Life!”

Natasha, Business Owner of Natasha’s Thread LLC – Atlanta, GA (Business and Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Valerie“Brenda is fearless, dedicated and passionate about her purpose of being a life coach. From experience, she keeps you on task and focused, even when it might be uncomfortable or you simply drifted off task. I did not think it would be possible to reach the goals set in such a fast 7 weeks. Thank you, Brenda, for allowing God to use you! I would encourage anyone to hire her with confidence and to be open and amazed with the end results.”

Val, Designer and Photographer – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Over the Phone )

Life-Coaching-Client-Nitta“When I first heard the term “Life Coach”, I thought “you gotta be kidding me! Who is that bad off in life that they need a coach to tell them how to live? They don’t need a coach, they need Jesus!!!” LOL! Until one day I was boarding a ship to go on a cruise and I had gotten so frustrated with my life and my inability to get anything finished. I had just become a new grandmother and caregiver to my grandson all while trying to maintain my own business as a Christian entertainer. Life had thrown me yet another curve ball. I’d just turned 50 and didn’t seem to be going in the direction I expected to be at this point. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast. I needed help, motivation, encouragement, discipline.

As I began to board the ship for the cruise, I could hear God telling me to call Brenda and set up an appointment before we set sail. And I did just that. Yes, little miss saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled needed a “Life Coach”! And God confirmed it. I knew other life coaches and had even traveled and worked with some. But God specifically put Brenda on my heart.

I met Brenda years ago at the church we both attended. I went to the School of Discipleship and out of the four teachers I sat under, she was pretty much everyone’s favorite teacher. Certainly mine. She kept you engaged and was very pleasant but bold in her class. Little did I know we had a connection unbeknownst to both of us. Her sister and I grew up together for many years and were good friends. Through the years, she and I also became good friends. And I admired her character.

So when I realized I needed a “Life Coach”, I knew it would have to be someone who could deal with me in a bold way but be mindful of my frailty. Because I was hurting too. She was everything I needed to get back on track, get my head in the game and get my motivation up. She was a blessing from day one and she continues to be even after the coaching sessions.

To sum it all up, I would say that this is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in a long time. I thank God for Brenda. She was made for this!

To God be all Glory!”

Website: www.godloveschocolate.com

Chinnitta, Christian Comedian & Minister – Cumming, GA (Life Coaching Method: Over the Phone )

Life-Coach-Testimony-Josie“When I met Brenda in 2012, I knew it was not by accident. She took a break from teaching School of Discipleship but Free Chapel Worship asked her back to teach the Transformation Phase. God knows that I needed someone exactly like her. Fast forward to 2017 when she became my Life Coach. She was a tremendous help in discovering my purpose. Each time I shared with her the things that concerned me, she always seemed to have the answer I needed. What I like about Brenda is when she recommends things to help me grow in my calling, she has the breakthrough tools already in her hands. She’s full of godly wisdom. She helped me to face my fear and overcome it. She helped me to visualized the purpose that God has placed in my life and encouraged me to keep going. This is one of the best investments I have made in myself. I will forever treasure the things I have learned from Brenda. She didn’t just help me spiritually, emotionally and mentally but also physically. She gave me the motivation to be active again. If you feel stuck or feel like you don’t know your purpose, I highly recommend you to consider Brenda Underwood as your Life Coach. You will not just gain knowledge but you will gain confidence in yourself.”

Josie, Corporate Travel Counselor – Buford, GA (Life Coaching Method: Skype)

Life-Coach-Testimony-Cheryl“From the first free life coaching consultation, Brenda brought incredible insight to my situation. She helped me realize that first and foremost I was allowing the noise of this world to keep me separated from GOD’s voice. She taught me how to reconnect with our heavenly father in such a profound way. If that is all I got from our one mini coaching session, I would have had to hire her as my Life Coach, but she brings so much more to the table. Brenda Underwood you are truly a divining rod for GOD! :)”

Cheryl, IT Professional – Port Saint Lucie, Florida (Life Coaching Method: Skype)

Life-Coach-Client-Ladetra-White“Brenda Underwood is simply the best! She is best at knowing just what is needed and then saying it with conviction and Godly cohesion. Our LIVE YOUR AWESOME LIFE MINISTRY was elevated to the moon when Brenda brought her message. Not a dry eye or unaffected heart in the room. When you have heard from Brenda you are forever changed inside out. You are forced to take a deeper look at your spirit and then give God the praise for deliverance. Brenda will take you to new heights and you will enjoy the journey getting there.”

Website: www.liveyourawesomelife.com

La Detra, Founder of AWESOME LIFE MINISTRIES – Decatur, GA

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Patrina“My relationship with Brenda Underwood has been a personal gift to me from God. From our very first encounter with my many long-winded questions, to our many phone calls and her encouraging words, our one on one mentoring sessions, to our private prayer time. Brenda has been more than just a mentor to me she is like the big sister that you call on to put your mind back into perspective. She is my spiritual coach and cheerleader. Through her encouragement my prayer life is now more profound than I ever thought it could be. In the time that I have known her I have not only grown as a person but best of all she has challenged me to grow as a Christian.”

Patrina, Customer Service Rep – Buford, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coach-Testimony-Joy “My life and my walk with Christ have forever been changed through my journey with Brenda Underwood and Breakthrough for life. I met Brenda through bible study many years ago, she is a great friend, an encourager, a prayer warrior. I was so excited when Brenda birthed Breakthrough for life. I knew God was going to use her in so many ways. Through Brenda’s life coaching techniques, her love for God, and a driven desire to see people thrive in life, I would discover and see things I never saw in myself. My eyes have been opened to new possibilities in my life.

My goal was to uncover what was hindering me in the area of self-confidence. Why I allowed people to have power over me or be a people pleaser. I was existing in life and not living it to its fullest. Life coaching and inner healing are two separate methods designed to move you forward that are offered through Breakthrough for Life. Through these two methods, it was revealed that a traumatic experience when I was 16 had taken away my self-worth. That traumatic experience had stolen something very precious from me. I was allowing it to control my life, past and future. All aspects of my life, relationships and jobs were affected. It was how I saw myself.

I was set free from a world of self-destruction and my past that was holding me captive. I am now learning to love myself and trust in how my heavenly father sees me, as well as grow in my faith. I am looking at my future in a different light, not heavy burdened from my past. You can’t put a price on peace of mind or your life. Brenda’s passion for helping people see that not only is there more to life than what you are living, you deserve the abundant life that God promises you. As Brenda would say, “We are not defined by our weaknesses but by our strengths”.

Joy – Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Terri“I had heard Brenda was a life changing speaker and I knew I wanted to be in her class. I needed someone honest, outspoken for God, who would let the Holy Spirit speak to the need in me, God answered my prayers through her. There she stood and as she spoke, my life began to change. Brenda later invited me to be a part of a women’s group that was meeting on a monthly basis. I never felt comfortable enough to be myself, but Brenda welcomed me by the Spirit of God to let go and let God further my transformation. She has such a passion to see people realize who they are in Christ, and be free to be all that God has called them to be. She has encouraged, challenged and help me grow in my relationship with Christ. I am honored to have her speak into and continue to be a part of my life.”

Website: newfacetm.myrandf.com

Terri, Rodan & Fields Consultant – Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coach-Testimony-Amanda “Brenda is such a special person. After meeting her around 4 years ago, she has become a close friend, powerful encourager, and someone who I care for deeply! Brenda has impacted my life in so many ways since I met her. She has never been afraid to challenge me or mindsets that were holding me back. I have sat in many a staff development meeting with her that truly made me sit up and THINK. She inspired action, not just thoughts as true life coaches often do. One time, in particular, she asked me, “Where will you be 5 years from today?” and that question has stuck with me since. I went home after that meeting and mind-mapped (a concept she taught me as well!) my dreams, hopes, and goals so that I could be more intentional with my time in order to be there in 5 years. When I find myself needing advice, consult, or just encouragement – Brenda is there. She has helped me through the darkest of times and the best of times. I am thankful to have her in my life and God is using her in so many ways, for so many people!”

Amanda, Business Owner of The Olive Branch LLC – Braselton, GA (Business Coaching Method: Face to Face)

life-coach-testimony-elena “Brenda is an amazing Life Coach. Breakthrough for Life really means what it says; your past will not hold you back any longer. This is your turning point for life. Brenda and I have known one another for a while, however, we recently connected again. We reconnected during a time when I was trying to start a business and going through major life changes. These changes were crippling at times causing me not to move forward at all. Whenever we got together for lunch or dinner, there were always these AHA moments for me. Eventually, we scheduled a time for me to sit with her as a coach. We sat down and she asked me one question, “What are you here for?” I was hoping we would just talk and she figure things out from there. Brenda’s life coaching style was to get me to think, to dig deep, and to analyze my past. This allowed my eyes to be opened. I could see my future and not just be told what to do.

We did exercises, she asked me questions that I wasn’t sure how to answer, but she made me feel comfortable to give her THE REAL, without shame or guilt so that I could move forward. Within that one session, she helped me narrow down what the root of the matter was and I can honestly say that for me, it was truly a BREAKTHROUGH For LIFE. I feel worthy of what God has in store, my ability to answer and carry out my purpose, knowing that my past no longer serves me. She has the knowledge, the love, the patience and understanding to walk you through the Breakthrough.  Thank you Brenda!”

Website: www.theinnovativemom.com

Elena, Business Owner of The Innovative Mom –  Alpharetta, GA (Business Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Tonia“My life is forever changed due to Brenda. I attended mentoring sessions with Brenda. I was not always committed in the beginning but Brenda stuck by me like a true life coach, inspiring me in a variety of ways. She taught me so many lessons in regards to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and myself mostly. I had no love for myself and during the Sessions I started learning how to love me. I also learned how to grow deeper in God. She showed me how to connect my head and my heart. She always gave her all into our sessions and took time to help me to understand. Brenda always prayed before each session for wisdom and understanding. Each session was what I needed for that day. I will forever be appreciative to Brenda for the help that she gave me. All of our time was never wasted, God has changed ashes into beauty in my life. One thing that has always stuck with me is a saying that Brenda gave me “Don’t allow the failures of your past to be the secrets of your future.” There is none more better than Brenda to walk through life with you. Even if it is for a short time.”

Tonia, Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

life-coaching-testimony-soo“Brenda and I have been friends for more than 30 yrs. Brenda has impacted my life very positively because she’s a great listener and always has a kind word of encouragement to give. She also helped me to get back into attending church regularly without being pushy or judgmental. During the time she was studying for her Life Coaching certification I got to be her guinea pig! The questions she asked me helped to challenge me to properly plan, prepare and execute the steps to my personal goal. She really seemed to embrace the opportunity to help others help themselves! I’m grateful to have her not only as a dear friend, but a spirit “sister”, as well.”

Soo, Area Manager – Corona, CA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coach-Testimony-Jamie“Brenda has impacted my life on so many levels. When we first connected, I had isolated myself from everyone because of past hurts and very painful relationships. She invited me to be a part of her small group and from that moment on a divine connection between me and her was very apparent. At first, I was so afraid to share the things I had went through but as she shared her heart with me about the things she went through my heart began to open. I could see that she was just as human as me but God was using her in such amazing ways. I not only gained hope from spending time under her leadership but I experienced unconditional love like I’ve never known. Brenda has a special place in my heart that I can’t even describe with words. I would not be where I am today without her coaching me through this life.”

Jamie, CEO of Home – Buford, GA (Group Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Terry-and-Koco“My wife Latoya was challenged in many ways emotionally, spiritually and mentally (not clinical but agonizing). We couldn’t quite identify the issues and even the ones we did identify, neither of us had the skills or knowledge to correct and fix those concerns. It caused tension in our household and our marriage (my flaws didn’t help either). I would try to let my wife know how proud of her I was because I know firsthand the difficulties she has stepping outside of her comfort zone. I was shocked when she told me that she was going to open up and discuss her concerns with someone with the training and skills to give her insight on her issues. When Latoya started seeing Brenda (her life coach), she was excited, nervous and weary. However, she displayed the courage necessary to overcome the mixture of emotions. Almost immediately, I noticed the growth that could take place if she stuck with it for the full seven weeks.

My wife is more confident, aware of her abilities and self-worth. She has regained a spiritual lift that she missed and longed for, for quite some time now. She now has a calm about her that the family and I really enjoy. Brenda gave my wife an opportunity to open up, which allowed her to talk about things that weighed heavy on her heart. Somehow, life coaching gave her the relief she needed from those burdens. On behalf of my family and myself, I thank you and we really appreciate the assistance that you’ve given us. Also, I must say I am impressed with your work.”

Terry – Transportation Contractor – Norcross, GA (Husband of Life Coaching Client)

Life-Coach-Testimony-Koco“I first met Brenda at a mutual friend’s home. I was in such a dark place in my life and was ready to end it ALL. I did not meet Brenda by mistake, but by faith because God heard my cries. As I’ve told her during multiple sessions, she helped to turn it all around for me! Brenda saved my life, my marriage, my relationships and friendships. Brenda allowed me to do something that I haven’t been able to do in years…and that’s trust and believe.

I didn’t know her from a can of paint, but I trusted her with my deepest and darkest secrets that were holding me back from being successful. As my Life Coach, Brenda made me dig deep within and took me to my most uncomfortable levels. When I didn’t believe in myself, she believed in ME! When I saw the confidence she had in me I quickly began to realize, if she sees something so special in me, why can’t I do the same? I have never been so confident in myself or had the self-esteem that I have today. I remember it like yesterday, when I first stepped foot into her place I immediately thought, “I’m wasting my time and money, because she CAN’T help me!” I must say proudly, this was the best investment in MYSELF that I’ve ever made! I could go on and on and on, but most of all, I want the world to know that Ms. Brenda Underwood is a true blessing. If she could motivate someone like me, she can inspire YOU TOO! I love you Brenda. I am forever grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with you by faith…not mistake! Thank you forever and always!”

LaToya – Recruiter/Operations Manager – Norcross, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life-Coaching-Testimony-Kate“My experience of working with Brenda Underwood as a Life Coach was a breakthrough moment for me. My goal was to grow Spiritually and in the process recognizing an area of pride in my life has released me to greater humility, greater wisdom, greater understanding of an area that held me in bondage. When Brenda asked, “what’s behind that judgment?” – pride was at the door. Our hearts can deceive us but His truth will always set us free. I highly recommend, if you need a breakthrough take a journey with Brenda, whose heart is after God and who loves seeing people free.”

Kate, TBN Show Host & Life Coach – Davenport, IA (Life Coaching Method: Over the Phone )

Life-Coaching-Testimony-La-Toya “Brenda and Breakthrough for Life were game changers for me and my aspiring business. I was going through a tumultuous time at my job and I was scared, frightened, and unsure of myself. Brenda stepped in, guided me, and strengthened me, this nurturing occurred even before our first life coaching session. She challenged me to fight for the life I wanted and deserved. Brenda’s life coaching helped me stay the course and launch my business in record time, less than a month. My business YAH! You Are Hired Job Fairs has launched and I’m looking forward to partnering with Brenda in the future to set and achieve more life goals….”

Website: www.yahjobfairs.com

La Toya, Business Owner of YAH! – Las Vegas, NV (Business Coaching Method: Over the Phone )


Life-Coach-Testimony-Gayle “I met Brenda many years ago through a mutual friend who had brought her to one of my ministry events, what I saw right away was her strong conviction for what she believed in and her raw honesty. Recently I had the privilege to take advantage of Brenda’s skills as a Life Coach and she is nothing short of phenomenal. Brenda has the innate ability to ask the right questions and get to the heart of the matter and allows you to use self-discovery to address your issues. We had a lunch meeting that changed my life. In a matter of a few short minutes, a belief I had about myself that hindered my financial success was revealed. I left that lunch a free woman able to move forward in my business with a new sense of purpose and vision. Brenda is the real deal. My life will never be the same because of her commitment to see people live their best life now.”

Gayle, Life Coach and Crisis Counselor – Atlanta, GA (Business Coaching Method: Face to Face )

Life-Coach-Testimony-Kim“I met Brenda through work. We got to know each other and became really great friends. I was always inspired by her staff development sessions. She led with questions that helped everyone come to their own conclusions and takeaways from the sessions. After several discussions about the sessions, Brenda invited me to take some personal life coaching. I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure about sharing my personal life. Come to find out, I only had to share what I wanted to share. Throughout our time together, I was challenged to look at life goals with intentional steps to reach them. I also re-committed to my daily quiet time, which was not as consistent as it should be. Brenda is totally committed to your success and will walk with you every step of the way. When she asks how she can pray for you, it’s for real. I felt the prayers she was lifting up on my behalf. She is an awesome encourager and fantastic life coach.”

Website: justpeachybusiness.com

Kim, CEO of Just Peachy Business Solutions – Gainesville, GA (Business and Life Coaching Method: Face to Face )

Life-Coach-Testimony-Tanya“My life coaching experience with Breakthrough for Life, especially- Brenda Underwood could be summed up in one word. “IMMEASURABLE”. But I won’t stop there. I was seeking professional advice, and by God’s grace, I was introduced to Brenda. During my journey, she knew exactly how to navigate “inside my head”, and reveal several underlying causes of my personal and professional struggles that were deeply rooted in self-worth. The obstacles that she helped me overcome have changed my life tremendously. Undoubtedly, anyone seeking change or direction should have a life coach and that life coach needs to be Brenda Underwood! With utmost sincerity and gratitude.”

Tanya, General Manager – Duluth, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face )