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Certification for Life Coaching with Breakthrough for Life LLC - Client Success Story - Sharmirah

Certification for Life Coaching at BtFL Academy

"My name is Shamirah Smith. I am an Author, who also wanted to become a Life Coach. 

I did not want to get certified through just any program; but one that was hands-on, where I could actually interact with my coaching instructor, receive proper knowledge, and obtain a life coaching certification that I could be proud of.

Breakthrough for Life's - life coaching academy met all my criteria and so much more!

First off let me say it was a joy attending Coach Brenda Underwood’s program! My plan was to get a certification. I never planned on receiving my own self discoveries, and I am grateful that I did.

With Brenda’s help and the fundamental tools she has taught me in her coaching modules, it has allowed me to sort out my own “junk” and has given me a paradigm shift that I didn't even know that I needed. Allowing me to clear the path for me to be an excellent coach; who is healed, has self awareness, takes accountability, knows how to push forward and who is confident in my ability to get my clients real breakthrough as well!

Brenda is a down to earth straight to the point type of person, who will give you the truth, and just like the bible says “the truth will set us free! She is also very humble and has a big heart.

Brenda truly does care about the coaches that she trains, and she is very passionate about the clients getting “Real Breakthrough” to truly win at life.

Coach Brenda at Breakthrough for Life has been a blessing and plays a huge positive part in my journey. Being a part of BtFL’s coaching certification program has changed my life for the better. I am confident that, whether you are interested in the certification program or seeking a Life Coach, Break Through for Life will give you the results you want, and change your life for the better as well!"

Shamirah, Life Coach at Beauty in the Mirah LLC, Lawrenceville, GA (Life Coaching Certification Method: Virtual Classroom via Zoom)

Life Coaching Client Testimony


Life Coaching - Barrier Breaker

"Life throws you many curve balls and most of them challenge you to find a way out and do better. In my case, I had reached a point where I could not dodge these curve balls on my own. I knew I needed guidance of some sort, but I was not sure what. So, I woke up one morning just feeling lost and something prompted me to search for life coaches and, sure enough, Coach Brenda Underwood was listed as the first of the three life coaches in my area.

I researched her and what she had to offer for Life and Career coaching. Then I signed up for the Breakthrough for Life 10-week program.

All I can say is that I am glad I did not hesitate.

I completed the program, and it has been a great game changer for me.

Coach Brenda guided me through so many situations that gave me clarity, focus and not to mention so many breakthroughs and AHA moments. I also gained tools that I currently use daily to improve my mindset and the way I live my daily life and career.

I believe everyone needs to have a Coach to help them see what they cannot see and to apply the tools that they gain from coaching to better their lives.

Coach Brenda provided me with many practical tools to use each day. And whenever I do not use those tools, I notice how complacent I become.

God knows I do not want to go back to that stagnant life I had, so I get back on course and apply the tools she has taught me. And it works!

I look forward to signing up again for another coaching program soon.

Thank you, Brenda, for your intellect, wisdom, unwavering confidence and your nurturing and giving spirit."

Irene, Customer Service, Lilburn, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom)

Leadership Coaching Client Success Story
Leadership Coaching 
"Brenda Underwood has been such a change of pace for my lifestyle and has had such an impact on me! I have a pretty successful background and like to think that I can figure things out for myself. 
However, Coach Brenda has changed my perception on that and shown me where to improve in personal and business goals.
Not only can you relate to her, but she is honest and does not sugar coat the things you NEED to hear as a Business Life Coach should.
Brenda is a master motivator and doesn't tell you what to do, rather pulls it out of you showing you how to develop tools to continue using throughout your lifetime.
I had the pleasure of having one on one, leadership, and staff meetings with Breakthrough for Life. While they were all impactful, the one on one coaching had to be my favorite.
The depths that we were able to divulge in really allowed me to voice my goals and she helped hold me accountable to reach them. 
Call her. You wont regret working on the person you want to become!"

Rachel, Public Adjuster and Assist Mgr, Suwanee, GA (Leadership Coaching Method: Zoom)

Life Coaching Client Success Story Ravin

Jump Start Goal Achievement Testimony

     "This past year I began to look for ways to get to a version of me I recognized.  I felt “stuck” and “unmotivated”. I never even considered a Life Coach, but my mom gifted me a free 90 minute session with Ms. Brenda Underwood and I knew then that this was going to change my life.

    In our 90-Minute Clarity Coaching session, I did not know what to expect. I was also a little nervous, but she made me feel so comfortable and confident that this journey would be worth it. After our Clarity Coaching session I continued on with the Jumpstart program.
    The first session in the Jumpstart program changed my mindset tremendously.
    I began to look at my flaws that hindered my growth as small hurdles to jump over instead of brick walls stopping me. I could not wait for our next session.
     I have had many breakthroughs throughout our sessions; creating healthy habits by feeding the subconscious and not only creating but also executing actions steps to reach my small wins, are just a few examples.
     I am so grateful for the time, effort, and knowledge she has poured into me. She has given me so many tools and exercises to reach my goals, change my old ways of thinking, and has truly given me the confidence I needed to become the me I knew I could be.
This has been a mind blowing experience and I am grateful for everything I’ve learned.
     I would recommend Breakthrough for Life to anyone. Take the leap and allow Coach Brenda Underwood to help you be the best you, you can be!"

Ravin, Insurance Specialist, Columbia, SC (Life Coaching Method: Zoom)

Life Coaching Client Testimonial - Beth - Jump Start

Jump Start Goal Achievement Testimony

"I love people and watching them transform into the best version of themselves lets me be their biggest cheerleader.

Life has afforded me some amazing opportunities to help develop others into the best version of themselves. Whether in the marketplace or in ministry, watching others take strides to become the person they were created to be continues to stoke my fire within.

As a serial entrepreneur, I am intentional with my pour into those who are beginning the entrepreneurial journey. One of the community efforts I enjoy most is connecting with local high school students who are considering an entrepreneurial path.

However, recently, connection felt distant and I was feeling a little like I was drudging through quicksand where my own businesses were concerned.

I could feel resistance begin to mount and I just didn’t feel like myself.

Let’s pause and back up a little. In 2008, I met a woman named Brenda Underwood. She was my instructor in a discipleship class.

Brenda impressed me with her get-it-done manner. She was bold. She challenged me in ways I’d not been challenged before and I knew we had a lasting connection.

Over the years, I’ve continued to follow Brenda and her coaching business with intention and would connect with her from time to time. Each time we would talked, I would walk away energized and empowered…just from friendly conversation.

Now fast forwarding back to present day…

  • Why was I feeling like I was walking in quicksand?
  • Why did I feel like I just couldn’t break through?

The answers to these questions were not immediately present and frustration was knocking at the door. I know me and I knew I needed to connect with someone who could see what I couldn’t about my situation…so I reached out to Brenda.

As favor would have it, Brenda was offering a coaching topic called Jump Start Goal Achievement which consisted of 3 very strategic individual sessions.

I needed some clarity and I don’t believe in coincidence so I jumped in with both feet and scheduled my first business coaching session with her.

All of the sessions were jam-packed with strategies and action steps that were instrumental in helping me move forward at an accelerated pace.

  1. We identified some things from the past that had taken the form of a boulder in my path.

  2. We cleared some deep-seated thought patterns.

  3. We also obliterated comfort zones while blowing up the boulders.

And…by session 3…a HUGE breakthrough…SERIOUSLY…in just 3 sessions! This breakthrough, MY breakthrough is for life AND business.

I have embraced success. My confidence and creativity have returned. I’m walking away from this business coaching session recharged and even recalibrated.

I have a plan and am welcoming new growth and increased business with open arms!"

Beth, Ministering Entrepreneur, Murrayville GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom)

Life Coaching Certification Client Testimony

Life Coaching Certification

Breakthrough for Life Academy proved to be a truly transformative and monumental experience for me. Brenda, our guide through this journey, is not only fascinating but possesses a unique gift for helping individuals tap into their inner selves. She skillfully draws out dormant talents and visions, making the entire experience life-changing.

Undertaking the life coach certification challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, pushing me to do things I had only ever imagined.

The tools and teachings provided during the certification process were invaluable, and I am confident that I will be a better health and wellness coach and business owner because of them.

Ms. Brenda Underwood's guidance goes beyond traditional coaching; she helps you develop skills that have the potential to change lives.

The program also focuses on building essential leadership characteristics and establishing a business approach that sets the foundation for monumental success.

This academy is a remarkable choice for those ready to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth." 

Valentheia, Nurse, Warren, OH (Life Coaching Certification Method: Zoom.us)

The Procrastination Crusher Challenge Testimony

Business Life Coaching

"I started working on a health & fitness program and I quickly realized if I wanted to accomplish this big task in the near future, I would need some help. I had been following Brenda Underwood for some time and knew she would be an excellent business coach to work with.

We got to work wasting no time from day one. Addressing some past issues that were holding me back helped me move forward with my program and offer.

Together we conquered some major confidence issues I was dealing with.

Her simple yet powerful tools helped me get a quick breakthrough on some past traumas.

This was just the beginning.

We worked on several business aspects and I walked away from her coaching with confidence in a program that I can offer my clients. If you are looking for a coach, I highly recommend Breakthrough for Life."

Holly, Fitness Coach, Tehachapi, CA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Business Coaching Client Kerri Testimony

Business Coaching

“I reached out to Brenda Underwood under the direction of a dear friend. I wasn't sure that I truly needed a life coach but once I finished the free Discovery Call, I knew that Breakthrough for Life was definitely what I needed in my life.

Brenda helped me to overcome my fear of being an entrepreneur and to make my dream a reality.

She taught me valuable skills that I implemented in my business as well as my life. I looked forward to every coaching session because I knew I would be walking away with life altering information.

Brenda's coaching sessions were very personal and focused on the goals that I wanted to achieve. She listened and was always pushing me to achieve more. Breakthrough for Life allowed me to invest in myself and I am thankful.

Brenda Underwood, my Business Life Coach is truly the best and I'm forever grateful for my transformation.

If you are ready to focus on your passion and to make your dream a reality Brenda Underwood is the coach for you. Take the time to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call. You will be changed forever.” Kerri

Kerri, Owner of Patty Kakes, Baldwin, GA (Business Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Dr. Sandy

Mini Coaching Session Results

“In one life coaching session with Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life, I received the message that only where I step will it be given to me. I have to step in that place. Specifically for that session I came in with the goal of finishing a paper for my PhD program. I had been “stuck” for a long while.

Through prayer, accountability and encouragement along with the willingness to step into it, I not only finished it sooner than planned but received a perfect score with an “excellent.”

Life Coach Brenda gave me truth.She made it about me. She saw what I could not see.

Thank you Brenda for helping me get UNSTUCK!”

Dr. Sandy, Chiropractor and Christian Counselor – Roswell, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Brenda Underwood Client Success Story Makayla

Custom Life Coaching

"If someone had told me a couple of months ago that in just 2-3 short months that by working with a Business Life Coach my life would be completely changed, that habits as old as time for me like procrastination and constant self-criticism would be broken and transformed, that I would be living in a better version of myself, I would have laughed and gone straight back to the destructive ways I had created for myself. But instead, my mother convinced me to begin working with Life Coach, Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life as she had previously.

I am incredibly grateful for the breakthroughs I am having in my life.

I have been able to have amazing mind shifts from her wonderful tools and resources, her wise experience and expertise, and kind, Godly heart.

Not only is my mind in a better place than I have ever experienced in my life, I am making monumental strides to create the life I have always dreamed of from walking closer to God to building a career as a full-time author (something I have dreamed of since I was a child) to even changing how I perceive myself.

I am so much happier, so much more forgiving for myself and others, and I actually want to enjoy my life as Brenda calls, “A WOMAN OF ACTION”!

If you are ready for the next steps in life, if you want to be experiencing mindshifts and breakthroughs and live in the purpose you were meant to live in, then here is your sign to step up to Life Coach, Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life and allow her guidance to change your world."

Makayla, Office Assistant, Johns Creek, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Better Life Therapy GA Owner Jasmine McCoy

Custom Business Life Coaching

"My experience with Brenda Underwood and her phenomenal Breakthrough for Life, Barrier Breaker program has been more than I could have imagined.

I found Brenda after interviewing 2 other business coaches, needless to say she was hands down the right choice and what I needed! Brenda has challenged me to explore areas of procrastination and fear that were holding me back from growing my small business.

I have accomplished business goals in the last 2 months with my business life coach by my side that I know would not have happened in this timeframe without Brenda's coaching program. 

Very different from a therapy session, Brenda brings tools and has provided advice on tasks to help with my business mindset and growth.  I have gained more than I thought I would have from my coaching sessions and I have also taken notes on how she runs her business!

Brenda has challenged me to call attention to areas that I overlooked in my spiritual walk, allowing my business to thrive.

Brenda has recommended books that hit home with my challenges allowing me to gain knowledge in multiple areas, expanding beyond what is covered in the coaching sessions.  Brenda has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to running a successful business and marketing. I am forever grateful for the knowledge, insight and clarity I have gained!"

Jasmine, Therapist and CEO of Better Life Therapy GA LLC, Lawrenceville, GA (Business Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Brenda Underwood Life Coaching Clients Success Story Felix

Custom Life Coaching

"Business Life Coach, Brenda Underwood has been an absolute Blessing to me. She has been instrumental in helping me identify my areas of strength and assisting me in overcoming the obstacles that were hindering my progress.

Thanks to her guidance, my outlook on life and my mindset have undergone a remarkable transformation, making me a more effective husband, father, leader, and son.

Coach Brenda has equipped me with the necessary tools to conquer my fears and break down the mental barriers that were preventing me from fulfilling my purpose. I have immensely benefited from Breakthrough for Life.

Brenda's non-judgmental approach to listening deeply to my concerns significantly affected my growth for the better. Through her guidance, I was able to view things from a fresh perspective. Brenda's ability to help me rediscover my identity in Christ and reinforce my sense of purpose was invaluable.

She also helped me identify and overcome legalism's hold on my life.

I appreciated that Brenda incorporated biblical references in our sessions, illuminating how God's Word relates to my life. Her insights allowed me to understand more about myself and how much God loves me.

Additionally, Brenda offered valuable advice on managing my finances, which was a significant source of anxiety. With her practical tools and guidance, I'm now more confident in my ability to handle money effectively. I had been considering starting a new business venture for some time, and Brenda provided me with a solid plan for success. I'm convinced the Business Life Coaching sessions will be a game-changer for me as we continue our sessions."

Felix, Technician, Naugatuck, CT (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Breakthrough coaching client Christie

Custom Life Coaching

"When I signed up to work with Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life, ten weeks of personal coaching was like a facelift. Maybe more like a soul lift. I enrolled in her Discover Your Purpose program, and this opportunity resulted in investing in myself, receiving coaching, and understanding myself on whole new levels. 

Brenda was able to help shift the ways I see myself and how to pursue life with powerful tools.

A couple of months working with Life Coach, Brenda Underwood resulted in:

  • Discovered purpose
  • Confidence others see
  • Increased positivity, self-esteem, & self-confidence
  • Deepened intimacy with Jesus
  • Fear Busting Tools
  • Mindset reset strategic ways
  • Time Management

One of the biggest things I learned from Brenda is how much fear holds us back, and how much trouble it causes.

But we don't have to live in fear when there's God. If God is at the center of our plans, who will defeat us? 

Brenda Underwood is a wonderful Life Coach. She's God driven, straightforward, confidence boosting, and really tries to get you to be your best. She's passionate in sharing what she knows and gets excited when you uncover everything God has planted.

Thanks Brenda for being my Life Coach!"

Christie, Tutor, Loganville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Business Coach - Client Joy

Custom Business Coaching

"From my very first call with Brenda Underwood, I knew in my heart that there was something special about her. Brenda’s approach as a Business Life Coach was so different from other coaches.

In fact, after that initial call, I was convinced she could help me. She was the answer I had been searching for. I’m still in awe of how much I have accomplished since working with Brenda. I see why she calls her business Breakthrough For Life because I received breakthrough after breakthrough in her custom coaching program.

When I came to Brenda I was still wavering about the direction I wanted to take my business. I lacked the clarity I needed to move forward with confidence.

Within a few weeks of working together, I had my first breakthrough. She was able to help me tap into my true passion and determine how to best monetize it.

From there, she gave me the tools to build out my program, the strategy to market it, and the insight on how to best connect with my ideal client. She has also given me a framework that I can now use to develop future programs. I know this won’t be my last time tapping into the brilliance of Brenda Underwood. She is just that good. I’m a better person and a better media coach because of working with her.

I can truly say her Breakthrough for Life custom program is one of the best coaching investments I have ever made."

Joy, Media Coach and Host of The Joy Sutton Show – Nashville, TN (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Business Coaching Testimonial Coach Brenda Underwood

Business Coaching

"As I do every year in creating my goals, I had some aggressive goals that I did not know how I was going to achieve.  I started researching “Business Life Coach” and came across her website Breakthrough for Life! 

I was amazed at the number of individuals she helped in different areas and their success stories.

I called and set up an appointment that week to begin my coaching journey.

Fast forward and as I went through each session with her, I thought I was only getting a Business Life Coach to help me figure out a strategy to hit my goals, but she has provided so much more.

Ms. Brenda Underwood helped me to create a strategy, helped me understand the mental, spiritual, and physical aspects that I didn’t even know tied into my goals.  

I now have a better understanding of not only my purpose but also what I consider my passion to be."

Marion, VP of Finance, Dacula, GA (Business Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Brenda Underwood Business Life Coach Client Success Story Erin

Leadership Coaching

Everybody needs a Brenda Underwood in their life…

Brenda was handpicked by my leadership team to help my development as a “Confident Leader” as we grow our footprint in the USA. It’s safe to say the last 4 months have been the most valuable and profound journey I have ever encountered in my life.

When I first met Brenda, I was new to my position and lacked confidence and effective leadership skills. I instantly felt comfortable in her presence, which was important for many reasons. Brenda challenged me to face personal and professional barriers that were hindering me, and I didn’t even know it.

Setting weekly goals and actions really kept the momentum strong and I always felt like she was cheerleading behind me the whole time. This is down to the creative coaching tools and resources that Brenda shares with you.

I now have the confidence to lead my team effectively, through understanding how to communicate effectively by bringing forward those great ideas in meetings and never second guess myself.

Implementing all the valuable tools both in my personal and professional life has been what I needed to lead my team with confidence.

The growth that I have encountered will help me make pivotal decisions in the future and this would not have been possible without the excellent coaching I received from Brenda.”

Erin, Head of Operations and Strategy, Duluth, GA (Business Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Certification for Life Coaching Testimony - Beverly Walthour

Certification for Life Coaching

“When I decided to get my life coaching certification, I had already been a business coach for a while. However, I noticed that a lot of issues that my clients were having in their business stemmed from things going on in their life. Since I want my clients to win at life and business, I decided to add the life coaching certification.

I already knew that Brenda Underwood supported her clients in achieving amazing results, so deciding to become certified through her Breakthrough for Life Academy was a no-brainer for me.

During the process, she walked us through the various coaching modalities and ensured we knew how to apply them (not just with our clients but in life as well). Since the group was small, she was able to really get to know us and ensure that everyone was engaged and that the experience was hands-on. Brenda provided the necessary tools, strategies, and resources to ensure that our clients achieved powerful breakthroughs.

The impact that this program has had on my coaching has been very noticeable. Not only are the questions that I ask more impactful, but the client breakthroughs are deeper.

My clients are able to quickly connect how their life events are impacting their business and are able to create action steps to help overcome them.

I also feel more confident going into my sessions, because I now have the tools needed to support my clients in going beneath the surface! I highly recommend this program.”

Beverly's Client Success Story Video

Beverly, Business Strategist, Marietta, GA (Life Coaching Certification Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching Certification Client - Shiva

Certification for Life Coaching

"Breakthrough for Life LLC, offers a Life Coach Certification Academy that trains candidates on how to build a businessmarketing for businesses and life coaching modalities to get real results in the lives of others. Below are testimonies from some of our graduates:

“The Breakthrough for Life Academy was an unexpected blessing to my life. When I joined the academy, I knew I would gain more information but was not aware of how valuable the information would be to all areas of my life. The information I learned not only changed my business mindset but also my personal mindset. I can apply many of the lessons learned to my everyday routine.


Some of the business-related results that I acquired include increasing clarity of my ideal client, learning how to effectively market my business and learning the life coaching modalities that help aid in transforming my client’s lives.

The results that I can apply to my personal life include learning how to listen intuitively, how to communicate effectively and how to build trust. The tools that I have learned have not only helped me become a better businesswoman but also a more thoughtful and caring leader. Brenda’s teaching approach makes Breakthrough for Life unique. She not only has the professional experiences that she shares very eloquently, she also has personal spiritual experiences as well.

I love how she incorporates spirituality with everyday business techniques. Spirituality is a very important part of my life and the academy has helped me see how it goes hand and hand with business.

If you are ready to see your vision come to life, the Breakthrough for Life Academy is a tool that will help you make your dreams a reality. I am truly thankful for Brenda and I look forward to working with her more in the future.”

Website: transforminghealthcoach.com

Shiva, Health Lifestyle Coach at Transforming Health – Snellville, GA (Life Coaching Certification Method: Zoom.us)

Coaching Client Testimony - Shawn

Custom Business Coaching

"When I reached out to Coach BU, I was not sure if I needed a therapist or a business life coach but once Brenda Underwood got involved, she helped me tackle and focus on the most important goal of mine….working ON my business and not IN my business.

I had no idea having a business coach could be so helpful in all areas of my life, I truly had several Breakthrough for Life moments that will last a lifetime.

I am so grateful for everything Business Coach, Brenda Underwood taught me. She gave me the confidence and tools to continue to grow my business CheeseCaked.com.

Through Brenda's coaching, I was able to make the necessary changes to help get out of my own way and out of my own head. I had growing pains, but it was needed and for that I am forever grateful.

Business Life Coach Brenda is very detailed orientated, she has a detailed aggressive plan to get you to your goal.

Brenda will challenge you but most importantly she will help you see your challenges in a whole different way and the best way to tackle them.

My favorite part of working with Coach Brenda was that she was relatable and easy to talk to. She would adjust the training around my current obstacles while still pushing me to the finish line.

THE BEST, she actually cares how you are coping with the dozens of fires there are within owning a business.

If you have a business, it imperative you have Business Coach Brenda behind the scenes because she will definitely help you learn how to control the daily stresses of owning a business."

Shawn, Owner of CheeseCaked, Conyers, GA (Business Coaching Method: Phone and Zoom.us)

Life Coaching Client - Priscilla

Custom Life Coaching

"Working with Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life has completely transformed my life in ways that I have been searching for and praying for.

Brenda is a woman of God, and she beyond provides a service with her “GIFT” that will cultivate everything that is on the inside of you!

She is such a Phenomenal Woman, Business Life Coach, Mentor, Leader with so much wisdom, insight, experience, and an unlimited number of resources that she shares to make sure you reach your Goals to Win!

I even recommended her programs to my 21 year old daughter, and just after a couple of sessions she was experiencing a breakthrough!

I urge everyone and every business to sign up for an initial discovery call the moment you know you are ready to take it to the next level!

I fully understand why she confidently guarantees results. The ROI is invaluable!

Her knowledge is Enlightening and Powerful! And I know if you are reading this… Coach BU IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED!"

Priscilla, Sales Professional, Johns Creek, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Business Coach Brenda Underwood Client Success Story Brittany

Custom Business Coaching

"Brenda Underwood has helped me in more ways than I can count!

The weekly meetings paired with Brenda’s vast knowledge were easily the highlight of my week. My team at Precision Public Adjusting, always knows that I come out of my ‘Brenda meetings’ as I call them, excited about my next moves and more invigorated and motivated than ever.

As a woman in business, and as a woman in a male-dominated industry,

Breakthrough for Life has helped me exude my confidence and gain more clients to dominate my market.

As my Business Life Coach, Brenda has helped me:

  1. Identify and correct inefficiencies
  2. Training opportunities with my staff
  3. My own accountability
  4. Marketing Strategies
  5. Managing my time for a more ideal work/ life balance.

It has helped me tremendously not only to propel my company to the next level but to do so with sanity and peace (which is easier said than done lol).

HUGE thank you to Brenda and the Breakthrough for Life team for helping me break through my boundaries!

There were many times in my meetings I thought to myself- “How in the world have I never thought of this!” or “Holy cow that makes complete sense I’ve been doing it all wrong!”

I love finding ways to improve not only my business but myself as well.

One of the major ways Breakthrough for Life has helped my business is by adjusting my own mentality! I learned about myself that I was being more negative than positive regarding difficulties in my business and once I shifted that mindset I could see an instant change. My new phrase taught by Brenda is “I have overcome 100% of the obstacles that has come my way” and it helps me to see ‘problems’ more as ‘opportunities’!

If you are looking for someone to help guide you in the right direction as far as expansion, profitability, efficiency and mentally, I will scream it from the mountaintop buy Brenda is your gal!"

Brittany, Owner of Precision Public Adjusting, Suwanee, GA (Business Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Results Coaching with Coach BU

Custom Life Coaching

"Brenda Underwood, my forever Business Life Coach, I want to thank you for your guidance in assisting me to gain a direct understanding of who I am and my destiny. 

Towards the end of 2022, I found myself feeling mentally stuck and distracted from my personal goals.  I decided that I needed to continue to push hard and fight for what mattered the most to me. 

Breakthrough for Life's coaching sessions allowed me to step outside of my bubble of stress and provided me with the tools I needed to have focused “Breakthrough”.

My faith, clarity and the lost trust within myself that I battled with, no longer has a stronghold over me.

I am a new woman with a new set of mental tools, now ready to repair the trust within myself that I once lost and already feeling the difference that your coaching has given me.

Again, thank you Brenda Underwood for opening up my mind, giving me the strength and guidance to reveal the old me to the new and improved me. I am excited about my business and looking forward to creating a legacy for generations to come."

Nicole, Regional Director, Lawrenceville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching Client - Teressa

Certification for Life Coaching

"I am Sugie Martin, and I started my business a little over a year ago but didn't have the right tools to execute my coaching skill effectively, so I decided to become a Certified Life Coach.

My present coach referred me to Breakthrough for Life Academy with Brenda. I reached out to Brenda, and the moment I met Brenda Underwood, my spirit said yes! During my discovery call with Brenda, God spoke to me through her I decided that this is the institution where I will do my Life Coaching Certification.

I loved and enjoyed every coaching modality, and they have become a vital tool in business. 

These modalities expose the weak areas in my business but at the same time equips me to revamp and change my techniques in each coaching session with clients.

I entered the Life Coaching Certification a little timidity, but by my Second modalities, fireworks began to go off in my brain; not only was I excited, but divine revelation and application to my life were more than what I was expecting.

What I love about working with Brenda and going through the Life Coaching Certification, I entered the program as one individual but by the time I was done with the program, I came out a brand new person.

After my accomplishments through Breakthrough for Life, I can now offer more value to my clients because of the tools that I have learned and are so applicable to my Life Coaching Business.

If you are ready to Walk in Bold Confidence, the Breakthrough for Life Academy is the place to be so your dream can come to pass. It was an extreme pleasure working with Brenda, and I am now looking forward to taking to the next level of Coaching with her."

Teressa, Owner of The Confident Homemakers Coaching, Nashville, TN (Life Coaching Certification Method: zoom.us)

Entrepreneur Coaching Client - Suzette

Certification for Life Coaching

“As a past student of Breakthrough for Life’s, Life Coaching Certification Academy, I received an A+ training on coaching.

Brenda’s curriculum not only provided me skills and knowledge of the coaching modalities and how to ask powerful questions, but she also provided valuable insight into how to be successful at business.

As a person with over 22 years of counseling experience, it was extremely important for me to find out the difference between counseling and coaching. As a previous business owner, I was able to get up-to-date on what it takes to be successful in business in today’s market.

Needless to say, the class proved to be more than I expected. Brenda taught me skills that will propel me to the next level as a certified life coach.

While participating in and viewing the various break-out sessions of the class, I saw firsthand, the dynamics of good life coaching. Brenda is an expert in her field. The class provides you the experience and knowledge to emulate that which you have seen. I highly recommend BtFL Academy for anyone looking to become a certified life coach. I also highly recommend Brenda Underwood as a coach to help you achieve your goals. You won’t be disappointed.


Suzette, Public School Counselor and Rebound to Success Life Coach – Grayson, GA (Life Coaching Certification Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching

Custom Career Coaching

“I first became acquainted with Brenda Underwood when I was in my second phase of School of Discipleship at our church.  I was immediately drawn to her transparency in teaching and dealing with real life issues that we all have or will have at some point or another in our lives. 

She was real and relatable, anointed and unafraid to speak the truth in love.  Truly the perfect instructor for me during that time in my life.

A number of years later, I find myself facing a definite crossroads in my life. As I began to contemplate exiting the financial industry that had been my source of income and identity for over thirty five years, I knew there would be no one better than Brenda and Breakthrough for Life to help me overcome the doubts and fears that were keeping me stuck and establish the right thought processes to break me out of my place of comfort and seize the opportunities that God was setting up for me. 

If you know me at all, I’m not a risk taker, but I so desired at this crossroads to make the changes my heart has longed for throughout the years.  One call to Brenda and I had an appointment for my free consultation and we immediately began our life coaching sessions.

Courage was what I needed and through her life coaching and spiritual guidance, I see myself differently now. What seemed like a bitter ending has now taken shape to be an open door of opportunity created just for me to walk through.

We’ve dealt with lots of things during our eight weeks of sessions, but none as impactful as helping me realize I can dream big in the face of my fears and courageously hold my ground when I really want to run and hide.

You see, what she helped me realize was as long as I let fear rule, my dreams would never be given the life that they were intended to have and I’d continue to retreat to the familiar even though it left me feeling unfulfilled and falling short of what God created me to be.  The motivational tools and resources Brenda shared in our life coaching sessions will undoubtedly serve me well as the next chapter of my life unfolds.

Brenda is inspiring, insightful and gifted to motivate individuals to find their purpose and live to the fullest, the life that God has created for them. 

I am so thankful that she followed her heart and birthed Breakthrough for Life. I can’t imagine navigating this transition without her!

Laurie, Vice President, Financial Services Industry – Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Business Coach Brenda Underwood Client Success Story Jennifer Tullis

Business Coaching

"Before working with Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life, I didn’t have a clue about how to build the Videography business I was dreaming of starting. My previous skill set as a Registered Nurse did not include business know-how.

BtFL helped me develop customer packages, a pricing structure, and marketing strategy that has empowered me to TAKE NEW CLIENTS NOW!

Brenda not only equips you with business insight and a full toolbox of resources but she adds in much needed spiritual encouragement. Her insight helps her to care for her clients as a whole being: mind, body, and spirit.

She goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a business coach.

Her insight helped me take a deeper look into life, as well as business, and what I can do to have a successful and blessed future.

Breakthrough for Life isn’t just a catchy name.  Brenda’s process allows you to continually grow. I see myself using the information I was given in many areas of my life and in years to come. Breakthrough for Life provided tactical strategies to help me better navigate the barriers impacting my growth.

The coaching process challenged me to really step back and realize my full potential. I’ll be forever grateful for Brenda’s high expectations and guidance."

Learn more about Memoirs in Motion

Jennifer, RN and Videographer at Memoirs in Motion, Johns Creek, GA (Business Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Retirement Coaching - Client Keith

Life Coaching

“Fortunately for me, I met Brenda Underwood of Breakthrough for Life by referral from a former colleague that I respect very much. As I explained to her where I was in my life and career she strongly suggested that I needed to see a “Life Coach”. I was very skeptical at first thinking that I could work my way through what was happening as I have always been able to “re-invent myself”.

I am so glad that I listened to her and called Brenda to get started with the life coaching sessions. I have had a great professional career and very thankful for all the blessings that God has provided. I was at a stage where I was going through the motions, not enjoying what I do anymore. It was affecting my performance and confidence, and I am good at what I do. Basically, I was at a crossroads and had one of the best jobs of my career.

My coaching sessions with Brenda peeled back the layers to “identify career change and a path to get there”. I needed to focus on me and identify my passion. Something that I have never been able to answer and always hated when someone asked me that question.

Coaching sessions with Brenda have given me a new found inspiration, confidence, motivation to do what makes me happy and enjoy this stage of my life as I pursue my passion.

It feels great to have a changed mindset and not being afraid of change or failure. My wife comments that I am a new person and she is very happy with the results from the sessions and that is number one for me.

Brenda, thank you so much for your direction, spiritual guidance, motivation, and encouragement to get my life on track to pursue my passions and enjoy life as I deserve.”

Keith, IT Project Manager – Snellville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

“Through Brenda’s coaching sessions and her anointed gift of deliverance, I experienced a breakthrough that ignited my ability to fully trust in the Lord. This breakthrough released an unspeakable joy, love and peace that has helped transform my walk with Jesus and sparked a renewed love affair within my marriage of 21 years. I have hired different life coaches over the years but only Brenda was able to unlock what no other life coach could. Brenda’s methods gently exterminated the steadfast walls I had built up over time enabling me to accept and receive God’s full trust and a new reliance on His strength vs. my own.”

Website: 247purpose.com

Teresa, CEO of 24/7 Purpose – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coach Brenda Underwood's Client - Robin

Career Coaching

Working with Brenda has absolutely changed my life! What started as a simple goal in 2016—to finish writing my book—ended up transforming the way I see myself and allowed me to break free from decades of generational setbacks I hadn’t even realized I fought against.

Slowly and methodically, Brenda was able to peel back layers upon layers of negative beliefs that I fully held and show me how harmful they were not only to my present, but to the future I’ve always dreamed of. She asked all the right questions. Was 100% straightforward. And she did it all from a place of love and care so I didn’t throw up any walls and stop my growth.

Brenda is 110% the best sounding board— she holds nothing back.

With her background in Christian leadership, she was able to rightly divide the truth from the falsehoods I believed about myself and my future, ending the cycles of abuse, poverty, and hopelessness.

Through working diligently with Brenda

  • I have not only invested in stocks (hello, Apple & Tesla!)
  • I broke free from my abusive marriage
  • I finished several books
  • I landed a literary agent from a major agency
  • I completely changed my mindset
  • I shifted the trajectory of my life and those of my children and future generations
  • I also realized my dream and sold several books to a major publisher (at auction!)
  • I now have some studios interested in my film rights.

I am now a full-time writer, working for myself, living in a peaceful home with a future I only dreamed about. I am forever grateful to Brenda’s coaching.

Robyn, Author – Cumming, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life coaching client success story with Coach BU

Life Coaching

"Life Coach Brenda Underwood helped me navigate one of my life's hardest decisions. In sessions, she was an inspiration to me as a young woman, she held me accountable when necessary, she guided me spiritually, she shared her resources generously, she lifted my self-esteem, and she helped me realize my authentic self.

Brenda has broader knowledge and experience than I have ever encountered wrapped up in one person.

She had expert and personal guidance to share, no matter which topic I brought up.

Brenda helped me identify how my mind works to apply the right tools for change. The nuggets she shared with me still repeat in my head, and the books she recommended sit on my nightstand.

Within one year of working with Brenda:

I received two job promotions

✅ Developed healthier daily habits

✅ Confidently made a life-changing decision that I had lagged on for years prior.

I believe the lessons I learned from her have transferred to several aspects of my life, and because of this, my Breakthrough for Life journey was worth even more than I could've imagined."

Natasha, Business Consultant, Sugar Hill, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach

Life Coaching

“Meeting and working with Brenda Underwood of Breakthrough for Life has been a blessing. You could say right time, right place and right reasons, as I am in a new job and making some changes in my life. After seeing Brenda give several speeches, I thought “this is someone who can help me find my motivation to move forward”. Our styles and personalities are quite different and that was a draw.

I was still on the fence about needing a business life coach, but after a consult with Brenda that was both enlightening and challenging, I decided to jump in. It was the right decision. Brenda has skillfully helped me help myself through a process of discussion, directed action steps (including one of my favorite things – research) and follow-up.

I knew some of things I needed to do, but didn’t know where to start. The tools Brenda has created and the resources she references have all added to my experience.

The life coaching process has been highly motivational in laying out a blueprint and steps to achievement. Brenda gently challenges your mindset, holds you accountable, and inspires you with stories from what she has read and from her own life experience. She is skilled at uncovering the root causes of roadblocks, while making sure you don’t dwell there. Whether you have a project to complete, a roadblock to clear or you are making a major life shift, see Brenda and she will help you break through to success!”

Ann, Volunteer Coordinator – Lawrenceville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coach

Business Coaching

“Omg! Where do I start? Well it all started with me attending a Lunch N Lead hosted by my old co-worker Teresa Divine. I won a free coaching session at the event with Teresa. We talked about my deepest desires and what I really wanted out of life. From there she recommended me to Life Coach, Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life. Teresa explained how Brenda had helped her overcome some big challenges in the road to entrepreneurship.

I must say my free 30 minute consultation with Brenda was life changing. I didn’t realize I could get so much out of 30 minutes. From that day I decided to have a life coach and some miraculous things have taken place. I started the coaching session with one goal in mind which was to be a Mary Kay Sales Director. I wanted this soooooo bad because I wanted financial freedom and to also lead a team of women to be financially free as well. But what I received in return was so much more and well worth the eye opener.

I found that I was addicted to negative thinking, I had a scarcity mind set, my confidence wasn’t as high as I thought and the list goes on. Of course none of this was done purposely, but still I had an issue. I was doubting myself and trying to achieve a position at the same time. No no no. Faith and Fear can’t reside together. I had to get a closer relationship with God because without Him I’m nothing.

Needless to say if you kick the excuses to the curb, complete your action steps, and have unwavering faith, dreams do come true. So at the end of my three months I can truly say I’m a better woman.

My relationship with God is growing, my confidence is higher and I’m now a Mary Kay Sales Director. I’m leading a group of over 30 women and men with the goal of reaching 100 by the end of the year. I truly want to leave a legacy where they can say Akeila cared about not only my financial freedom but my overall well being. I just want HIM to say well done my good and faithful servant.

Thank you Brenda for being rock solid and obedient to your calling. You truly have a gift and I’m so blessed to be in a winning circle.

Thank You!”

Website: www.akeilab.com

Akeila, Mary Kay Director – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Skype)

Business Coach Life Coach Client Success Story Dr Lisa Carr

Business Coaching

"My name is Dr. Lisa Carr, and I am a Naturopathic Doctor.  I originally reach out to Brenda Underwood several years back when I felt like my business was at a standstill.  I needed answers; however, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I knew how to start the business, but I needed direction, strategies, encouragement, and many other things.

Ironically, I began to see videos and posts from Breakthrough for Life on Facebook. Fast forward to 2022, I expanded my business, and opened a wellness clinic.  Interestingly enough, I was at the same place, a standstill.  I felt like I really needed some business life coaching to help to grow and move forward.  So, I reached out to Brenda, and she welcomed me into the Breakthrough for Life family.

Brenda was immediately able to assess what points in my life, both professionally and emotionally, I needed to address in order to get my breakthrough, grow and move forward.  In all honestly, working on my emotions played a big part in my growing through areas that had me stuck. 

Working with Brenda was a profound self-discovery.  I loved every moment of my breakthrough coaching journey.  I discovered where my barriers were and worked through them. 

I feel more confident about moving forward, because I have a plan and steps to execute them. 

We even worked on the areas that I had no idea what to do, ie:

✅ Social media posting

✅ Live video strategies

✅ Marketing

✅ Branding

✅ Future plans for expansion


Future goals

Brenda’s coaching came with phenomenal support, her methods, and life exercises, ungird the teaching and she offers clear direction.   

I feel like a different person in every way.  I’m excited about the future of my business! 

I’m excited about my new-self, and the tools I have to grow my business!  Thank you, Breakthrough for Life and Coach Brenda Underwood!"

Dr. Carr, Owner of Essential Wellness Advantage, Buford, GA (Business Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach - Client Joy

Life Coaching

“My life and my walk with Christ have forever been changed through my journey with Brenda Underwood and Breakthrough for Life. I met Brenda through bible study many years ago, she is a great friend, an encourager, a prayer warrior.

I was so excited when Brenda birthed Breakthrough for Life. I knew God was going to use her in so many ways. Through Brenda’s life coaching techniques, her love for God, and a driven desire to see people thrive in life, I would discover and see things I never saw in myself. My eyes have been opened to new possibilities in my life.

My goal was to uncover what was hindering me in the area of self-confidence. Why I allowed people to have power over me or be a people pleaser. I was existing in life and not living it to its fullest.

Life coaching and inner healing are two separate methods designed to move you forward that are offered through Breakthrough for Life.

Through these two methods, it was revealed that a traumatic experience when I was 16 had taken away my self-worth. That traumatic experience had stolen something very precious from me. I was allowing it to control my life, past, and future. All aspects of my life, relationships, and jobs were affected. It was how I saw myself.

I was set free from a world of self-destruction and my past that was holding me captive.

I am now learning to love myself and trust in how my heavenly father sees me, as well as grow in my faith. I am looking at my future in a different light, not heavy burdened from my past. You can’t put a price on peace of mind or your life. Brenda’s passion for helping people see that not only is there more to life than what you are living, you deserve the abundant life that God promises you. As Brenda would say, “We are not defined by our weaknesses but by our strengths”.


Joy – Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Discover Your Purpose - Patricia

Life Coaching

"Working with Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life has been one of the most amazing experiences I have encountered.  I was introduced to her on Jan 25, 2022 by a girlfriend through a small women’s bible class that Brenda led. I signed up for one the best investments of my life.

Interacting with Brenda has been extremely valuable to my personal development. There were many golden nuggets that Brenda fed the class, however there was one that stuck and it was,

“Before you can fix the Future, fix your Focus.” Brenda Underwood

Wow, I knew then I was going to explore how I could bring this jewel into MY life. Once I visited her website I scheduled my FREE Discovery Call. With my emotions running all over the place… I was signing up and it was a wrap!

I wasn’t sure how I was going to fund it, but what I do know is I serve an amazing and awesome God!

I was convinced I was going to become a:

💎 WOA (Woman of Action)

💎 Crush Procrastination

💎 Kill the lack of Confidence

💎 Put Fear (false evidence appearing real) behind me

💎 Discover my Purpose

Well, because Brenda is who she is - very caring and tenacious about BREAKING barriers - YES, it did take all 10 weeks to fulfill those breakthroughs.

Brenda’s genuine energy and spunk was outstanding. I thought this could be contagious and that is when I really got excited!

Brenda is not only an extraordinary Life Coach, but an incredible Woman of God.
Brenda has challenged my thinking, values and beliefs. I began to see myself basking in my full potential.

It is appropriate that “Breakthrough for Life” has its name because the breakthroughs were real!

My mindset was changed and flourished weekly as Brenda provided me with weekly motivational videos, life changing worksheets, several books she suggested some I have read and other’s on the list to purchase and ALWAYS scriptures and a good word from God!

Today I’m not struggling with the issues I struggled with two months ago.

Brenda’s gift has yielded a harvest of a "NEW ME" who is able to exude positive thoughts and beneficial actions!!!  I can do this due to my teachings which solidified what I’ve always known and am now practicing…Jesus Christ is Lord, not to give fear a Vote nor Voice.

Hallelujah…. I have discovered my Purpose!

Thank you, Brenda!

Thank You Lord!"

Patricia, Retired Flight Attendant, Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Business Coaching Client - Katina

Business Coaching

“Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life is an amazing business life coach and has the ability to easily connect with you as the client. I signed up for the Workplace Exit Strategy and I am more confident and feel ready to leave my job to start my business full-time.

She customized the program to ensure that my specific needs were met. We focused on how to market my business and she provided me with the right information that created a paradigm shift in my thinking. This is something that I truly needed.

Additionally, she provided me with tools to evaluate my current financial picture to see what changes I can make now so that I will have a smooth transition going from employee to entrepreneur.

Brenda also helped me evaluate what was going on internally so that I could look at my future and embrace the new me.

I believe that making the decision to hire Brenda as my coach was well worth it. What I learned and how I have grown is priceless.”

Katina, Team Lead Auditor – Raleigh, NC (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach Client - Laura

Life Coaching

“I have spent most of the past 22 years in counseling of some type and I initially thought that Breakthrough for Life would be more of the same. After my free discovery call with Life Coach Brenda, I quickly learned that life coaching is something completely different. Brenda explained how a change in my mindset could lead to a change in my behaviors which results in true life change. I signed up for ten sessions with Brenda that very day!

Even though Brenda was very thorough and clear in outlining what goals we set (based on my desires) and what we would be doing in our sessions, the reality was much more personal, comprehensive, and profound than I could have ever imagined. Through our time together I have identified barriers in my thinking that have, in the past, prevented me from changing my behaviors. Using the tools Brenda shares, I can continue growing my ability to overcome these ruts in my life.

Her expertise and genuine caring has guided me to a place of significant, positive results in my thinking, behaving, and living.

If you think you have unpacked, labeled, and heard it all when it comes to your mental, emotional and physical health, I ask you to strongly consider investing in yourself and your future in the most personalized, thorough, and dynamic process of growth with Coach Brenda Underwood.”

Laura, CEO of Home – Norcross, GA (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Life Coaching Client Success Story - Patti

Business Coaching

"A few years ago, I became a certified life coach through another program, but I never learned the tools to succeed in setting up a successful coaching business. In 2019, I relocated to the state of Georgia and realized I needed professional assistance to help me create the life coaching business I desired.

I googled Christian life coaches near me in 2021 and Brenda Underwood’s name appeared. Brenda offered a free discovery call and after meeting with her, I signed up for Breakthrough for Life’s Barrier Breaker - custom coaching program.

To say the Business Life Coach program, Barrier Breaker is a success is an understatement.

Not only did Brenda give me all the tools to create a program and to be a successful life coach, she also worked with me to break down all the barriers and the poverty mindset that had strongholds on me. Brenda is easy to work with, a great communicator and is prepared each session.

Through the use of BtFL LifeSheets, videos and Coach Brenda’s knowledge; she challenged me, my mindset and my limiting beliefs to show me my true value and purpose for life.

My confidence increased with each session. I began to see my true self and potential as a life coach.

If you are seeking more out of life or if you keep telling yourself you need a change, I recommend you sign up for the free discovery call and see what Brenda has to offer you, it could be life changing."


Patti, Life Coach & LMT at Patti McGee Ministries, Duluth, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching Certification Client - Sharyn

Certification for Life Coaching

“The Breakthrough for Life Academy (BtFLA) for me was a great learning experience! The online class helped me to realize that you don’t have to have brick and mortar to hold a class or a coaching session for your business! I especially liked the one on one peer coaching assignments and breakout sessions. This engagement allowed me to practice what I was learning and helped to bring about more clarity on how to use the tools that allowed for powerful questions.

I was also grateful for the business side of life coaching as the numerous certifications I considered, did not offer how to actually run the business or do the marketing side of it as well.

My greatest take away from the overall curriculum is understanding how to ask powerful questions, how to help the client separate the issue from the other person and how to tap into a solution that is already within them. Another big take away for me is that although I can help many, I can’t help everybody and therefore it’s important for me to know my niche by narrowing down who my client is, what their pains are and how I can provide the results they are looking for.

Behind the Scenes: 

A few weeks before my training, I received a bomb shell. My boss decided that she didn’t want to use the budget for my training. Disappointed and embarrassed, I phoned Brenda and told her I would pay for the sessions myself while at the same time wondering how I would do it!! I made it happen and ate tuna sandwiches. I didn’t eat out and chose to put some skin in the game. I’m glad I paid for this gift out of my own pocket because as I am writing this testimonial, I am no longer with that company and am out of work. But it’s okay.

I’ve fallen on some hard times but in the midst of it all, I’ve started my own coaching business and have two engaged clients! Breakthrough for Life has been just that for me. A breakthrough!

A breakthrough in knowing that If I want it bad enough, then I’ll do what it takes to make it happen. A breakthrough in my mindset in knowing that my decisions determine my outcome. A breakthrough in my relationships in that I must separate the issue from the person. A breakthrough in that asking the right questions gives my clients the power to hear their own voice and tap into the solution already inside of them. And finally, the breakthrough in knowing that my purpose is far greater than my pain and in realizing this, I help others assigned to me, BREAKTHROUGH FOR LIFE! Thank you, Brenda! You are a powerful Life Coach and Instructor!

Sharyn, Empowerment Life Coach at Empower Your Living – East Point, GA (Life Coaching Certification Method: Zoom.us)


Certification for Life Coaching

“In 2020, I joined the Breakthrough for Life Academy for Life Coaching Certification. Brenda Underwood led me through several coaching modalities, learning opportunities, and coaching labs. I’ve used her tools and resources for several of my own sessions. I appreciated the valuable experience and feedback provided through the Academy.


I also appreciated the opportunities to be coached by Brenda!


Breakthrough for Life Academy stood out to me because the Life Coaching Certification included skills to establish and market my own practice. Coach Brenda taught the vocabulary and practices for today’s social media and digital world. She knows how to navigate this realm as well as encourage others on their own journey.”

David, Owner of Living Resolutions, Buford, GA (Life Coaching Certification Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching Certification Client - Keshia

Certification for Life Coaching

“My name is Keshia Wright and I got my life coaching certification from Breakthrough for Life Academy.

I enrolled in the course with confidence knowing that I had made the right decision. It was quickly confirmed from day one that this was where I was supposed to be. I left each session with a full plate of coaching tools and modalities to excel in my new career.

I never knew there was so much to coaching. Brenda made sure we were equipped with the tools we needed to get started in coaching and building a business. I did not find any other programs that did this.

Brenda is a professional and she over-delivers more than she promises.

If you really have a passion for people and your number one goal is to help people get results…then Breakthrough for Life is for you. Brenda is a woman of integrity, a woman of faith, but most importantly she is a woman of excellence. I promise you, you will not regret it.

Keshia, Certified Life Coach at WrightTALK Coaching – Memphis, TN (Life Coaching Certification Method: Zoom.us)

Business Coaching Client - La Cretia

Business Coaching

"Business Life Coach, Brenda Underwood has helped me identify my true self and illuminate my path, which made me more confident as a person and business owner. I had been thinking about hiring a business coach for some time but was apprehensive about whether I would actually benefit from the service. When I met her there was an instant connection. After our initial consultation, I realized that connection was God. As a Christian woman, I felt at ease when I discovered that Breakthrough for Life was Christian based. It was her true love for God that really influenced me to hire her to help relaunch my business.

Breakthrough for Life has made a great impact on my life and my business. It was one of the best investments I could have ever done for me.

Brenda was the perfect match for me. She was direct, expressive, energetic, and encouraging. I admire her professionalism and focus. She digs deep and forces you to think outside the box. She gave me the resources I needed for success and it has allowed me to shift my mindset and expand my vision.

Brenda is openly honest about what is required to get you where you want to be. I needed someone that would be direct rather than passive and would guide me in the right direction to lead me to build a successful business. She was that person, she went above and beyond to get me where I’m at and provided me with the tools that I would need for ongoing success. I love the fact that she loves what she does and it’s all about her clients!

Website: Cree Style U

La Cretia, Image Consultant – Sugar Hill, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Career Coach - Client Elizabeth

Career Coaching

“Three months ago I made the decision that I had enough of my current situation and was going to work with a Career Coach. I researched Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life and was impressed! I met with her for a free consultation and we discussed where I was at, what my goals are and how she could help. I signed up with her program and began my life coaching sessions.

I met my goal of finding a career position with another employer months ahead of schedule. I really did not think this awesome career move would come so quickly. Not only do I have an exciting new opportunity ahead of me, but I learned a lot about myself along the way that I could not have without the coaching from Brenda. I learned that workplace culture is paramount to my success and began to weed through that first before even applying to positions or sending out job targeted letters.

I cannot believe how much progress I have made in a very short period of time!

I would highly recommend Brenda and her coaching program. She helped me develop tools and new ways of thinking targeted for my goals and my dream job with a great manager and culture! Thanks, Brenda!”

Elizabeth, Property and Casualty Claims Manager – Woodstock, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Business Coach

Business Coaching

“Brenda, I want to say THANK YOU!

Breakthrough for Life coaching with Brenda Underwood is exactly what transpired for me and my life. I came with the intentions of focusing on growing my business to high levels and I was focused on that. However, throughout my sessions, life happens and several of my blind spots revealed themselves which allowed our focus to be switched to me having a real Life Breakthrough.

My very first session with Brenda was powerful. It caught me off guard because I thought I had my own life figured out and was in control of it. Like many of us, I thought I could deal with things in my own way, on my own terms and on my own time. What’s funny is how the inner you who wants to shine and come through awakens when someone reveals themselves genuine and true. Brenda helped me process my past and my life.

Now it was a struggle for me at first to even receive the helping hand but I must say that Brenda is a woman of her word. Her intentions are pure, with no judgment and she knows how to help you peel back the layers without you regretting it…

In our sessions, I was and I am still able to focus on growing my business. I am also able to gain perspective on setting boundaries and no longer having stagnant or one-sided relationships with people. I have learned to accept me and my past. Every day I am now loving WHO I AM and who I am growing to become – the FUTURE ME.

If anyone ever questioned having a life coach; look at what you are doing and how it is not working. Are you continuously going through the motions? If this is you, then I urge you to give yourself this gift of a new life, a new beginning, and a REAL Breakthrough.

Allowing Brenda to be your life coach and accountability partner will be the best gift you ever give yourself. Every second of the day life happens. Allowing yourself to be awakened to a new you, a new reset, a new beginning, and a new release all while receiving a life LONG BREAKTHROUGH is all worth it. Trust, you will never be the same.

Brenda, once again THANK YOU! Words on paper can not express what you have done for me and my life.”

YouTube Video of Chikita’s Live Interview with Life Coach Brenda

Chikita, Real Estate Broker of Nex Gen Realty & Associates – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Business Coaching Client - Laura

Business Coaching

“My name is Laura, and I have the Best Business Coach in the world, Breakthrough for Life LLC! I never thought about a business coach until my friend introduced me to Brenda Underwood. She explained to me why it is so important to let her assist me with fulfilling my dreams. Since meeting Brenda, my whole world has changed for the better.

Brenda changed my mindset about life in every aspect. She equipped me with the tools, knowledge, and power to exit the workplace with dignity. The weekly motivational videos, nuggets, workplace strategy worksheets, and books she suggested that I read, helped me to think outside the box and be that next millionaire.

Our one-on-one weekly coaching sessions were very professional, structured, and customized to fit my journey in life. To enhance our private sessions, she prayed for guidance and spoke the word of God.

At first, I was very hesitant about investing in myself but now, I am glad that I did invest because it was worth every penny and more.

Now, my transition to exit the workplace and become an entrepreneur will be phenomenal without a doubt! I have the mindset, tools, skills, knowledge to succeed in every area of my life. She pushed me into my destination with confidence and boldness. I would have never made it this far without her expertise.

My marketing skills are at a whole different level now that I know how to market my business in so many ways without paying much out of my pocket.

I thank God for using Brenda’s gifts and talents to break through so many lives that did not have a sense of direction or needed motivation. Thank you so much, Brenda! You are who God says you are (A chosen vessel)!

Laura, Owner of Heaven Sent Me an Angel, LLC (Personal Care Home), Covington, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Laura, Owner of Heaven Sent Me an Angel, LLC (Personal Care Home), Covington, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach - Client Alexis

Life Coaching

“For many years, I had gone down the traditional avenues of counseling to help me through difficult times. Life’s stresses, grief, emotional hardship, job loss. You name it, I was in the counselor’s office trying to find the best way to achieve success and be the best me through all those times. After 20 years of consistent counseling I kept finding myself stuck behind a wall that I just couldn’t get over, through or under.

I’ve known Brenda for many years and have always been drawn to her kindness and spirit. After reconnecting at a friend’s birthday celebration, we determined that her Breakthrough for Life “Ignite” program just may be the thing to get me past my blocks, hurdles and out of my own way. After a free Discovery session to confirm that I was in fact ready to embrace and receive change Brenda and I started our work together.

Breakthrough for Life’s “Ignite” program is AMAZING!

During our work, I had a couple of big negative life events occur which previously would have landed me in a spiral of overwhelming despair. Instead, I have gained confidence and respect back for myself in just 10 weeks as compared to traditional counseling. My negative self-talk has reduced significantly. I have regained self- love.

My fatigue, scrambled brain, depression, anxiety, and lack of motivation have decreased significantly.

All due to having different tools and approaches on how to take the good with the bad, remain on top, to soar and stand up for myself in all areas of my life.

Brenda’s program is not for the weak or unwilling. You must be willing to do the work and take a hard look at yourself embracing the changes and gifts that you already have and ones that will come your way. I still have work to do especially around my confidence which then resolves many other blocks. I am looking forward to my continued work with Brenda in her Achiever’s Program!


Alexis, IT Professional – Atlanta (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Career Coaching Client - Mekayah

Life Coaching

“Ms. Brenda Underwood has helped me change my life in ways I never dreamed possible. We as humans we always face challenges personally or professionally.

Brenda is a compassionate, intuitive person and has an incredible empathic ability to help others sort through their difficult or challenging circumstances. She always asked the right questions – direct and simple questions – which cut through my inner dialogue and the never-ending cycle of self-analysis and self-doubt.

She gives you that REAL! As a life coach her guidance and perception were instrumental in providing the focus and clarity to define what my intentions are, to set them, and move towards them.

She helped me to confront my bad habits, articulate my true desires, address some fears, and accept my better self.

Through the action steps that were set weekly, along with the motivational action steps and texts I was developing into the woman I wanted to be that was going to take herself to the next level. Her coaching has truly been one of the most transformative events of my life and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Mekayah, Junior Buyer – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching Client - Will

Life Coaching

“I was struggling with procrastination and trying to find my purpose, which was impacting my college school performance. My mindset was negative, and I was unsure about my future. A friend recommended Life Coach Brenda Underwood to help me break through these areas of struggle in my life.

I was given the tools and coached through exercises that have not only allowed me to have a more abundant mindset but also discover my purpose. By helping me get to the real reason behind my procrastination, I was able to put a structure together that allowed me to hit my deadlines and have guilt-free fun.

Brenda tailors each coaching session to what will bring you the best results quickly. She provides you with tools that help you gain crystal clear clarity on your goals, future ambitions, and how to make it happen.

In ten weeks, I had a breakthrough in discovering my purpose, and I now am confident in the future I’m striving towards.

I would highly recommend Brenda Underwood to anyone struggling with procrastination and searching to discover their purpose.”

Will, College Student – Flowery Branch, GA (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Career Coaching Client - Tanya

Career Coaching

“I met Brenda Underwood about 4 years ago at a vision board planning session where she was speaking. I was the winner of her drawing for a complimentary life coaching session. Little did I know the impact that she would have on my life… Although I was not ready to pursue a coaching engagement at that time, I always knew the importance of having a life coach.

Fast forward to last year, I decided to take the plunge and invest in myself. During this journey in self-awareness, I was lead back to the need for coaching. I reached out to Brenda and started immediately.

What I thought was a journey to discovering my passion/purpose, turned in to so much more! God’s timing is perfect! As Brenda and I started to explore my purpose, several opportunities were presented to me. Brenda’s coaching was an integral part in catapulting me to my next level.

Her gifting and coaching style helped me to break out of my mental shell and walk in my God-given authority.

She was able to help me realize areas in my life that were holding me back and gave me tangible strategies to achieve my BREAKTHROUGH FOR LIFE! I am forever grateful that God allowed our paths to cross.”

Tanya, Chief Information Officer – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)


Life Coaching

“I have been blessed to participate in the life coaching program that Ms. Brenda Underwood offers. Through this program I was able to discover my passion, develop a clear vision and structure a strategic plan to bring my vision to life.


Coach Brenda provided me tools that were useful to me in this program that I can utilize for life in every area of my life. The tools that she provided me I can use in my career, my personal life, as well as my spiritual life.


I really appreciate the fact that Ms. Brenda had relevant life experiences she was able to share. She had real life examples of similar challenges she overcame.

She helped me to discover my core obstacles and helped me to develop solutions with the tools she provided that were personalized for me.

I was equipped to overcome challenges and establish the means for real success. Lastly, the client encouragement messages, and motivational videos really helped keep me motivated. I would recommend Breakthrough for life and Coach Brenda’s coaching program to anyone looking to make a real change that leads to a significant, productive, and fulfilling life.”


Michelle, HR Professional, Norcross, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coach Client - Carol

Life Coaching

“I contacted Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life at the end of 2019. Several life-changing events left me fearful of the future, and without much hope, that life was going to get any better. I had a choice. Allow my fears and doubts to set the tone for the rest of my life and live defeated and discouraged, or let them catapult me into a fresh start, a new beginning, and a life of victory.

As my Life Coach, Brenda opened my eyes to barriers and incorrect mindsets that were holding me back in life. Through our weekly sessions, she helped me chip away at those barriers. Brenda gave me the tools to learn new thought processes and mindsets. Those tools helped me face and conquer my fears, and perhaps most importantly, to see myself as God sees me.

Through life coaching, I found healing from mental and emotional strongholds that were keeping me boxed up in my very small comfort zone. I realized my thoughts and self-talk set the tone for each day and my life.

Through breaking these barriers and eliminating limiting mindsets, I am now able to believe in myself. I know that it is never too late to craft a new me….even at age 58! Brenda is a gifted coach who will help you discover qualities that you didn’t know you had and help you be the person that you didn’t dare even dream you could be!

Carol, Rodan & Fields Consultant – Cleveland, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach Client Success Story - Kesha

Life Coaching

“Per flowingfree.org self-care is about identifying your needs for your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being and taking deliberate action to meet those needs. It also means taking the time to do activities that nourish you; it also requires restricting situations or activities that interfere with your well-being. Breakthrough for Life coaching is a tool that I have used to bring clarity to the specific self-care I need.

I never thought of seeking out a life coach until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of not having a pathway for the future me. I meet Brenda through an acquaintance who was speaking about how a life coach is not a therapist, but pathway maker.

My experience with Brenda as my Life Coach has been eye-opening and healing. I had to ask myself truthful and hard questions. I had to put in the work to be able to see a future me that owns a boutique business and most importantly a whole woman.

If I were to give any advice to a person that is looking to add a program to their self-care regimen. I would tell them to open their minds up to life coaching and give Brenda Underwood of Breakthrough for Life a call.

I have had a breakthrough with Breakthrough for Life. Since going through life coaching, I have made the transition to becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. I have always been fearfully afraid of being successful, however with the help of Brenda I have learned that my fear is not trusting in the abilities that God has given me. Building confidence in the process of life coaching by doing the work has allowed me to build confidence within myself. Life coaching is a powerful tool if you are looking to increase in your professional and personal life.”

Kesha, Loan Processor – Duluth, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)


Business Life Coaching

“One day I was scrolling on Facebook and I came across a post that a friend of mine had reposted from one of Life Coach Brenda’s blog post. It was from a blog post entitled “I’m Living with Him.” I immediately went to Breakthrough for Life’s website to find this blog post. That blog post Blessed me tremendously. So much that I had to leave a comment. Brenda immediately responded to my comment and I truly believe I was hooked from there. Throughout the day, I kept thinking about the post. I kept trying to shake it off. I was already seeing a grief counselor due to the recent loss of my Grandmother and adding a Life Coach seemed so far stretched. I didn’t know much about Life Coaches and I didn’t think I needed one. 

A few days later I found myself back on Breakthrough for Life’s website and this time I decided to submit the online form. Not long after, Brenda contacted me and we scheduled my free consultation. I was still a bit apprehensive and unsure about what I was getting myself into but I was open to whatever was getting ready to come. After my initial consultation, I knew I needed Brenda Underwood. There was no way I wasn’t going to begin my next journey in life without Life Coach Brenda and Breakthrough for Life. We invest so much in other things and people and short change ourselves. So, this time I made the decision to invest in my future and it was the best decision I could have ever made for my life.

I started my journey thinking I was unsure about my purpose. My biggest breakthrough during this process was discovering I already knew my purpose, I just lacked the confidence. With all the lessons, I’ve gotten from Breakthrough for Life, I now possess the confidence to be a better Me and to live a better life. Brenda is the rawest, realist, and most loving person I have ever met. She really wants you to win at life. She is truly gifted and great at her talent. She has poured so much into every aspect of my life. She saved me and I thank God for sending her my way. She is truly a Blessing!:)”

Website: www.lovesbugworld.com

Shira, Business Owner of Lovesbugworld, LLC – Lansing, Michigan (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Life Coach Brenda Underwoods Client Lisa

Life Coaching

“Life Coaching sessions with Brenda Underwood, helped me overcome mental and emotional barriers that I have not been able to break through on my own. Her techniques assisted me in recognizing negative thought patterns I was unaware existed. My objective was to transform my thought life to reflect an abundant mindset. I made great process with Brenda’s assistance. The tools I have learned from Breakthrough for Life will continue to be useful to me for many years to come.”

Lisa, Owner of Extra Measure – Cumming, GA (Life Coaching Method: Skype)

Business Coach Brenda Underwood - Client Cynthia

Life Coaching

“I never knew the power of a business life coach until I met Brenda Underwood, owner of Breakthrough for Life LLC.

I am 50 years old, and had been struggling emotionally because I did not recognize the person I had become, nor had the know-how to rectify it. I was beginning to suffer from major depression and everything about life felt overwhelming. Before I knew it, I had emotionally and mentally spiraled down a rabbit hole that I could not see my way out of. This was not the person I used to be, nor that I wanted to be.

But, deep down inside, I had the desire to own my own business writing emergency operations plan for our vulnerable population of people, i.e. daycares and assisted living facilities. I have a Bachelor’s in Homeland Security & Emergency Management, and Board Certified as an Emergency & Disaster Professional.

My first encounter with Brenda Underwood was the beginning of my life turning around. Brenda is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. She was able to help me turn my life around within a matter of weeks.

She has the God-given ability to bring out the brilliance in you, and it is 100% driven by Love!!!

Sometimes in life, we don’t know why we act or react in certain ways. Brenda has a way of asking questions and then developing steps so that you can get more understanding of that thing that you have been struggling with, somethings your whole life.

She definitely holds you accountable and pushes you to levels that you didn’t know you had within you.

As of today, I can say, I have my first client who owns a daycare. I will be writing emergency operations and evacuation plans for all-weather and man-made disasters.

Thank You Brenda!!!! I could not have achieved this without you!!!”

Cynthia, Executive Assistant – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach Brenda - Client Thea

Life Coaching

“Brenda Underwood of Breakthrough for Life is a breath of fresh air! She sets you straight when things go sideways. She is that small voice that you really should listen to. I’ve been coached by Brenda for about a year or so now. Coaching Results: I have multiple sources of income (one of my goals), disrupted a stagnant relationship and I am better focused on my goals for my life. As a single woman, I enjoy having a life coach to bounce business and life ideas/thoughts off of. In turn, she helps me set a plan of action in motion for success. I plan to keep getting coached by Brenda for a while.”

Brenda is the 8th wonder of the world!! :)”

Website: www.TheaBoyd.com

Thea, Realtor at Luxe Estates & Lifestyles – Las Vegas, NV (Life Coaching Method: Skype)

LIfe Coach Client Shannon

Business Coaching

“I’m the type of person who gets things done at her own pace. Which is a gift and a curse. Constantly over thinking and wanting to know everything before doing it. On top of that with a lot of ideas and not consistently heading in the right direction.

After working with Brenda Underwood as my business life coach she has helped me identify my barriers, fine-tune my thinking, and adjust accordingly. Basically, helped me realize I am accountable for who I want to be.

It’s funny because I knew some of the things that held me back. Yet having Brenda there digging deeper, challenging me to get to the bottom of my barriers to flush out the root and seriously look at myself has opened my eyes.

The life coaching process made me a better person.

I’m headed in the right direction knowing where to go and what to do. I am grateful to have Brenda in my life. She is committed to you, the process, and your journey.”

Website: gettinlitcandles.com

Shannon, Owner of Gettin Lit Candles – Los Angeles, CA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach

“Before I met Brenda, I was like one of those houses…you know the ones that the realtor says has good bones. It may not be in tip-top shape, but with a little work, it could be a great place to live. If you were to take a tour around this house and explore, you would discover many hidden jewels. For instance, if you lifted the frayed carpet, you would find beautiful wooden floors underneath. The carpet had been placed there so that no one would be able to see the blemishes on the wood.

As you walk through the house you may notice that there are many walls, creating barriers that section the house into separate rooms. Not much light can shine through. The walls can’t come down (I thought to myself) because how would I be able to hide the other imperfections that the light would certainly reveal.

Unsure of what to do next, I decided to make a capital investment in myself that is already yielded returns greater than I could have imagined. This was when I was introduced to Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life. She carefully and thoughtfully assessed my unique goals.

Brenda provided me with the tools to understand my possibilities. Reinforced by faith, reassurance, and accountability, she empowered me to methodically chip away at the walls and remove the frayed carpet.

With each crumble of the wall, more light was able to shine through and I began to see how great this house always was, imperfections and all. Breakthrough for Life coaching has helped me begin my journey. With Brenda’s support, I not only believe I can fulfill my dreams, I can now envision it.

Kim, Business Development Rep – Dunwoody, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coach

“I was referred to Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life, when I was facing some serious challenges in my life. After the FREE Discovery Session with her I knew I needed her in my life.

I was a complete mess. I had no clear direction or any idea on how to move from a place where I felt stuck.Our first session I couldn’t even close my eyes and see my dreams for my business. Actually I couldn’t stop crying. But Brenda prayed with me and showed me how I could make the first step towards accomplishing my dreams, set realistic goals and get unstuck.

Every weekly session with Brenda, I got through the challenges I faced in my life and started dreaming again. Not only was I dreaming again but I could actually close my eyes and see my dreams.

With the action steps I was given each week, I pushed myself to get them done which in turn gets me closer to achieving each of the goals I set for myself. I am so grateful to my friend for recommending Brenda and that I decided to invest in myself. I feel so much better about myself now. I know this is my season of harvesting. I now have a clear vision of my purpose. I am so grateful to Brenda and I’ve ask her, “where has she been all my life”…lol. I wholeheartedly recommend Brenda Underwood to be your Life Coach. Invest in yourself…it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Cordell, Mary Kay Consultant – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Business Coach

Breakthrough for Life coaching with Brenda Underwood is a treasure hunt. Brenda takes you through a step-by-step process to design and fulfill both your business model and your life purpose. She intuitively identifies critical steps that you may have missed. Brenda applies her expert training in coaching clients through roadblocks, helping transform them into confident and competent human beings and leaders. I could not imagine running a business without the benefit of her guidance and expertise.

Seeking her advice on small or large decisions is a must before you institute a new business decision or strategy. She can save you a ton of time and money! Learning what is best for your business brings a great deal of peace in the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, especially if that new business venture is also a new life strategy.

I warn you: Once you start Breakthrough for Life with Brenda, the triumphs and breakthroughs are addictive!”

Anneke, CEO of Home and Future Business Owner – Boise, ID (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach

“Have you considered my servant Job? Six words straight from The Word of God that literally changed everything for me. I came to Breakthrough for Life at a very broken time in my life. My husband of fourteen short months walked out, my daughter had an illness that the doctors could not diagnose enduring six medical procedures in five months and I was completely lost. Many of my closest, most spiritually minded friends pointed to me as the cause of my own issues; adding a healthy dose of condemnation to my list of woes. I was basically at rock bottom when I reached out to Brenda. We had several sessions, all of them impactful, when seemingly, out of the blue she uttered those words to me from Job 2:3. It was as if the light suddenly went on. As a believer, I knew the story of Job well. I knew that Job was not the cause of his horrific trials, but rather, an innocent victim attacked by the enemy of our souls. I knew that for Job, but for some reason, I did not know it for me? After all, what had I done to deserve all of this? I was essentially walking in the worst condemnation of all, self-condemnation.

Brenda, spoke words to me that night, straight from The Father’s heart. She told me that He was proud of me. The thought that God, the Master of the Universe, might actually be proud of the woman I am after all that I endured had never crossed my mind. That night changed my life forever. Breakthrough for Life, true to its name, provided a critical breakthrough in my life. I came to Brenda looking for the path forward, but I left with so much more than that.

I concluded my sessions with a clearer picture of all that had happened to me and who authored this attack on my life. I had a roadmap to move forward, and even a broader sense of The Father’s love for me and plans for my life. But beyond all of this, I gained something amazing. A sense of hope. Hope for my future, healing for my past, in essence, a real breakthrough for my life.

I would recommend Brenda Underwood and BTFL to anyone looking for a fresh start, for those pressing through the perilous winds of change and trials or if you are simply looking for the next step. I remain ever grateful for my breakthrough and wish for the same for all of you.

Cam, Vice President – Dacula, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coach

“Brenda and I had a very specific goal. While we worked toward that goal, Brenda also assisted me with every other part of my life. Thanks to Brenda I have a five year plan for the first time in my life and I believe it is achievable. Brenda always encouraged me through the process, saying that guilt and shame were of the devil and had no place in our conversation. Brenda helped me to dig deep inside myself and examine the root of issues and helped me to develop a plan to move past those issues.

I would unequivocally recommend Brenda Underwood of Breakthrough for Life coaching for anyone and everyone. The focus Brenda helped me achieve has enhanced my relationships, my work life, and my spiritual life.”

Kasey, School Teacher – Clermont, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Business Coach

“What happened to me? I used to be so organized. Why am I planning, but not implementing? I’ll never be a morning person again. Maybe I don’t want my business as much as I thought I did. Gosh, I am lazy! Will I ever get in shape again? Will I be ready for this triathlon in June. HOW CAN I MAKE MORE MONEY IF I CAN’T GET MYSELF TOGETHER?!

That’s just a small view of my mindset prior to meeting Life Coach, Brenda Underwood and entering the Breakthrough for Life 10-week Ignite Program. I was STUCK, my mindset was BLOWN, my energy was LOW, my mental state was DEPLETED and on top of all that I knew I had a gift that God had placed inside of me to share with the world and I wasn’t using it to it’s greatest potential. I felt like I was A failure; failing myself, failing my children and worst of all, failing God! That’s no way to live and that’s no way to prosper. So one night in December as I prepared for 2019 God told me, it was time to invest in myself and I did!

Immediately upon meeting with Brenda we were conquering my barriers, changing my habits, building my routines, the momentum was amazing. I had not been a morning person in over 5 years. Working with Brenda by week 2, I was waking up at 5 am, starting a morning ritual and going to the gym every morning!

Those small wins gave me that momentum I needed to continue to progress in all the other areas of my life where I was falling short. My addiction to distraction, some would call a focus problem was brought to it’s knees and today as I write this testimonial I sit in amazement at how different a person I was 9 weeks ago.

I came into this experience wanting to improve my business, but I knew more was at stake…my wholeness. Through the action steps that were set weekly, along with the motivational action steps and texts I was developing into the woman I wanted to be that was going to take her business to the next level! I am now much better in the discipline department, implementing plans, following through on what I say and even on the days I misstep or don’t finish a task, I am not beating myself up over it.

I am not perfect and there is so much more I want to accomplish and do, but what has happened in the last 10 weeks is a great foundation. I can now function at a higher level in using the gifts God has given me to live on purpose!”

Website: lovelee-photography.com

Sharonda, Photographer and Owner of Lovelee Photography – Lawrenceville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Christian Coach

“Brenda Underwood was recommended by an executive at my company to develop my leadership skills. Specifically, I needed help dealing with managing the various personalities in a corporate setting at a new job with a large company. I had never used a Life Coach before and initially was cautiously optimistic. It’s only been a few months, but Brenda has surpassed all my expectations.

Brenda helped me recognize my blind spots and patterns of behavior I had engaged in all my life that were impeding me from reaching my goals–both professional and personal. She was able to frame old issues in a way that led to new insight. I was especially appreciative that those insights were conveyed through a supportive Christian foundation which is key for me.

Brenda is truly a life “coach” in every sense of the word—both encouraging and challenging. She cheered me on to break through self-imposed professional ceilings by helping me develop true confidence in my decision making.

She also challenged me to change aspects of relationships and work that had made me feel “stuck” and were just no longer working. I learned to manage weaknesses productively, instead of focusing on perfection which was limiting me from moving forward as efficiently as I could.

Overall, I took away some invaluable life skills and lessons from our sessions. I would recommend Brenda to anyone looking for guidance in overcoming challenges that arise in working a corporate job.”

Susie, EA to an Multi-National Construction Management Company – Tampa, FL (Life Coaching Method: Phone)


“While going through my emails one day, I came across an unexpected email from Brenda Underwood. I knew we had met before but it had been many years ago. I started to delete it along with all of the other marketing emails but it was the subject that piqued my interest. “Are you frustrated with your job?”. That was a yes for me! I opened the email and everything it said spoke directly to me so I scheduled a discovery call.


Before that email and the Discovery call, I had never entertained the idea of hiring a Business Life Coach. But after speaking with Brenda I was convinced that in order to move forward and achieve the results that I wanted, I needed her as my coach.

I also discovered that email wasn’t just a random marketing email…it was God answering my prayers.

Through her honesty, patience, wisdom, and anointing, Brenda helped me realize and deal with my fears, developed detailed strategies specific to my goals, and provided me with the tools to implement them. I now have a LifeSheet for everything!


Working with Brenda has been an absolutely amazing experience. The return on this investment will be never-ending. I can definitely say she has provided me with a Breakthrough for Life.”

Sharon, Financial Consultant with Parsonex Securities, Inc., Lawrenceville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Christian Life Coach

“It’s by God’s Grace that Brenda Underwood crossed my path. Through her life coaching with Breakthrough for Life, she helped me find order to my chaos. She’s helped me organize my thoughts about my direction and brought my confidence to the surface.

I was lacking clear vision and she asked all the right questions! She gave me focus and held me accountable. She is exactly who I needed in the timing I needed her. God’s timing is always perfection. Not only has she been my cheerleader, she is raw, real and honest. She is truly my soul sister!”

Rhonda, Sr. Designer – Buford, GA (Life Coaching Method: phone)

Life Coach

“Have you ever had a need to talk to someone about your life? Not just anyone, but someone who is impartial, non-judgmental and provides a structured approach and tools for overcoming obstacles in life. For me it was Life Coach extraordinaire, Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life.

On the road of life, I began to allow fear to exceed my faith; as a result, I made decisions out of fear rather than faith. As I allowed fear to grow, the belief in myself begin to diminish. I had to do something to find my voice and reconnect to my faith. It was clear that I needed to press the reset button on my life and get specific with determining ‘what’s next’ for me. I decided to invest in me by giving Life Coaching a try. Breakthrough for Life was one of the best investments I made in myself.

Using Breakthrough’s tools and techniques, I was able to peel back the layers and get to the historical core that landed me in the state of being consumed by fear and fading into the background rather than rightfully taking a stand for what was right for me!

Brenda coached me through the importance of defining targeted goals, desired outcomes, coupled with action steps and assigned completion dates/timeframes. As a bonus, her coaching led me back to making faith-based connections and decisions.


Breakthrough for Life ignited a fire in me that served as a kick-start and reminder that I am the CEO of me. I am in control of gaining clarity of my life’s purpose and living to fulfill that purpose! I found my voice and began to use it personally and professionally for communicating my ideas, dreams, desires, expected outcomes, disappointments, corrective actions and plans with definitive confidence. Thank you BtFL for gifting me with tools and techniques that can be applied to every aspect of my life!”

Carla, PMP Senior Manager – Tucker, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Work Life Balance Coaching Client - Jennifer

"While I am extremely grateful for our Thursdays together, one of my favorite things about Brenda and Breakthrough for Life is the power of access. Brenda makes sure that her influence goes beyond the Zoom calls and works to incorporate her philosophies throughout the week. If I need additional help in between coaching sessions, I have access to a quick POWER CALL to help me get unstuck fast. She is a hands-on coach!

Brenda also sends motivational videos which always seem to come through with the right message at the right time. They are my favorite parts of the week. A very close second is the Facebook group that Brenda hosts which is filled with like-minded individuals who are working hard to take back their life and achieve their goals. The Facebook group provides a sense of comradery where people share success stories, get fun book recommendations, and build one another up. Treasure Tuesdays are another one of the many tools that Brenda uses to help us all remain motivated in between sessions. They are short stories often accompanied with questions which helps me refocus and gives a few small goals to focus on.

Brenda has helped me grow in so many ways. I’ve somehow been able to expand my business while also learning to take more time for myself and my hobbies. Work-Life Balance at its best!

I find myself less stressed at the end of the day and therefore able to stop and take a look at everything that I’ve built over the last 30 years of my career. It is her support that has allowed me to achieve my goals and work towards my goal of retirement. Through her thoughtful insights and witty jokes, Brenda has always made me feel comfortable and throughout our many Thursdays together, I have begun to find myself again."


Jennifer, Branch Manager, Braselton, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach Certification Program

“Working with Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life has been such a powerful experience. I decided to hire a life coach because I desperately wanted to clarify my purpose and begin pursuing it. I’d spent the last 3 years reading self-help books, watching motivational videos and attending groups geared towards self-improvement, but I was stuck. I needed someone to get me out of my head and to hold me accountable for taking action!

From day one, Brenda created an environment that encouraged me to just be me without judgment or criticism. She asked the tough questions and provided tools that allowed me to look at myself differently. Our conversations and her exercises allowed me to see just how amazing I truly am. It turns out I have a proven track record of being capable in the very areas I’d been feeling inadequate! This was my biggest breakthrough with Brenda…among many others. Session by session, we continued to break through the barriers.

Together, we got results. I am pursuing my purpose daily and with confidence! I would recommend Life Coach Brenda Underwood to anyone needing a breakthrough. It takes work, but it is certainly worth it!”

Lillie, Operations Coordinator, Training and Talent Development – Lawrenceville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching

“I am so thankful for my Lord and Savior sending Brenda Underwood into my life! I was feeling lost and confused in my daily walk; my own efforts to get myself back on track wasn’t enough.

As I followed Brenda on social media, I felt lead to have a free consultation with her to see if life coaching would be a good fit for me. This was the beginning of an educational and spiritual journey for me with Breakthrough for Life!

As a Life Coach, Brenda taught me how to see myself as the Father sees me. I now have a deeper understanding of how to become the person God wants me to be. I have let go of hurt and situations that I had no control over. One of my ‘Ah-Ha’ moments was realizing I had unresolved hurt from my childhood. It was then I was able to forgive and let go of the guilt which wasn’t mine to carry.

The results of my life coaching journey has been a greater level of confidence, grounded, closer spiritual walk, inner healing and finally UNSTUCK!

Breakthrough for Life taught me to always seek God first and know who I am daily! I am forever grateful for this experience!

Kim, Administrative and Billing Specialist – Carnesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

Business Coaching

“First off, I have to start with a shout, “THANK YOU BRENDA!!!!

Ok, now that I’ve regained my composure, please give me a moment to TESTIFY!!!

A little over a month ago, I decided that enough was enough and I could use an accountability partner, a life coach, a spiritual and inspirational mentor! The Bible states, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD!” I thank GOD every day for ordering my steps and aligning my pathway to Brenda Underwood! The founder of “Breakthrough for Life LLC”. Breakthrough took place during my very FIRST session!

Why life coaching at age 49? The answer is simple: I’m rediscovering myself, I’m resetting my thinking, I’m on a road, a journey, a pursuit to overcoming my past in a constructive and powerful manner and I’m finding the future ME, as I begin to walk into GOD’S DEFINED DESTINY FOR MY LIFE! It’s mine, and I’m going after it!! (Haggai 2:9). I’m investing in ME this time! Brenda Underwood, you ROCK!

After 2 powerful, inspiring, and inner healing sessions (woo wee, we went DEEP!!!), I am conquering some MAJOR obstacles!! Thank you Life Coach Brenda for embracing your calling! I am at a loss for words right now! I can’t articulate how POWERFUL our session was yesterday!! I thank GOD FOR YOU!! Thank you Lord for bringing this spiritual, passionate, skilled, honest, and transparent angel into my life!!

I am learning that the greatest benefit of having a life coach is no matter what you want to achieve, whether it is a personal goal, parenting skills, or a life situation that you would like to toss over with a trusted confidant, you do not have to do it alone. Most people achieve their greatest successes with a little shot of motivation, direction, and encouragement.”


“All things equal, having a coach gives you an edge over someone without a coach – in your personal life, your career, and with your business!! HIRE A LIFE COACH! It is one of the BEST investments you will ever make!” Tammi, Motivational Speaker

Tammi, Entrepreneur, Moved by Motivating, LLC – Fairburn, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coaching Client

“I first went to see Brenda Underwood with Breakthrough for Life, to help me in one specific area that I was not equipped to walk out on my own. I thought one or two life coaching sessions would give me the tools I needed. After the first few sessions, I began to see that God had such a greater plan of freedom. I had never taken time to care for myself as everything was always centered on serving others. I soon realized that God wanted me to do more than one or two coaching sessions, as He began to peel back some of the deep-rooted issues with my thinking.


Brenda helped me see the warped mindset of believing I was unlovable along with a legalistic mentality of performance. Through the years of religion, I had gained a large amount of head knowledge but very little traveled to my heart as I served out of obligation and duty.

As a life coach, Brenda gave me the tools to work through the low self-worth issues that had become engrained in my thinking. She held me accountable to my self-talk and self-love as she continued to point me back to Jesus and what HE thought about me.

I’ve been in church all of my life, I’ve read the bible start to finish many times, I’ve led women’s groups, I’ve heard the words – but my heart was empty as I struggled with the lies of shame and less than thinking – Brenda’s technique to emotionally connect with Jesus was life altering for me.

For the first time, I trust what HE says about me and my heart is free to love from a place that is overflowing.

Thank you Brenda!”

Dr. Vicki, Branch Chief of the Cancer Surveillance Branch – Duluth, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Business Coaching

“My name is Shar and I’m the owner of Blo Blow Dry Bar. About 3 years ago I began thinking about leaving my comfortable corporate job at Apple Inc. to start my own business. It took over 2 years to have the courage to make the move. It was a decision that was filled with fear.

Fear is something that I have struggled with for many years and I had allowed it to paralyze me when it came to my career. When I finally made the decision to leave and purchase a franchise, I had no clue what I was doing. I was fully dependent on God and that he would put the right people in my life to help me become successful.

I found Brenda on LinkedIn by accident. As a new entrepreneur I was searching around LinkedIn working on my “Plan B” in case being a business owner didn’t work. I ran across a post she had made around coaching and it spoke to me. Coming from the corporate world I was use to a ton of coaching and feedback and in this new world I felt a little lost. I immediately messaged Brenda and she got back to me quickly.

On our first call I was blown away. She was able to quickly uncover the needs I had but what impressed me more was that we prayed. It was exactly what I needed.

She helped me align with who I was as a child of God and what the scripture said about me as a child of God and who He was. We moved forward on the decision to work together and I knew I was in good hands.

On our weekly call we focused on what I wanted to achieve as a new business owner and what were the “SMART” goals I wanted. My goal was to be able to successfully open my blow dry bar. The work we did weekly helped me to achieve that.

We broke the goal down into individual action steps that would help me achieve the big goal. The results were amazing. We made 12 offers to stylists, we used social media to get the word out about our opening. In less than two weeks we had over 500 likes and gather over 600 emails to add to our new guest data base. We achieved 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook and booked over 45 guests on our Grand Opening weekend. This was all the direct result of Brenda and her coaching, but more than anything my relationship with God deepened and that is what is making the biggest difference.”

Shar, Franchise Owner, Blo Blow Dry Bar – Annapolis, MD (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)

Life Coach

“My name is Dee and I’m very proud and excited to share about my experience with Brenda Underwood as my Life Coach at Breakthrough for Life. Brenda has come into my life at a time when I’m currently going through a transition which began 1.5 years ago. My focus for hiring Brenda was to develop an exit strategy out of Corporate America after building a career in Mortgage Underwriting for the past 17 years in one of the most volatile industries in our country. I had no idea what I was in for, my God.

Not only has Brenda assisted me in creating this exit strategy she also helped me realize and understand the interpersonal issues I HAD within myself that kept me from going to the next level. Brenda’s life coaching approach is very practical and hands-on, but YOU must do the work. She made me face, understand and realize that I am no longer that young girl from the hood in Chicago whose parents were and still struggle with drug addiction. My parents were not around as protectors and providers and as a result I lived in foster care and group homes. I am not the young girl who suffered unwelcomed touches by family members and those experiences do not define me. Brenda helped me understand that I am no longer surviving I am prospering. Brenda also helped me understand that it’s vital to create my home court advantage and embrace my accomplishments and acknowledge them DAILY and in the same breath, understand that money doesn’t define me. My desire to help is one of the things that define me.

Brenda has been the life coach and prayer warrior catalyst I’ve needed for quite sometime to put in my face who and what I am. I am a boss. I am a lender and not a borrower. I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. I’ve always believed in myself and my capabilities, yet Brenda helped me to stop holding it in. She encouraged me to speak it into existence and do not allow the enemy to sabotage this journey for me any longer. No more confirmation biases…No more anxiety…No more negativity.

I recommend Life Coach Brenda Underwood and I promise you if YOU put in the work you will receive that “Breakthrough for Life.” Everything Brenda has taught me will remain with me for the rest of my life. As thanks for the positive benefit she has had on my life, Brenda has gained a new friend in me beyond a client. I value her as a business woman and a friend.”

Dee, Owner of Mortgage Consulting Firm, Archer Aston LLC – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Skype)

Life Coaching

“My wife Latoya was challenged in many ways emotionally, spiritually and mentally (not clinical but agonizing). We couldn’t quite identify the issues and even the ones we did identify, neither of us had the skills or knowledge to correct and fix those concerns. It caused tension in our household and our marriage (my flaws didn’t help either). I would try to let my wife know how proud of her I was because I know firsthand the difficulties she has stepping outside of her comfort zone. I was shocked when she told me that she was going to open up and discuss her concerns with someone with the training and skills to give her insight on her issues. When Latoya started seeing Brenda (her life coach), she was excited, nervous and weary. However, she displayed the courage necessary to overcome the mixture of emotions. Almost immediately, I noticed the growth that could take place if she stuck with it for the full seven weeks.


My wife is more confident, aware of her abilities and self-worth. She has regained a spiritual lift that she missed and longed for, for quite some time now. She now has a calm about her that the family and I really enjoy. Brenda gave my wife an opportunity to open up, which allowed her to talk about things that weighed heavy on her heart. Somehow, life coaching gave her the relief she needed from those burdens. On behalf of my family and myself, I thank you and we really appreciate the assistance that you’ve given us. Also, I must say I am impressed with your work.”

Terry – Transportation Contractor – Norcross, GA (Husband of Life Coaching Client)

Life Coach

“I first met Brenda at a mutual friend’s home. I was in such a dark place in my life and was ready to end it ALL. I did not meet Brenda by mistake, but by faith because God heard my cries. As I’ve told her during multiple sessions, she helped to turn it all around for me! Brenda saved my life, my marriage, my relationships and friendships. Brenda allowed me to do something that I haven’t been able to do in years…and that’s trust and believe.

I didn’t know her from a can of paint, but I trusted her with my deepest and darkest secrets that were holding me back from being successful. As my Life Coach, Brenda made me dig deep within and took me to my most uncomfortable levels. When I didn’t believe in myself, she believed in ME! When I saw the confidence she had in me I quickly began to realize, if she sees something so special in me, why can’t I do the same? I have never been so confident in myself or had the self-esteem that I have today. I remember it like yesterday, when I first stepped foot into her place I immediately thought, “I’m wasting my time and money, because she CAN’T help me!” I must say proudly, this was the best investment in MYSELF that I’ve ever made! I could go on and on and on, but most of all, I want the world to know that Ms. Brenda Underwood is a true blessing. If she could motivate someone like me, she can inspire YOU TOO! I love you Brenda. I am forever grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with you by faith…not mistake! Thank you forever and always!”

LaToya – Recruiter/Operations Manager – Norcross, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“During a strategic planning session, I had the pleasure of working with Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life. I am forever changed by her wisdom and obedience to the Holy Spirit. I was feeling depressed, insecure and had all but given up on trying to figure out my purpose. Brenda helped me realize that I knew my purpose all along, I just had some barriers blocking my vision. I felt like I didn’t have the experience necessary to achieve my life goals. Her breakthrough tools helped me find my confidence. She says the definition of confidence is believing you are resourceful enough to figure out anything you set your mind out to do. Through Brenda’s life coaching session, I was revived! I learned what my character assets are and areas where my character is not so much an asset. Those areas need work and with life coaching, I’m able to do so. I am confident and committed to becoming disciplined in order to reach and achieve success. It is a great feeling to walk away from our coaching session with a strategic plan. I am actually working on my business and thrilled about taking steps toward my goals. I’m transforming. I feel insecurities dying and the enemy’s truths turned to lies. I’m sure my husband can appreciate the benefits of my transformation as well. Brenda truly equipped me with what I needed in just this one session. God has gifted Brenda to do exactly what she is doing. I can’t wait for the next one! God knew I needed Brenda’s gift and He sent her!”

Regina, Real Estate Agent for Chapman Hall Professionals – Dacula, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

La Toya

“Brenda and Breakthrough for Life were game changers for me and my aspiring business. I was going through a tumultuous time at my job and I was scared, frightened, and unsure of myself. Brenda stepped in, guided me, and strengthened me, this nurturing occurred even before our first life coaching session. She challenged me to fight for the life I wanted and deserved. Brenda’s life coaching helped me stay the course and launch my business in record time, less than a month. My business YAH! You Are Hired Job Fairs has launched and I’m looking forward to partnering with Brenda in the future to set and achieve more life goals….”

La Toya, Business Owner of YAH! – Las Vegas, NV (Business Coaching Method: Over the Phone )


“When I met Brenda in 2012, I knew it was not by accident. She took a break from teaching School of Discipleship but Free Chapel Worship asked her back to teach the Transformation Phase. God knows that I needed someone exactly like her. Fast forward to 2017 when she became my Life Coach. She was a tremendous help in discovering my purpose. Each time I shared with her the things that concerned me, she always seemed to have the answer I needed. What I like about Brenda is when she recommends things to help me grow in my calling, she has the breakthrough tools already in her hands. She’s full of godly wisdom. She helped me to face my fear and overcome it. She helped me to visualized the purpose that God has placed in my life and encouraged me to keep going. This is one of the best investments I have made in myself. I will forever treasure the things I have learned from Brenda. She didn’t just help me spiritually, emotionally and mentally but also physically. She gave me the motivation to be active again. If you feel stuck or feel like you don’t know your purpose, I highly recommend you to consider Brenda Underwood as your Life Coach. You will not just gain knowledge but you will gain confidence in yourself.”

Josie, Corporate Travel Counselor – Buford, GA (Life Coaching Method: Skype)

Life Coach Client - Ashley

Breakthrough for Life is an accurate title, if you show up and do the work – you should experience a breakthrough. You should be discovering something new about yourself, thinking differently, and/or feeling motivated after each session.

There’s no magic secret Coach Brenda Underwood is going to tell you, but she is going to dust off the gems that have been sitting idle within you. One thing that I love is that Coach Brenda doesn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate when you show up, when you do the work, and when you uncover something about yourself. She’s intelligent, knowledgeable, relatable, and authentic.

My biggest breakthrough was recognizing my fear. I was afraid to find a business life coach, I was afraid to invest in myself, and all that fear carried over to other parts of my life.

What I thought were ‘calculated’ actions were decisions I made from fear of the unknown, trying to minimize as much risk as possible.

Working with Coach Brenda Underwood has shown me that I’ve got to navigate through the fear because it will always be there. What’s a bigger risk – not even trying because of fear or figuring out a new way that works? You owe it to yourself to at least do a Discovery Call.”

Ashley, Financial Analyst and Coach – Duluth, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us)


“At the age of 36 years old, for many years, I thought that I was too old to accomplish anything. The life expectancy of a young black man is already little to nothing so I felt part of my life was full of nothingness. I always felt lost, rejected and just not good enough for anything. I have always been good at anything I put my mind to which confused me so much more because I had no idea what my real talents were or even what my purpose and destiny was in life. The more I tried to convince myself that I could figure it out and get on the right track the more I found myself sinking further and further into an oblivion of believing I was designed to be a failure.

One morning I decided to do something about my thoughts on life. I decided to look for a life coach and on my first attempt at seeking information I found Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life. Brenda changed my life! It’s definitely no magic pill of answers but by doing the work, I found myself finding my way. Issues that I grew up with that I never felt were part of my issues started to become revelations that I was allowing my past to dictate who I was. Life coaching has been an awesome experience of making me tear down and peel back the old me to reveal the valuable person that I am. I went from being lost to finding my talent. I went from having low self-esteem and no confidence to taking FEAR head on and accomplishing so much in just a few months. Never in a million years did I think that I would be a business owner and in a position to share a testimony of success that I hope touches many people to seek help from Life Coach Brenda. The investment was definitely worth it and I would do it 10 times over again. I want to tell everyone it is never too late, and it is never too much to invest in your own well-being.”

Website: Financial Education Services

Thomas, Software Support Rep and Financial Education Services Agent – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“My experience of working with Brenda Underwood as a Life Coach was a breakthrough moment for me. My goal was to grow Spiritually and in the process recognizing an area of pride in my life has released me to greater humility, greater wisdom, greater understanding of an area that held me in bondage. When Brenda asked, “what’s behind that judgment?” – pride was at the door. Our hearts can deceive us but His truth will always set us free. I highly recommend, if you need a breakthrough take a journey with Brenda, whose heart is after God and who loves seeing people free.”

Kate, TBN Show Host & Life Coach – Davenport, IA (Life Coaching Method: Over the Phone )


“My experience of having Brenda Underwood as a business life coach has been phenomenal, from start to finish. During the weeks we had together my life was transformed by Breakthrough for Life’s lesson plans that got me from wishful thinking to action. The action steps Breakthrough for Life has in place will set you up for improvement in your thinking to an I Can attitude. I experienced a greater level of confidence that got me a promotion at my job. My business plan for Natasha’s Thread LLC was successfully put together even through all the challenges I was facing at the time. I learned so much about being persistent and overcoming challenges through taking focused action steps. I highly recommend Breakthrough for Life if you feel stuck in life and don’t have direction. I left my life coaching sessions with a sense of purpose and understanding of my destiny. After completing all of my life coaching sessions, I’m still seeing the success of right thinking. Your Dreams can become your reality with right thinking; this is what I got from Breakthrough for Life!”

Website: Natasha’s Thread

Natasha, Business Owner of Natasha’s Thread LLC – Atlanta, GA (Business and Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“I met Brenda through work. We got to know each other and became really great friends. I was always inspired by her staff development sessions. She led with questions that helped everyone come to their own conclusions and takeaways from the sessions. After several discussions about the sessions, Brenda invited me to take some personal life coaching. I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure about sharing my personal life. Come to find out, I only had to share what I wanted to share. Throughout our time together, I was challenged to look at life goals with intentional steps to reach them. I also re-committed to my daily quiet time, which was not as consistent as it should be. Brenda is totally committed to your success and will walk with you every step of the way. When she asks how she can pray for you, it’s for real. I felt the prayers she was lifting up on my behalf. She is an awesome encourager and fantastic life coach.”

Website: justpeachybusiness.com

Kim, CEO of Just Peachy Business Solutions – Gainesville, GA (Business and Life Coaching Method: Face to Face )


“I’m a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and I believe God brought Brenda Underwood in my life when I needed her life coaching the most and not for reasons that I thought. You see, I’ve struggled with self esteem issues for longer than I can remember; as I grew older it began to get worse due to emotional hardships. It left me in a state of confusion about my identity, lack of confidence and self love, fatigue, brain fog, sadness, and a whole slew of other things.  With Breakthrough for Life’s 8 week program I’ve discovered the person I’ve always wanted to be, better yet, knew I was – was inside of me all along! As a life coach, Brenda challenged me every session to not only figure out the why, but how we can move past my issues. I was equipped with the breakthrough tools that have helped me reach a level of confidence that I haven’t felt in a very long time. As the 8 weeks have come to an end I am deeply in love with myself, comfortable in my own skin, I don’t need validation from anyone other than God Himself. I’m forever grateful for this experience, because after all, I can’t fully love someone else until I fully love myself. Right now I need to do both, because I’m PREGNANT! I needed this life coaching program to get me to a point in life where I’m emotionally stable and love myself in order to be the best mom I can be to my child.”

Charmin, IT Professional – Mableton, GA (Life Coaching Method: Skype)


“From the first free life coaching consultation, Brenda brought incredible insight to my situation. She helped me realize that first and foremost I was allowing the noise of this world to keep me separated from GOD’s voice. She taught me how to reconnect with our heavenly father in such a profound way. If that is all I got from our one mini coaching session, I would have had to hire her as my Life Coach, but she brings so much more to the table. Brenda Underwood you are truly a divining rod for GOD! :)”

Cheryl, IT Professional – Port Saint Lucie, Florida (Life Coaching Method: Skype)


“Brenda Underwood is simply the best! She is best at knowing just what is needed and then saying it with conviction and Godly cohesion. Our LIVE YOUR AWESOME LIFE MINISTRY was elevated to the moon when Brenda brought her message. Not a dry eye or unaffected heart in the room. When you have heard from Brenda you are forever changed inside out. You are forced to take a deeper look at your spirit and then give God the praise for deliverance. Brenda will take you to new heights and you will enjoy the journey getting there.”

Website: www.liveyourawesomelife.com

La Detra, Founder of AWESOME LIFE MINISTRIES – Decatur, GA


“I met Brenda many years ago through a mutual friend who had brought her to one of my ministry events, what I saw right away was her strong conviction for what she believed in and her raw honesty. Recently I had the privilege to take advantage of Brenda’s skills as a Life Coach and she is nothing short of phenomenal. Brenda has the innate ability to ask the right questions and get to the heart of the matter and allows you to use self-discovery to address your issues. We had a lunch meeting that changed my life. In a matter of a few short minutes, a belief I had about myself that hindered my financial success was revealed. I left that lunch a free woman able to move forward in my business with a new sense of purpose and vision. Brenda is the real deal. My life will never be the same because of her commitment to see people live their best life now.”

Gayle, Life Coach and Crisis Counselor – Atlanta, GA (Business Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coaching Client Success Story - Val

“Brenda is fearless, dedicated and passionate about her purpose of being a life coach. From experience, she keeps you on task and focused, even when it might be uncomfortable or you simply drifted off task. I did not think it would be possible to reach the goals set in such a fast 7 weeks. Thank you, Brenda, for allowing God to use you! I would encourage anyone to hire her with confidence and to be open and amazed with the end results.”

Val, Designer and Photographer – Atlanta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Over the Phone )

Business Coaching Client Chinnitta

“When I first heard the term “Life Coach”, I thought “you gotta be kidding me! Who is that bad off in life that they need a coach to tell them how to live? They don’t need a coach, they need Jesus!!!” LOL! Until one day I was boarding a ship to go on a cruise and I had gotten so frustrated with my life and my inability to get anything finished. I had just become a new grandmother and caregiver to my grandson all while trying to maintain my own business as a Christian entertainer. Life had thrown me yet another curve ball. I’d just turned 50 and didn’t seem to be going in the direction I expected to be at this point. I felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast. I needed help, motivation, encouragement, discipline.


As I began to board the ship for the cruise, I could hear God telling me to call Brenda and set up an appointment before we set sail. And I did just that. Yes, little miss saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled needed a “Life Coach”! And God confirmed it. I knew other life coaches and had even traveled and worked with some. But God specifically put Brenda on my heart.

I met Brenda years ago at the church we both attended. I went to the School of Discipleship and out of the four teachers I sat under, she was pretty much everyone’s favorite teacher. Certainly mine. She kept you engaged and was very pleasant but bold in her class. Little did I know we had a connection unbeknownst to both of us. Her sister and I grew up together for many years and were good friends. Through the years, she and I also became good friends. And I admired her character.

So when I realized I needed a “Life Coach”, I knew it would have to be someone who could deal with me in a bold way but be mindful of my frailty. Because I was hurting too. She was everything I needed to get back on track, get my head in the game and get my motivation up. She was a blessing from day one and she continues to be even after the coaching sessions.

To sum it all up, I would say that this is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in a long time. I thank God for Brenda. She was made for this!

To God be all Glory!”

Chinnitta, Christian Comedian & Minister – Cumming, GA (Life Coaching Method: Over the Phone )


“Brenda and I have been friends for more than 30 yrs. Brenda has impacted my life very positively because she’s a great listener and always has a kind word of encouragement to give. She also helped me to get back into attending church regularly without being pushy or judgmental. During the time she was studying for her Life Coaching certification I got to be her guinea pig! The questions she asked me helped to challenge me to properly plan, prepare and execute the steps to my personal goal. She really seemed to embrace the opportunity to help others help themselves! I’m grateful to have her not only as a dear friend, but a spirit “sister”, as well.”

Soo, Area Manager – Corona, CA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“My relationship with Brenda Underwood has been a personal gift to me from God. From our very first encounter with my many long-winded questions, to our many phone calls and her encouraging words, our one on one mentoring sessions, to our private prayer time. Brenda has been more than just a mentor to me she is like the big sister that you call on to put your mind back into perspective. She is my spiritual coach and cheerleader. Through her encouragement my prayer life is now more profound than I ever thought it could be. In the time that I have known her I have not only grown as a person but best of all she has challenged me to grow as a Christian.”

Patrina, Customer Service Rep – Buford, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“Brenda has impacted my life on so many levels. When we first connected, I had isolated myself from everyone because of past hurts and very painful relationships. She invited me to be a part of her small group and from that moment on a divine connection between me and her was very apparent. At first, I was so afraid to share the things I had went through but as she shared her heart with me about the things she went through my heart began to open. I could see that she was just as human as me but God was using her in such amazing ways. I not only gained hope from spending time under her leadership but I experienced unconditional love like I’ve never known. Brenda has a special place in my heart that I can’t even describe with words. I would not be where I am today without her coaching me through this life.”

Jamie, CEO of Home – Buford, GA (Group Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“I had heard Brenda was a life changing speaker and I knew I wanted to be in her class. I needed someone honest, outspoken for God, who would let the Holy Spirit speak to the need in me, God answered my prayers through her. There she stood and as she spoke, my life began to change. Brenda later invited me to be a part of a women’s group that was meeting on a monthly basis. I never felt comfortable enough to be myself, but Brenda welcomed me by the Spirit of God to let go and let God further my transformation. She has such a passion to see people realize who they are in Christ, and be free to be all that God has called them to be. She has encouraged, challenged and help me grow in my relationship with Christ. I am honored to have her speak into and continue to be a part of my life.”

Website: newfacetm.myrandf.com

Terri, Rodan & Fields Consultant – Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“Brenda is such a special person. After meeting her around 4 years ago, she has become a close friend, powerful encourager, and someone who I care for deeply! Brenda has impacted my life in so many ways since I met her. She has never been afraid to challenge me or mindsets that were holding me back. I have sat in many a staff development meeting with her that truly made me sit up and THINK. She inspired action, not just thoughts as true life coaches often do. One time, in particular, she asked me, “Where will you be 5 years from today?” and that question has stuck with me since. I went home after that meeting and mind-mapped (a concept she taught me as well!) my dreams, hopes, and goals so that I could be more intentional with my time in order to be there in 5 years. When I find myself needing advice, consult, or just encouragement – Brenda is there. She has helped me through the darkest of times and the best of times. I am thankful to have her in my life and God is using her in so many ways, for so many people!”

Amanda, Business Owner of The Olive Branch LLC – Braselton, GA (Business Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“Brenda is an amazing Life Coach. Breakthrough for Life really means what it says; your past will not hold you back any longer. This is your turning point for life. Brenda and I have known one another for a while, however, we recently connected again. We reconnected during a time when I was trying to start a business and going through major life changes. These changes were crippling at times causing me not to move forward at all. Whenever we got together for lunch or dinner, there were always these AHA moments for me. Eventually, we scheduled a time for me to sit with her as a coach. We sat down and she asked me one question, “What are you here for?” I was hoping we would just talk and she figure things out from there. Brenda’s life coaching style was to get me to think, to dig deep, and to analyze my past. This allowed my eyes to be opened. I could see my future and not just be told what to do.

We did exercises, she asked me questions that I wasn’t sure how to answer, but she made me feel comfortable to give her THE REAL, without shame or guilt so that I could move forward. Within that one session, she helped me narrow down what the root of the matter was and I can honestly say that for me, it was truly a BREAKTHROUGH For LIFE. I feel worthy of what God has in store, my ability to answer and carry out my purpose, knowing that my past no longer serves me. She has the knowledge, the love, the patience and understanding to walk you through the Breakthrough.  Thank you Brenda!”

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Elena, Business Owner of The Innovative Mom – Alpharetta, GA (Business Coaching Method: Face to Face)


“My life is forever changed due to Brenda. I attended mentoring sessions with Brenda. I was not always committed in the beginning but Brenda stuck by me like a true life coach, inspiring me in a variety of ways. She taught me so many lessons in regards to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and myself mostly. I had no love for myself and during the Sessions I started learning how to love me. I also learned how to grow deeper in God. She showed me how to connect my head and my heart. She always gave her all into our sessions and took time to help me to understand. Brenda always prayed before each session for wisdom and understanding. Each session was what I needed for that day. I will forever be appreciative to Brenda for the help that she gave me. All of our time was never wasted, God has changed ashes into beauty in my life. One thing that has always stuck with me is a saying that Brenda gave me “Don’t allow the failures of your past to be the secrets of your future.” There is none more better than Brenda to walk through life with you. Even if it is for a short time.”

Tonia, Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face)

Life Coach Breakthrough
"I began this journey with Breakthrough for Life in the depths of confusion. Heavy questions bombarded my mind like an uncontrollable tsunami.
Is God real?
What is the purpose of my life?
Who am I?
Despite the doubt consuming me in every crack of my barely held together life, I thought…maybe, just maybe Breakthrough for Life could be the glue that could put me back together. So, I dove in and committed to 10 weeks with Brenda Underwood. 
“Putting me back together” is an understatement. God used Brenda Underwood in incredible ways and here I am 10 weeks later a different woman. Yes, ONLY 10 weeks later.
🚀 YES, God is real.
🚀 YES, I know the purpose of my life.
🚀 YES, I know who I am
🚀 YES, I love who I am! (Never thought I would ever say that.)
I walk differently.
I think differently.
I behave differently.
My beliefs and mindset have changed. The list goes on. What a way to start my 30’s.
Brenda gets life. She is real and authentic. She challenged and encouraged me. She loved me.💝  She spoke life into me. She provided tools in order for me to combat my struggles instead of allowing them to overtake me.
Life Coach, Brenda Underwood is a woman of action and precision and this has been a pivotal experience in my life. I am forever changed. 
You will not regret diving in. The waters are deep with life changing moments that will help you create the life of your dreams."

Samantha, Vocal Coach, Alpharetta, GA (Life Coaching Method: Zoom.us


“My life coaching experience with Breakthrough for Life, especially- Brenda Underwood could be summed up in one word. “IMMEASURABLE”. But I won’t stop there. I was seeking professional advice, and by God’s grace, I was introduced to Brenda. During my journey, she knew exactly how to navigate “inside my head”, and reveal several underlying causes of my personal and professional struggles that were deeply rooted in self-worth. The obstacles that she helped me overcome have changed my life tremendously. Undoubtedly, anyone seeking change or direction should have a life coach and that life coach needs to be Brenda Underwood! With utmost sincerity and gratitude.”

Tanya, General Manager – Duluth, GA (Life Coaching Method: Face to Face )