Breakthrough for Life Marks its 8 Year Anniversary!

What You Can Learn to Finally Break Free From Your Job Too!

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The Success Story Behind Breakthrough for Life

Breakthrough for Life began in 2013. Like many budding entrepreneurs, Brenda Underwood sought out on the journey to break free from the golden handcuffs of her corporate career. When she was battling with giving up the security of a six-figure job that provided status, title, and leadership to walk in her God-given purpose, she felt God was saying "Are the hands of man more secure than the hands of God?" Luckily, with Brenda’s years of experience in the industry and motivation like no other, she gave herself the blueprint to break free from the corporate world. Eight years later Brenda Underwood, founder of Breakthrough for Life, shares her success story to help all those strong female leaders and burnt-out managers shift focus from someone else’s dream to building up their own dream! Business coach Brenda can help you make your job optional until you can make it obsolete.

Building Your Blueprint

Brenda understands that as your business coach, each female entrepreneur needs a custom-designed strategy to match their own unique goals and aspirations. She creates customized result-based coaching programs that help you invest in your freedom to be your own boss and open to a world of options. Brenda will help you develop a strategy that aligns your purpose with your profession. Having successfully executed her own workplace exit strategy, she knows what it takes to make a transition without destroying your financial picture. Whether you want to leave your job in six months or three years, you will have the blueprint you need to execute it with precision.

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Launch Your Business

Brenda has helped women who were leaders of major companies open new LLCs and divisions from just an idea. She gives you the tools you need to turn that blank sheet of paper into a vision. With her years of expertise in infrastructure implementation and revenue-generating sales and marketing, she will bring together the strategy and develop a plan of profitable business growth so you can say goodbye to your corporate career for good.

Why Breakthrough for Life: Brenda Underwood

Brenda is dual-certified in both business coaching and life coaching with over 25+ years working in management at the corporate level. She successfully started Breakthrough for Life eight years ago and is celebrating a double anniversary of being free from the corporate world for five years as well.

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She has the resources necessary to coach individuals into personal breakthroughs that lead to having a successful life. Her mastership for getting to the heart of a matter and crushing barriers will astonish you. She helps her clients tear down roadblocks and reveal blind spots that hinder their ability to elevate their lives to new heights. What are you waiting for? Craft a winning life with business coach Brenda today!