Make Your Job Optional

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Coach Brenda can help you make your job optional until you can make it obsolete.
Are you frustrated with your job? Call her before you quit!


Workplace Exit Strategies are Brenda’s specialty. Female leaders and burnt out managers often desire to replace their paycheck with a profit check. When you are busy keeping someone else’s dream alive, it is easy to lose sight of your own. Brenda will help you ignite a fire within to create options for your future. Get the help you need to quit your job on your terms. These strategies will help you make your job optional until you can make it obsolete.


As your Business Coach, Brenda will help you develop a strategy that aligns your purpose with your profession. Each strategy is custom designed to match your unique personal goals and aspirations. Having successfully executed her own workplace exit strategy, she knows what it takes to make a transition without destroying your financial picture. Actually, she will show you how to enhance your finances.

Brenda Underwood is a dual certified business growth coach and life coach. Her education in accounting and biblical studies gives her a worldview that seeks to heal hearts and balance budgets, literally!

The coaching programs outlined below are RESULT programs. When you invest in business coaching with Breakthrough for Life LLC, you are not buying hourly coaching. You are investing in a RESULT that has a return on investment called FREEDOM, Boss, profit checks, and a life of options.


We offer the following Business Coaching – Result programs:

  • Workplace Transition – 1 Year
  • Workplace Exit Strategy – 16 Weeks

Contact me today for a Business Strategy designed uniquely for you.

Workplace Transition:

Make Your Job Obsolete

This program is designed for the go-getter URGENTLY seeking to unlock their golden handcuffs with the keys to business ownership. As a result of this 12-month intensive program you will successfully launch your business and quit your job. Yes, you read that correctly. First, we will take the necessary steps to launch your business, implement a marketing strategy to generate revenue, and finally quit your job on your own terms. You don’t have to go it alone. Brenda is qualified to help coach you through every phase and strategic step with precision.


Brenda has helped CEOs open new LLCs and divisions from a blank sheet of paper and an idea. She is an expert in infrastructure implementation and revenue-generating sales and marketing. This is where Brenda’s accounting skills and marketing experience marry together into a beautiful picture of profitable business growth. You will benefit from her world-class training from Unisource Worldwide, Toshiba America, and Mitchell Williams Law Firm.

As your business coach and marketing mentor, Brenda will give you the tools you need to make informed decisions to accelerate your results.

During this business coaching program, Brenda will leverage her 25+ years of corporate management, sales, and marketing experience to help you launch your business and make your job obsolete. She will meet you where you are and catapult you into monumental success.


This program is not for everyone. This program is for the highly motivated and decisive individual ready to put in the work to live life on their own terms. This person is looking for an autonomy of time and money. You will always limit your earnings when you work for someone else, and your employer will always make demands on your time. This is the FREEDOM program.

Workplace Exit Strategy:

Make Your Job Optional

Every successful transition needs a solid plan of action, a blueprint, if you will. This custom coaching program will take you from business vision, to how to market your business, to business revenue generation, which will help you create an additional stream of income. A growing stream of additional revenue will make your job optional until you are ready to make it obsolete. Whether you want to leave your job in 6 months or 3 years, you will have the blueprint you need to execute it with precision.


There are many intangible steps in starting a business. This program will empower you to take action on the intangibles while you’re still employed, allowing you to transition directly into business revenue when you are ready. This will save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.

Brenda Underwood’s professional motto is:
“Keep it simple and GET IT DONE!”

Schedule a Discovery Call:

Determine the result you are most motivated to achieve. Then schedule a FREE Discovery Call to discover the possibilities custom coaching can have in changing the trajectory of your future. The question before you today is do you want to make your job optional or obsolete? It is time to craft a life of options where you look forward to Mondays again. Here at Breakthrough for Life LLC, we like to call it the WINNING LIFE!

Client Success Story:

“Breakthrough for Life coaching with Brenda Underwood is a treasure hunt. Brenda takes you through a step-by-step process to design and fulfill your business model and life purpose. She intuitively identifies critical steps that you may have missed. Brenda applies her expert training in coaching clients through roadblocks, helping transform them into confident and competent human beings and leaders. I could not imagine running a business without the benefit of her guidance and expertise.


Seeking her advice on small or large decisions is a must before you institute a new business decision or strategy. She can save you a ton of time and money! Learning what is best for your business brings a great deal of peace in the uncertainty of entrepreneurship, especially if that new business venture is also a new life strategy.


"I warn you: Once you start Breakthrough for Life with Brenda, the triumphs and breakthroughs are addictive!”

Anneke, CEO of Home and Future Business Owner – Boise, ID (Life Coaching Method:

Make your job optional with a WINNING Workplace Exit Strategy!