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Precision Public Adjusting Business Owner Brittany Settambrino
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About the Owner - Brittany Settambrino:

After maternity leave with my first child, I decided that I just could not go back to my long term and much loved career- working at retail jewelry stores. Nights and weekends don’t mix well with a newborn!

I started working for another public adjuster part time and quickly realized the opportunity at hand. I quickly learned a lot of what to do but also a lot of what NOT to do, and started Precision Public Adjusting.

My brother, Taylor Sykes was my first employee. I distinctly remember working with him at my kitchen table together. Now here we are, 3 years and 23 employees later, dominating the Atlanta market and beyond.

About Precision Public Adjusting:

Precision Public Adjusting is the go to company for handling your property insurance claims — big or small. Our results are phenomenal and it feels amazing to be able to help our community. These insurance companies don’t like to play fair, let me tell you! Any chance they have they will deny or underpay your claim. PPA’s turnaround time is quick and our clients and contractors are extremely pleased when they get that check in the mail. We proactively communicate with our clients from the beginning all the way to the end via our CRM so that they are always informed. My staff are well trained and they get the job done.

Brittany, Owner of Precision Public Adjusting – Suwanee, GA

Our customers say amazing things about us- check out our reviews! We are consistent in our work. One of our customers recently posted:

“I had an amazing experience with Precision Public Adjusting handling my roof claim. Their expertise and professionalism made the process stress-free. They were attentive, thorough, and secured a fair settlement from my insurance company. Highly recommend PPA for your insurance claim needs!”

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Better Life Therapy GA Owner Jasmine McCoy
Better Life Therapy GA The Best in Gwinnett

About the Owner: My name is Jasmine McCoy and my passion is helping to build healthy families. After achieving a degree in Psychology from Georgia Southern University I pursued a Master of Social Work from the University of Georgia and after several years of practice ultimately became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and moved into Private Practice.

I have worked in the areas of mental health and building strong families in multiple capacities for over 10 years. Whether through work with a single person or an entire family, the goal is to help you become a better you! When not busy with work I enjoy quiet moments with my husband and high school sweetheart alongside the laughter of our 2 beautiful children.

About Better Life Therapy GA: Our therapists created a non judgmental, welcoming safe place where vulnerability occurred in 2,000+ virtual and/or online sessions in 2022. Countless lives changed and Relationships mended. Achieving Best of Gwinnett for 3 years in a row our therapists have mastered connecting, processing and helping our clients achieve a Better Life!

Is the stress of life bringing you down? Are you having challenges with your children, spouse, family or relationships? Is your past negatively impacting your current life? A together life is a better life with Better Life Therapy.

Jasmine, Psychotherapist & Owner of Better Life Therapy GA – Lawrenceville, GA

Client Comments:

Client V: "Hello, I was a patient there years ago. I just wanted to thank Jasmine McCoy for helping me and leaving a positive impact on my mental health."

Client J.S: "Excellent, professional services. An answer to my prayer."

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Helping Individuals, adolescents and couples be better, so that families run better.



About the Owner:

My name is Shira Williams and I am an Atlanta, Georgia original!! I am the owner of a children’s accessories and apparel line called Lovesbugworld. I cannot believe that I am finally able to share this dream with the world!! What sparked this idea for Lovesbugworld was my love for children. Though my husband and I do not have any children of our own yet, I do have a ton of nieces, nephews, and God-Children who affectionately call me “Tee Tee”!! Years ago while shopping for a gift for my best friend’s babyshower, I wasn’t pleased with the look of the traditional characters on some of the clothes. Then it hit me!! I could take some of those traditional characters and put my own unique spin on them. Thus, the idea of creating my own children’s line began. I started this journey years ago with just an idea and though it took awhile to arrive, it is finally here!!

About Lovesbugworld:

Lovesbugworld introduces the character Lovesbug the ladybug and her friends. Friends that include Taylor the Turtle, Eliose the Elephant, and Braxton the Bee. I wanted to create a fun and trendy children’s line that includes hair accessories and T-Shirts for infants to age 10. All hair accessories are made by hand with love and our T-Shirt’s display our signature characters. Also, be on the lookout for more character friends to join our other signature characters. Lovesbugworld will expand to a children’s book series and a cartoon in the near future.

Shira, Owner of Lovesbugworld – Atlanta, GA
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Chad Craig

Tell us about you:

First, it is a joy to be able and share a little on this site about myself and my journey. I am a husband to my wife Michelle and a father to our three children and reside in the larger Metro Atlanta area. Since the beginning of our 15 plus years of marriage we both have been actively involved in serving people in their journey toward maturing in God’s will for them. Whether through discipleship, leadership or church planting our purpose has remained the same, ‘to move people toward maturity for multiplication.’

I have found that it is not just the sky scrapers that fill the blue skies of Atlanta that must follow a blueprint and certain phases in order during the building process to reach their potential but also those seeking to follow Christ in His kingdom purpose. Jesus says to sit down and consider in depth what it takes to build a tower (Lk 14:28). The apostle Paul said that those that follow Jesus Christ are God’s building (1 Cor 3:9).

How did you come to this understanding?:

I first came to the realization of this truth that God has an orderly process for our growth out of my own failure seeking to live the life Christ calls us to. I found that car parts scattered across yards and buried underneath top soil is not just something you find driving outside of Atlanta towards the spacious wooded country but likewise in the soil of people’s hearts, like my own. Let me explain. Jesus said the heart of a person is like soil (Matthew 13:18-23). I had a lot of parts of God’s word, His truth, Scriptures in my heart and mind but they were not connected. And without making the connection of important truths in God’s words we are just like car parts unconnected and unable to move anywhere. Out of my utter failure and despair of “trying” to live a life for Christ God, in His mercy, began taking me through and showing me in the Bible what we now refer to and have published in the book Divine Design for Discipleship, it’s corresponding curriculum and other resources.

We have now seen thousands come to the same realization that they had heard and received a lot of truth from God’s word but were still unable to move forward in their purpose because they did not know the connection between the truths they had and what the apostle Paul calls the “pattern” for the sound teaching (2 Tim 1:13).

What is the new opportunity for people everywhere regarding this curriculum?:

We have just launched the Divine Design for Discipleship Online Courses that allows any person anywhere to go through the relevant teachings for each of the phases for maturing in Christ, at any time and on any device. With outlines, the book, study resources and studio filmed video teachings all at your fingertips on this user friendly platform.

We have a limited time special offer rate being offered currently for you and also have two free preview videos you can watch before enrolling in the online courses.

For more go to: https://d3discipleship.teachable.com

Chad Craig, Author and Creator of Divine Design for Discipleship Online – Woodstock, GA

Websites: https://chadcraigministries.org and www.dwellingplacemovement.org

Natashas Thread

Hello everyone!! I’m Natasha Edwards the CEO of Natasha’s Thread an image consulting company. We are located in Sandy Springs right outside of Atlanta Georgia.

About the Owner:
I’m a 37 years old woman who loves the city life, traveling and of course FASHION. My father served in the Army for 20 years and that is when I started to notice I loved culture and fashion. While we were stationed overseas in Germany, my grandmother made me a tailored made suit at the age of 5 years old. This memory is forever in my mind. It was a silk flower print fuchsia jacket and pantsuit that fit me perfectly, like a DREAM. My whole life has been about developing my unique style and wanting to do that for others. An eye for fashion is just a talent that I was born with and developed over the years by watching other iconic fashion figures. I decided at a young age to take a risk and be a trendsetter.

About Natasha’s Thread:
In 2017, I launched Natasha’s Thread. It has been an exciting journey. I create a unique image for upcoming artist, entrepreneurs, jet-setters and entertainers that need a signature look for their lifestyle. The services I offer as a fashion stylist will give you the confidence you need to be successful on your journey to being Great in this world. Your image is your brand! I’m in the business of styling you, so you can have that signature look that will brand you for success.

A Word from My Client:

Precious Thomas is an indie movie film actress here in Atlanta. I had the wonderful privilege to do a wardrobe makeover for her recently. After I styled her she said, her confidence went to another level in her profession. I would love to give you that same experience. I offer services as your personal stylist to do wardrobe makeovers and image consulting for special events.

Contact me TODAY at virtue31boutique@gmail.com for a FREE consultation

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Natasha, Fashion Stylist – Sandy Spring, GA www.natashasthreads.com


Well hey, hey, hey! OMG, I’m so excited!!! This is Akeila Goolsby from Atlanta GA. I’m so excited to be sharing my journey with you today. See I’m from a small town with only two traffic lights and one fast food restaurant. Can we get excited?! So when I decided to make the move to Atlanta after finishing my undergrad degree in Computer Information Systems at THE Fort Valley State University, you can probably imagine my parents having a nervous break down. Ok, not really but you get the point.

I landed my dream job here right out of college making $50,000 a year in my field that I actually studied in college…go figure. I can say things were looking pretty good. I purchased my first home at 25 years old. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful kids together.

So being a storage engineer how was Mary Kay introduced to me? Anyone that knew me would’ve probably never talked to me about Mary Kay because I looked like the girl that had it all together and all figured out. Well thank God for warm chatting . I was actually approached by a MK rep who offered me her business card and invited me to an event. Of course I played hide and seek for about two weeks but then I realized I had better manners than that and decided to meet her and see what all the excitement was about. What I saw that night was HOPE. I saw women in Atlanta making way above six figures but still had a flexible schedule and they didn’t seem stressed out like I was being On-Call like a doctor with rotating shifts. What caught my attention was the fact there was a career path where I could move up at my own speed, the use of earning a free car, flexibility with family, & being my own boss. That was the life that I had dreamed of but kinda thought it didn’t exist for a corporate girl like me. I’m so glad I took a leap of faith and wrote my hot $100 check to start my own business because at the age of 29 I experienced a lay off. The next month I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child. You can probably imagine the emotional roller coaster I was on. To go from making six figures to zero figures is like a hard slap in the face. Just so you know it’s ok to have a backup plan because at that point my plan B went to my plan A.

I’m so grateful that I kept an open mind. I get to meet women & men from all walks of life who are looking for something that I can offer help with. Whether it’s helping to improve skin, improve image for work, getting camera ready, gift giving, public speaking, finances (entrepreneurship), finding purpose, sisterhood, and so much more. If you are reading this and one of those topics interest you please reach out. I would love meet you!

Oh don’t forget to enter into my free raffle! Good Luck!

Akeila, Mary Kay Director – Atlanta, GA
Website: www.akeilab.com