Life Coach Insights - Poverty Mentality

Poverty Mentality – Limited Thinking

Many people believe the only people with a poverty mentality are people living at the poverty line, which is 43.1 million people in the US.1 However, there are many middle class, 6-figure earners who also suffer from a poverty mentality (not all but some). [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights Blog

Forgiveness – The Decision and The Process

The right to be mad for betrayed trust holds so strong on a human heart. The right to be mad because they should have been there for you but they were too busy. The right to be mad because you hoped for love but received rejection. The right to be mad [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coaching Clients

Real Life Coaching Clients with Real Success – Zakia

I had been seeking a life coach for over a year. Throughout my journey, I have connected with some potentially good life coaches. However, when you have the knowledge that something is missing, you wait. I waited on God to direct me to [...]
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