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Life Coach or Specialty Coach

Life Coach or Specialty Coach

March 13, 2023

Life Coach or Specialty Coach In the field of life coaching, you have as many different specialties as you do medical specialist. Check out this short list of coaching specialties:   Life Coach Certified Life Coach Christian Life Coach Business Coach Leadership Coach Executive Coach Career Coach Youth Coach Spiritual Coach Relationship Coach Marriage Coach…

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Architect of a Winning Life

Who’s the Architect of Your Life?

March 3, 2023

Who’s the Architect of Your Life? New Year’s Resolutions The first of the year people take time to reevaluate their lives. Reflect on the past and make adjustments for the future. Goal setting and making New Year’s resolutions are the norm at the first of the year. However, by mid- summer, many of those New…

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Decision making and the cost of indecision

Decisions: The Cost of Indecision

February 22, 2023

Subscribe for BtFL Tips Decisions: The Cost of Indecision Is indecision stealing your time? Think about all the time you have wasted on indecision and prolonging processes because you didn’t know what to do. Since you can’t decide what to do, you don’t act at all and then procrastination sets in like arthritis in the…

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3 Tips to Finally Make Your Job Optional

May 25, 2022

Make the job optional until it is time to make it obsolete. If you’re like many working women, you’ve dreamed of one day doing what you love to do and not sacrificing your quality of life. After all, we all share the goal of having the financial security and professional fulfillment that comes with a…

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Work Life Balance Smile

The Tools You Need to Create Successful Work-Life Balance

April 6, 2022

Do you work too much? Do you wish your work-life balance were more equitable? This blog, “Life Coach Insights” will provide tips to create work-life balance that works for your own unique situation. We’ll also talk about the tools and mindsets that can make it easier to get work done without sacrificing time with friends…

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Scarcity Mentality Hack from Life Coach Insights Money Problems

Money Problems – Scarcity Mentality

November 6, 2021

Poverty, Scarcity, and Abundance Mentalities A scarcity mindset hinders progress. This blog series is designed to help you break free from mindsets that hinder your ability to live a life of contribution, significance, and abundance. The past negative experiences you have had DON’T have to shape the future. Learn tools that hack the mental habits…

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God Blesses The Steps You Take Not The Ones You Contemplate Faith Steps

Faith Steps

November 4, 2021

God Blesses The Steps You Take – Faith Steps There are some blessings you will never experience until you take the first steps of faith. As I began to study how God moves in scripture I realized it wasn’t just enough to have a dream, we must act on the vision God give us. Jesus…

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God Blesses The Steps You Take Not The Ones You Contemplate

God Blesses the Steps You Take, Not the Ones You Contemplate

October 30, 2021

God Blesses the Steps You Take, Not the Ones You Contemplate Many of us have dreams, goals, and aspirations. We know that the life we are living today isn’t the life we want to be living 5 years from today. You could be among those who have reached a stage in your life where you…

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September 23, 2021

One Life – BREAKTHROUGH! by David Jenkins This is it: One Life One life to live, One life to love. Cast your net wide, Build something with pride. It sounds simple, Yet you see no ripple. Despite convictions, You are held down by restrictions. You are sitting in stagnation, Caught in the coagulation of procrastination,…

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tips to overcome burnout in your job woman burnt-out

5 Signs of Burnout and Tips to Overcome It

September 23, 2021

Burnout impacts many leaders in the workplace. Women who work in corporate America tend to carry a larger load on their shoulders by bearing the weight of work and family life. We tend to juggle completing our office responsibilities, leading our staff, managing our households, dealing with our kids, and an endless list of other…

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