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Have you ever asked yourself why you put so much effort into building someone else’s business? Your hard work, passion, and dedication should be used to cultivate your dreams and build a future where your hard work and ingenuity benefits you directly. With Brenda Underwood’s business coaching program at Breakthrough for Life, you’ll learn how to break away from old patterns to open up a new world where you’re in charge of your future and your livelihood. Designed for successful women who are interested in replacing their paycheck with a profit check, Brenda’s business coaching can help you build a future where you’re in charge. Take the first step to investing in your future with Breakthrough for Life.

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Invest in Your Freedom

When you work with Breakthrough for Life, we'll help you create a customized workplace exit strategy to make your job optional until you are ready to make it obsolete. During this tailor made coaching program, you'll work one-on-one with Coach Brenda to launch a successful business, allowing you to quit your job on your terms. Don't waste anymore of your time or energy bringing another's dream to life. It's time to invest in your future -- and your freedom. Schedule a discovery call with Breakthrough for Life today to see how Brenda can help you create a workplace exit strategy based on your goals and aspirations.


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To Live a Life of Significance

With life coaching services from Brenda Underwood at Breakthrough for Life, you’ll learn how to live a life of significance and abundance. With Brenda's inspiration and insightfulness, you’ll learn to live the life that God has created for you. You’ll learn to break through barriers that have been holding you back and elevate your life to one of meaning and significance. If you’ve ever felt like you wanted more from life, you are not alone. At Breakthrough for Life, we’ll help you tap into your purpose and learn to believe in yourself again. Discover the possibilities and take your life to new heights with the life coaching skills from Breakthrough for Life.

Build Confidence & Crush Procrastination

Have you always dreamed of living a life free of fear with nothing holding you back from achieving your dreams? With the life coaching services from Brenda at Breakthrough for Life, you can learn to live a confident life where you make the decisions determining how your life will look, rather than simply reacting to the world around you. Confidently walk through life with your head held high, with the knowledge and strength to overcome any obstacle and achieve a winning life. We want to help you win at life in every area of your life. Schedule your discovery call today with Breakthrough for Life to learn how to overcome your fears, build confidence, and crush procrastination. 

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"Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.”

– International Coaching Federation

Winning Services to Empower your Breakthrough!

Craft a Winning Life

Learn to live a winning life with help from The Breakthrough Strategist, Coach Brenda Underwood. With Breakthrough for Life's help, you'll learn to overcome the obstacles in life that hinder you from achieving monumental success. Overcome your fears and build your confidence with Brenda's expertise and you'll find that living a winning life is worth the effort.

Launch Your Business

At Breakthrough for Life, we understand that even when you’re working at the highest levels of employment, you’re still working for someone else. If you are ready to create your own future and invest in your freedom, we’ll help you build a business of your own and a customized workplace exit strategy, so you can quit your job on your terms. Learn how to use your determination and strength to build a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Procrastination Crusher

In this six-month program, you’ll learn how to keep procrastination from getting in the way of achieving anything you want out of life. As a Woman of Action, you’ll learn how to lift the barriers that once held you back and discover a brighter, more fulfilling future in both your personal life and your career. With the guidance of Brenda Underwood, you’ll crush your procrastination in time. 


Are you ready to discover a path to the life you’ve always wanted? Whether you’re interested in our business coaching and custom exit strategy or our life coaching services, it’s time to give Breakthrough for Life a try. As a licensed instructor qualified to certify life coaches, Brenda Underwood will help you discover the life you were meant to live and teach you how to remove obstacles from your path.

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