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Are you ready to start winning in life? Is being dissatisfied with your situation and unsure about your purpose making you tired? Maybe you know your purpose but have had challenges with how to make it a reality. If you need help achieving your goals, then look no further than Brenda Underwood and Breakthrough for Life. Brenda is a dual certified business life coach in Gwinnett County, trained and equipped to help you win at life. Since 2013, Breakthrough for Life LLC has been helping residents of Suwanee, Duluth, Norcross, Lawrenceville, and surrounding areas with breakthrough, purpose, and confidence coaching services.

If you are interested in crafting a winning life, then Brenda can help you by guiding you with unique breakthrough tools. With a life coach certification, she won't just teach you how to overcome your fears. Rather, you will overcome all of the obstacles in life that hinder you from achieving success. Living a winning life is worth the effort, and we are here to help you.

Becoming a courageous entrepreneur is a liberating experience. Brenda's business coaching guidance can help you find this freedom and build a future in which you aren't working for someone else. We'll assist you with a personalized workplace exit plan so you can start your new journey on your terms and launch your business.

Procrastination is a roadblock to all success. Our six-month program can help you break through this barrier so you can achieve a life and career that is more fulfilling.

We will help you break through barriers, discover your purpose, and build the confidence you need to WIN AT LIFE.

Business Coach Brenda Underwood

Gain the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to live life on your terms!

Brenda Underwood

Business Coach Brenda

Brenda is both a certified life coach and a certified business coach who celebrates the uniqueness of all her clients. Her life coaching approach is designed to help you be the best possible version of yourself. She will NOT approach you with a cookie-cutter technique that says, “be like the rest”. Rather, as both a business and life coach, Brenda takes the time to meet and learn about her clients in order to provide unique, personalized solutions that address singular life and personal goals. Brenda’s heart is to see people live life on purpose. Sometimes people encounter barriers that hinder their ability to move forward and win in life.

Breakthrough for Life specializes in equipping clients with the tools necessary to break through those barriers and use them as stepping stones to a happier life. Results are her specialty, and helping you define your FUTURE YOU is her heartbeat. You get to design what your life looks like. Hire a master life architect to help you build a life that you will adore for years to come.


  1. Take Action to Create A Life You Love
  2. Break Through Barriers that Hinder You
  3. Invest in Your Winning LIFE

If you are ready to do the 3 action steps above then please schedule your FREE Discovery Call TODAY. Discover the possibilities a custom coaching journey can have in your life. Custom Coaching Designed for You by US!

The quicker you take ACTION, the
quicker you get RESULTS!

We Deliver the Following Results for YOU:

  • Barrier Breaker – Breakthrough What’s Hindering You
  • Discover Your Purpose
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Workplace Exit Strategies – Make Your Job Optional
  • Business Blast – Grow Your Current Business
  • Become a Person of Action – Breakthrough a Lifetime of Procrastination, Indecision, and Inconsistency
  • Get Your Life Coach Certification with Breakthrough for Life LLC

Why Choose Us?

  • Because you are not meant to craft a winning life on your own
  • Proven Track Record of Getting Results
  • Life Coach Certification (18-week intensive training)
  • Certified Business Growth Coach (20-week in-person training)
  • Over 20 Years of Corporate Management Experience
  • Because we Care!
Tammi Gwinnett

“A little over a month ago, I decided that enough was enough and I could use an accountability partner, a life coach, a spiritual and inspirational mentor! The Bible states, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD!” I thank GOD every day for ordering my steps and aligning my pathway to Brenda Underwood! The founder of “Breakthrough for Life LLC”. Breakthrough took place during my very FIRST session!


Why life coaching at age 49? The answer is simple: I’m rediscovering myself, I’m resetting my thinking, I’m on a road, a journey, a pursuit to overcoming my past in a constructive and powerful manner and I’m finding the future ME, as I begin to walk into GOD’S DEFINED DESTINY FOR MY LIFE! I’m investing in ME this time! Brenda Underwood, you ROCK!”

Tammi, Entrepreneur, Moved by Motivating, LLC – Fairburn, GA (Life Coaching Method:

“All things equal, having a coach gives you an edge over someone without a coach – in your personal life, your career, and with your business!! HIRE A LIFE COACH! It is one of the BEST investments you will ever make!”

– Tammi, Motivational Speaker

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Winning Services to Empower your Breakthrough!

Craft a Winning Life

Learn to live a winning life with help from The Breakthrough Strategist, Coach Brenda Underwood. With Breakthrough for Life's help, you'll learn to overcome the obstacles in life that hinder you from achieving monumental success. Overcome your fears and build your confidence with Brenda's expertise and you'll find that living a winning life is worth the effort.

Launch Your Business

At Breakthrough for Life, we understand that even when you’re working at the highest levels of employment, you’re still working for someone else. If you are ready to create your own future and invest in your freedom, we’ll help you build a business of your own and a customized workplace exit strategy, so you can quit your job on your terms. Learn how to use your determination and strength to build a brighter, more fulfilling future.

Procrastination Crusher

In this six-month program, you’ll learn how to keep procrastination from getting in the way of achieving anything you want out of life. As a Woman of Action, you’ll learn how to lift the barriers that once held you back and discover a brighter, more fulfilling future in both your personal life and your career. With the guidance of Brenda Underwood, you’ll crush your procrastination in time. 


Are you ready to discover a path to the life you’ve always wanted? Whether you’re interested in our business coaching and custom exit strategy or our life coaching services, it’s time to give Breakthrough for Life a try. As a licensed instructor qualified to certify life coaches, Brenda Underwood will help you discover the life you were meant to live and teach you how to remove obstacles from your path.

Craft your winning life

Become a courageous entrepreneur

Become a woman of action

Life you can fall in love with over and over again