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Brenda Underwood is known as a dynamic, energetic, funny and lively keynote speaker, corporate trainer and bible teacher.  If there is one gift she surely has, it is the gift of communication on a variety of topics.

Whether the topic is real life change through spiritual growth or sales strategies and business development, she is sure to bring the point home with crystal clear clarity.  Brenda has a uniqueness all her own and communicates information in such a way as to bring an audience to life and ACTION!

She has served as a bible teacher for 9 years at Free Chapel Worship’s School of Discipleship in Gainesville, GA and 4 years at New Beginnings Church in Toccoa, GA.  She is a regular speaker at Awesome Life Ministries in Atlanta, GA and a highly sought after keynote speaker for spiritual retreats and special engagements.

Brenda is well versed on a variety of topics that are sure to engage the heart and mind of your audience. You are sure to be pleased with her dynamic communication style.

Contact Brenda today to discuss how she can take your event to the next level!!

    Motivational-Speaker-LaDetra“Brenda Underwood is simply the best! She is best at knowing just what is needed and then saying it with conviction and Godly cohesion. Our LIVE YOUR AWESOME LIFE MINISTRY was elevated to the moon when Brenda brought her message. Not a dry eye or unaffected heart in the room. When you have heard from Brenda you are forever changed inside out. You are forced to take a deeper look at your spirit and then give God the praise for deliverance. Brenda will take you to new heights and you will enjoy the journey getting there.”


    La Detra, Founder of AWESOME LIFE MINISTRIES – Decatur, GA