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Have you ever said to yourself, “There has to be more to life than this?”  If you have, then welcome to the club.  Many people have experienced that very moment in time when you look up and say “I want more.”  There comes a time in life when you want more of God, more fulfillment, more success, to give more and love deeper.  You desire to repair broken relationships and stop the pain. We all want to do more than exist in life but sometimes we need help with cultivating a successful life of significance. When you are ready to pursue your dreams and walk in your purpose then Breakthrough for Life is here to help you develop the tools necessary to win at life.


As your personal life coach, Brenda Underwood will help you get the results you want from your life. She has a proven track record of getting results for both men and women from every walk of life. She has developed unique breakthrough tools to help you overcome fear, build confidence and discover your purpose. After spending 20+ years in corporate leadership, she can not only help you discover your purpose but help you put together a plan of action to walk in it as well. Do you struggle with barriers like procrastination, inconsistency, poor self-discipline and lack of focus? In order for Brenda to have a successful corporate management career and launch a thriving business she had to overcome all of these barriers and many more. You deserve an opportunity to win at life and get your happy back. We are here to help you do just that – WIN AT LIFE! Listen to this interview with Life Coach Brenda and hear how she describes her ideal client.

Audio Interview of My Ideal Client
Help is Here!

Everyone from every walk of life can benefit from a certified life coach, really a results coach. From time to time we all need a life coach to help us tap into our purpose, pull us out of the mud, provide keen insight and inspire us to believe in ourselves again. A life coach will introduce you to new perspectives and mindsets that will elevate your thinking to enable you to reach new heights. Brenda will be your biggest cheerleader and greatest fan!! Before she ever met you she decided to love you, simply because you are you!  You are a child of an awesome Creator and He doesn’t make trash. Brenda’s deepest desire is to help. She wants to help you be who you were originally, uniquely designed to be and get your happy back. Read her client’s success stories and see for yourself.

We Offer Life Coaching Services to Help You:
  • Discover Your Purpose
  • Get Your Happy Back
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Develop Habits that Build Wealth
  • Workplace Exit Strategies
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Fear
  • Break Destructive Life Cycles
  • Repair Your Relationships
  • Heal Your Heart and Soul
  • Become a Goal Achiever
  • Walk in Your Destiny
  • Career Development (Negotiation Module  – Get Paid What You Are Worth)
  • Spiritual Growth and Development

“Mentoring is imparting to you what God has given me; coaching is drawing out of you what God has put in you.”  – Dale Stoll

Life Coaching Client’s Success Story:

Life-Coach-Testimony-Laurie“What she helped me realize was as long as I let fear rule, my dreams would never be given the life that they were intended to have and I’d continue to retreat to the familiar even though it left me feeling unfulfilled and falling short of what God created me to be. The motivational tools and resources Brenda shared in our life coaching sessions will undoubtedly serve me well as the next chapter of my life unfolds.

Brenda is inspiring, insightful and gifted to motivate individuals to find their purpose and live to the fullest, the life that God has created for them. I am so thankful that she followed her heart and birthed Breakthrough for Life. I can’t imagine navigating this transition without her!”
Laurie, Vice President, Financial Services Industry – Gainesville, GA (Life Coaching Method: Phone)

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