Who’s the architect of your life?

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 02-10-17

This is the time of year people take time to reevaluate their life. Reflect on the past and make adjustments for the future. Goal setting and making New Year’s resolutions are the norm at the first of the year. By mid-summer, many of those New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten and the lists of goals are collecting dust in a desk drawer somewhere.

Many of us have resolved never to make another New Year’s resolution for as long as we live. We walk away from the first part of the year discouraged and disappointed that yet another year is passing by without reaching our goals. We haven’t found the “Perfect Job”, “Perfect Mate”, and still can’t fit into that “Perfect Outfit”. What gives?

As a life coach, I love asking questions. This leads people to a self-discovery process allowing them to identify the barriers that hinder full potential living. So let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you have a life vision? How do your goals fit into your life vision? What is a tangible reminder of the details of your life vision?

A life vision is vital in creating the alignment necessary for all your life’s activity. It is the vehicle to your destiny. The why behind your life vision is the motivation or gas necessary for maintaining the course to your future. Your goals are how you will accomplish your vision. Your how is the engine that will drive the vehicle along the journey.

“When your why is big enough you will find the how.” Les Brown

 Think of it as an architect’s blueprint for a home. It lays out the areas of life that are important to you. Consider it the framework that holds your goals, tasks, and actions in line with your future vision. A life vision will clearly define areas of your life like:

  • What type of person do you want to be?
    • A role model to youth and/or young adults
    • Footloose and fancy-free
    • A person of strong moral character, principles, and values (if so, define them)
  • Life Purpose
    • What are you uniquely designed to contribute to the world?
    • What is a career path directly suited for your skills, talents, and strengths?
    • What do you love to do that fuels your passion and gives your life a sense of meaning?
  • Quality of Life
    • Do you want to live in the city or the suburbs
    • Travel abroad or local
    • Live lavish or keep it simple
    • Live a life of contribution or only maintain your immediate family needs
  • Personal Family Dynamic
    • Single or Marriage
    • Kids (how many) or no kids
    • Live next door to your in-laws on the family compound or on an island all by yourself

A life vision is the “What” you want to do and goals are the “How” you are going to do it. The more specific you are about the “What” the easier it will be to define the “How” and the “Why” will keep you moving forward to the vision.  You need all three components to stay mentally and physically engaged in the process of creating the life you want.

What do you want your life to look like and who do you want to become in the process?
What = The Vehicle to your destiny
Why do you want it?
Why = The Gas to fuel the course to your life vision
How are you going to make it happen?
How = The Engine to drive the vehicle along the journey


Creating goals without a life vision is similar to putting up 2×4 beams in random places of a home. In order to have a finished product that looks like the architect’s original design, the beams need to be strategically placed throughout the foundation of the home as indicated by the blueprint. Otherwise, a side of the house may have no walls!

There will be adjustments that need to be made along the life-building journey. Unfortunately, you may even get derailed and have to make considerable adjustments. However, this is no different from traveling out of town and running into road construction that causes a detour. If you have a life vision, you are more likely to create the life you always desired as opposed to just letting life happen because you cannot predict the future. You may not be able to predict the future but you sure can be intentional about the steps you take. You may even be surprised how well your life turns out in spite of the detours. Being intentional about your life vision and tapping into your destiny may even produce a life better than you visualized. You are your life’s architect. What are you going to build?

“You have a choice, either life is going to happen to you or you are going to happen to life.” Brenda Underwood


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6 comments on “Who’s the architect of your life?

Great blog! Thank you for the insight and the analogies are great. It is easy
to understand when you see it this way. I can use this already to put some things into action. Loved the video, you know, cause I’m a visual person. Will subscribe to those too. Thanks again.

    It is such and exciting journey to work with Champions like you. To see you start to move toward a winning life is exhilarating. The world needs what Thea has to offer. Thanks for trusting me to be your life coach!!!

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