Your Robe of Royalty

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 04-09-15

I see you!!!
I see your nakedness!
I see your dimples in places you wouldn’t dare mention to another.

I know your thoughts,
your secret tendencies.

I know the words you will speak before you know to speak them.

For I am your GOD!
The great I AM
The Alpha and the Omega
The LORD of Lords and KING of Kings!

And you are my sons and daughters
Children of Royalty
Beautifully and wonderfully made!

How precious are my thoughts toward you? If you were to number them they would be more than the sands on the seashore.

For you are the apple of my eye!

The object of my affection.

I delight in your well being…I CARE FOR YOU!

I have made you the head and not the tail
Above and not beneath
Blessed in your coming and blessed in your going.

Where can you hide from my presence?
If you go to the highest of the heavens, I AM THERE!
If you go to the depths of hell, I AM THERE!

I love you and I pursue your heart with a pure love.

I desire more from you than a list of rules of oughts and shoulds.
I desire a relationship with you that reaches to the very depths of your soul and heals your heart.

Because you are my sons and daughters and I am your KING!!

Come and capture your Robe of Royalty because I desire to cloth you in MY GLORY!!

 Inspired by scripture: Psalm 139, Psalm 35:27, Deut. 28:6 Deut. 28:13 and Deut. 32:10


8 comments on “Your Robe of Royalty

    Thanks, Dorothy! This blog really doesn’t do this piece justice. I performed this at the first Awesome Life Ministries event almost two years ago and I was shocked how God carried these words to the heart and soul of the audience. I am always amazed at what He will do with earthen vessels. You are entered in the drawing that will happen Monday, February 6th. If you win you will be notified via email.


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