The Tools You Need to Create Successful Work-Life Balance

Do you work too much? Do you wish your work-life balance were more equitable? This blog, “Life Coach Insights” will provide tips to create work-life balance that works for your own unique situation. We’ll also talk about the tools and mindsets that can make it easier to get work done without sacrificing time with friends or family.

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Productivity to THRIVE!

There are a lot of time-management techniques out there, and it can be tough to figure out which ones work best for you. Don't FRET - BtFL is here to help you WIN!


The first step to effective time-management is to evaluate how you currently spend your time. Coach Brenda strongly suggests doing a TIME AUDIT. Yes, we know that is a bad word this time of year. However, it will show you what is secretly siphoning your time.


Once you identify your time bandits then you can address them one by one to gain back your most valuable asset - TIME!

  • Are you constantly interrupted by staff members asking questions? Maybe a training on the most frequently asked questions is in order.


  • As a leader do you need to set "Focus Zone" hours within your team? Possibly the first hour of the day is a NO INTERRUPTION ZONE for all your staff.¬† This will give them permission to concentrate on their most difficult task of the day, first! Everyone will experience a strong sense of accomplishment at the beginning of the day. This will boost their confidence to GET THINGS DONE all day long. Increasing overall company productivity.


  • Crush TO-DO List Defeat by getting laser focused on the top 1-3 things you want to accomplish each day. The to-do list is never ending. The only people without a to-do list are dead people! Don't set yourself up for defeat, change your FOCUS! Each morning evaluate your to-do list and ask yourself, "What can I absolutely accomplish today?"

Then be committed to your commitment to GETTER DUN HUN!

Vital Boundaries for Work Life Balance

Step two is set boundaries! It can be tough to say no when work demands more of your time, but it's important to set boundaries for yourself. Decide what hours you're available for work calls or emails, and communicate it to your team, family, and friends.


People will respect the boundaries you set AND KEEP! This is easier to do when you first start a job than when you have been working like a workhorse for 60-70 hours per week for years.


If you find yourself in the workaholic zone then before you set boundaries have a healthy conversation with your boss to make sure you enlist their support. Call Coach Brenda and she can help your craft a WIN/WIN conversation.


A great leader cares about you and your productivity. So make sure your productivity is ON POINT! On point means an efficient, effective, and excellent DRAMA FREE work ethic! In this day and age - BOSSES will do anything for an employee with a STRONG WORK ETHIC that knows how to GET IT DONE!


When you are at work be at work!

When you are at home be at home, both mentally and physically!


Setting and adhering to new boundaries  might take some getting used to, but it's important that you take time out to sharpen your axe. Reset and renew daily to have higher productivity, focus, and problem solving creativity.


Remember, no work email or texts at night means more time to unwind before bed!


Setting boundaries between work and home life can go a long way towards creating the work-life balance you're looking for. Implement these tips and let the results speak for themselves.

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The Power of PAUSE

Step three is PAUSE for a moment! Breaks are more than just a luxury, they're an important part of work-life balance. Studies show that taking short breaks during the work day can help improve focus and productivity! So set your timer for every 90 minutes or so, get up from your desk and stretch. Go get some lemon water and walk outside for a moment to get some vitamin D. Maybe even water your plants and give them some nourishment. This is a quick 10-15 minute break not 30 to 45 minutes! Be the type of employee you would want working for you when you own a business.


When you return from your break, work on something completely different for 15 minutes before getting back to the intense project that is due by end of week. This can be especially helpful if you're doing tasks that require lots of concentration and focus.


Your brain is a muscle! Give it a break in between reps and sets!

Work on Your Own Terms

Step four - YOU SET THE RULES! One of the best things about work-life balance is that it doesn't have to look one way. What works for you? What do you need to negotiate when a new employer falls in love with you as their next star employee? How do you need to arrange your home life so that you have a full day of REST, RENEWAL, and RELAXATION?


Everything in life is a choice and you have more control than you think!


Coach Brenda Underwood is a perfect example of setting your own rules in corporate. Every single job Brenda held in Georgia allowed her to take her lunch at 2:30 pm because she needed to pick her son up from Greater Atlanta Christian School every day by 3 pm. According to her, GACS was the best decision she has ever made for her son's education! It was well worth it to negotiate special terms that worked for her life!


Keep in mind, she had 8 jobs because she was recruited from one place of business to the next for 17 years. Those jobs also allowed her to have extra vacation days to use in the month of December. She negotiated a lot of other perks that we simply don't have the time to write about now. The point of the story is, everything is negotiable when you are willing to walk away from the table. Options will make anything optional.


The number one complaint from business owners today is, "STAFFING with a good work ethic!" Be what they need and they will give you what you need!


True work-life balance starts when your mindset shifts to this concept!

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Work-life balance is something that can be achieved in a variety of ways, depending on your own unique situation. Evaluate how you currently spend your time, and find ways to work more efficiently so you can have more time for the things that matter. Set boundaries between work and home life, and take breaks every 90 minutes or so to improve productivity! Finally, remember that work-life balance looks different for everyone, so find what works best for you. Let Coach BU - The Breakthrough Strategist, help you create the options you need in life, to live life on your own terms.


Learn how we can help you in finding balance in your life!

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Meet Breakthrough Strategist and Business Life Coach, Brenda Underwood (Coach BU). After 25+ years of corporate-level management for Unisource Worldwide, Mitchell Williams Law Firm, and Toshiba America, Brenda is reaching out to help others elevate their life to new heights and soar into monumental success.

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