What is Love?

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 06-17-17
Love is thinking of others more than yourself. Which is a large aspect of humility.
Love is being considerate and thoughtful of others. Love is asking yourself what will bring a smile to their face, warm their heart and leave them feeling loved.
Love is valuing a person’s time, resources and state of being. Love is a verb but we use it as an adjective. Love is to be lived out and displayed in relational interaction.

Oftentimes we can define love by what it is not. Love is not rude and self-seeking.1 Love is not incubated in a cocoon. Love is not expressed through anger, behind walls of self-preservation. Love requires you to get “you” out of the way. No greater love does a man display than to lay his life down for another, like Jesus did.2 Jesus is our example of love!


No matter who you are and what you drive, you want to be loved. We all want the same thing regardless of our race, age, gender, background, financial status or religious beliefs.

Jesus is our example but it starts with receiving the love of God so you can properly love yourself. You can’t give what you do not have. Love others as you love yourself.3 Scripture assumes love of self. Not perverted arrogance but a healthy assessment of self, as a person Jesus died to be in relationship with because He valued you. We are the apple of His eye and the object of His affection.4 He cares for us and delights in our well-being.5


Love protects and covers. It doesn’t destroy and expose. Love is expressed and shared through actions, not merely words. Love never fails to give of itself until it is completely spent. Moreover, love is a reservoir with no end because love is of God and He is love.6 He has no beginning and no end; therefore, love never fails to give!


Let this music video by Amanda Cook wash over your soul and restore your love.

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