Treasure Tuesdays – Reap a Hundredfold

Reap A Hundredfold

May I have a few moments of your time to encourage you, Beloved? I am praying for peace, protection, and prosperity for you and yours. I want to help you smile just a little brighter today. Is that okay? We are going to take a glimpse into how Isaac was able to reap a hundredfold harvest.

“Then Isaac sowed in that land, and reaped in the same year a hundredfold; and the LORD blessed him. The man began to prosper, and continued prospering until he became very prosperous.” Genesis 26:12-13 NKJV

During a time of famine and while in enemy territory, God instructed Isaac to sow seed into the land of Gerar, the land governed by Abimelech king of the Philistines.

Isaac did as instructed and received an unusual harvest during the same year.  A year of famine.

Let’s look at this closely. The seed that had been sown was not producing a harvest; that’s why there was a famine. People were unable to feed their families and farm animals. Herds were dying due to starvation. With nothing to trade, they had no means of gaining what was necessary to survive, let alone thrive. It is only natural to hold on to what little you have and stretch it out so you can endure the hard times. BUT ISAAC has a relationship with the sovereign God of the Universe. The God that owns cattle on a thousand hills prospered and protected Isaac.

God Guides into Abundance

There are so many nuggets to glean from this passage. The one that stands out to me is Isaac sowed during a famine. When things were tight and times were hard, Isaac allowed the Lord to guide him into abundance. Isaac was obedient because He trusted the character of God – The Great I AM!

  • I AM your provision
  • I AM your portion
  • Peace comes from the PRINCE OF PEACE
  • I AM your protection
  • I AM your prosperity

Sowing doesn’t always mean tithe. You can sow a seed of extra time into your family or a complicated relationship (which is what I am doing this week, oh lucky me). You can sow more into your side hustle, write that book, learn how to create passive income and different types of marketing for your business. It could mean you sow time into educating yourself on the stock market so you can learn how to invest and win while stocks are cheap. Sowing can mean so many different things. Think out the box!

Okay, back to Isaac. Isaac’s relationship with God was not brand new. He had a history with Him. Relationship grants you privileges that you would not normally have without it. During times when things are uncertain, and calamity is happening all around you, strengthen your relationship with the One who can give you a hundredfold harvest during a famine. Not because of what is in His hand but because of what is in His heart for you! LOVE abundantly that never dies out. You are the apple of His eye and the object of His affection. He cares for YOU!

Reap a Hundredfold Harvest

Isaac unlocked that hundredfold harvest because he was obedient to the leading of the LORD. God didn’t tell Isaac in advance what would happen if he sowed into the land, God just told him to do it. Isaac had a high trust relationship with a faithful God who had always shown up for him, so he acted on what he was told to do. 

How many of you can say that is your testimony? How many of you can say God has always been my Keeper, my Rescuer, my Provider, my Protector, and my Way-maker? If Jesus has done it for you once, then He will surely do it for you again. 

Trust in His character and not what you see all around you. If He is guiding you into unfamiliar land for Pete’s sake, GO! He will never lead you into a place that He won’t keep you, Beloved. You may be missing out on reaping a hundredfold harvest.

Thank you for reading. Please do me a favor and share the love!

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