Treasure Tuesday – Perspective

Perspective on Identity

Change your perspective and change the game! Living a life that leaves a legacy starts with your point of view about YOU. Do you see yourself living in the inheritance Jesus left for you? Do you identify with the promises given to the righteous? For a long time, I didn’t.

When I first started reading the bible, I refrained from reading Proverbs because I identified more with the unrighteous than the righteous. (Am I the only one?)  At that time, I focused more on what I did instead of what Jesus did for me (us) on the cross. We begin to see the beautiful promises in Proverbs when we gain a greater understanding of how Jesus’ work on the cross makes us the righteousness of God. Understanding that we are hidden in Christ, and because of that, we gain access to His promises can be a game-changer. Perspective is EVERYTHING! What is your point of view about YOU?

Change of Perspective Gives Access to Inheritance!

“A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored up for the righteous” Proverbs 13:22

This scripture encourages me because it affirms that God expects His kids to leave an inheritance for their children. Well, the last time I checked poor and struggling people don’t leave an inheritance, only the wealthy leave wealth behind for their kids. Does this mean God wants His kids (us) to operate in prosperity? Some of you reading this may think, “Well of course He does!” However, there are many of us that were taught quite the contrary.

What do you trust?

Outside of getting delivered from religious legalism, the second biggest epiphany in my Christian walk was the realization that God did not want me poor, broke, and struggling. Poverty is not spiritual! He wants to give us more than we need. According to 1 Timothy 6:17, He gives us richly all things to enjoy. Trust in Him and not riches, BUT RICHES AREN’T A CARNAL SIN. Trusting in riches is the problem.

When you take the bible in its totality and straight for what it says, you will quickly learn the truth. A rich Father who owns the cattle on a thousand hills has more to say about money than you think. His message is not a message of just getting by paycheck to paycheck. The message is about living a life of legacy and leaving an inheritance for others. Even if you don’t have children, you can impact the world in such a way that what you leave behind will be known for generations to come. Here at Breakthrough for Life LLC, we call it a life of significance.

Challenge every thought that comes to your mind that speaks of lack, inadequacy, and inability. The ability to prosper and have more than enough is within you. You may need to change your perspective to see it but you are a KING’S KID! A King’s Kid lacks NO GOOD THING!!

Elevate to New Heights,

Coach BU, The Breakthrough Strategist

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