Single Mothers

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 05-26-16

As single mothers, we carry on two shoulders what was designed for four. Some days are better than others, but on all days, we have to evaluate the weight of every relationship.

There comes a time and a place where if you can’t help us lift our load then at the bare minimum don’t add to it! If dealing with you adds a new level of burden, stress and drama, then we’re sorry but there is no room for that in our world. Not that we don’t care, but you see, we are already carrying the stress load of two parents. Our shoulders are only so wide!

A man in our world has to understand that in order to stay in it he needs to add to our peace, joy, laughter, relaxation, and understanding while encouraging our relationship with Christ. To subtract from any of these
categories is to subtract yourself from our life. Because you see, our shoulders are only so wide.

To emotionally pull on us and never emotionally give to us is a factor in your addition or subtraction.

As a single mother we give on many different fronts; we nurture by instinct, we love by nature.  It’s natural for us to look out for you, care about your well-being and pray over your day. Giving and loving is just a part of our way.

A man in our world must understand that our shoulders are only so wide. However, in its width is overflowing joy, comfort, peace, love and happiness. In its width are encouragement, discernment, and acknowledgement for the covering of a Godly man.

The reality of it all is we never chose to carry this load alone. However, through choices and life events, we find ourselves in the place of carrying what should be on four shoulders on two. So understand we aren’t trying to be a “MAN” or super independent “WOMAN”. We are just doing what must be done to carry the load that is on our shoulders. We know looking from the outside many assumptions can be made, but instead of assuming try seeing inside of our load. Try hearing our silent cry out for help. Try loving us and not judging us for we all carry a load!

Our shoulders are only so wide!

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As a single mom of 5 I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been in friendships that could have blossomed only to find that the guy was not there to add to but actually subtracted from my role as a mom. It’s difficult sometimes to differentiate but know at the end of the day that yes your shoulders are only so wide and that you cannot and are not able to carry him too. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement.

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