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Breakthrough for Life Coaching Clients

I had been seeking a life coach for over a year. Throughout my journey, I have connected with some potentially good life coaches. However, when you have the knowledge that something is missing, you wait. I waited on God to direct me to someone who would meet me right where I was and would take me where I desired to be. I was unfulfilled professionally and stagnant in my personal growth. Hindrance in my spiritual walk derailed me from my purpose; I was unsure of the root problem. I wanted someone who could guide me both spiritually and professionally.


My connection to Brenda Underwood, came right on time, which is how I knew it was God’s timing. I was unable to sleep late one night and decided to google life coaches. I knew it was God nudging me. As I searched the same way I normally do, a new blog caught my attention. I read the entire blog including Brenda Underwood “about” page. My spirit instantly opened and her words resonated in the deep areas of my soul which I did not even know existed. Her authenticity and truth were so palpable to me. I knew this type of personal testimony could only come from a place of spiritual growth based on a love for Jesus and life experiences. It was as if she had secretly witnessed pieces of my journey.


After reading her blog, I was moved to goosebumps and tears, because she displayed an intellectual and spiritual revelation in a way my soul could easily understand. I emailed Brenda, right then and there. Yes, in the wee hours of the morning, for I knew if she did not respond as others had in the past that God had someone else for my journey. Within 24hrs, Brenda emailed me back, and from our first consultation on the phone, God gave me confirmation after confirmation that is was going to be my life coach. Our first call started with her listening and ended with her in prayer.

True Results: 
During my future sessions with Brenda, I could finally identify strongholds, curses and spiritual warfare from generations before. Some of these revelations might have taken me years to identify. With prayer and the Word of God, I was also able to release and open myself up to the real me, allowing confirmation of God’s purpose for my life. Of course, I did the work, but without Brenda’s guidance and expertise, there would be no consistent progress or results. I am clearer than ever regarding my God-given purpose, and I know what to focus on in this season because of our coaching sessions.

I utilize the techniques, research, and tools every day in my walk with God that Brenda and” Breakthrough For Life” have bestowed upon me. I know without a shadow of a doubt who I am in Christ, and with my strengths identified and my weaknesses exposed, I am on my way to a higher calling. I feel more assured in my career choice helping others. Furthermore, my relationships are better, and my self-confidence has skyrocketed. I know that my connection to Brenda as a life coach was not by accident, but divine intervention. Her passion and love for Christ are evident, and she has helped me be more of a loving mother, wife, and woman living to please the Lord.

Professional and Personal Breakthrough: 
I recommend Brenda, to anyone who is stagnant in their walk with God or stuck professionally. Her versatility can help with various areas of your life professional, personally and anywhere in between. I have decided to further my coaching with Brenda through her achievement program, and I am excited to see what God will do!

Zakia, JaMae Phoenix Company LLC- Owner, Lawrenceville, GA

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