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What is Breakthrough for Life LLC?
It is a full service coaching company designed to help you get breakthrough in the challenging areas of life and achieve your goals. Think of a Life Coach as your personal advocate to help you tap into who you were really designed to be and craft a winning life, personally and professionally.
What is Life Coaching?
A life coach is a personal change expert. Coaches help people grow faster, perform at a higher level, understand themselves more deeply and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. In the same way that a personal trainer helps a professional athlete maximize performance, a coach helps others get the most out of life. The power of coaching lies not in knowing what to do and telling others how to do it, but in the ability to help others develop, believe in and implement their life strategies.

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How can I get free coaching?
There are 2 ways to receive a free breakthrough coaching session:

1. Referring a friend is one of the best ways to receive a free session.  Once your friend has had their first paid coaching session you will be eligible to redeem your free session.


2. Provide a testimony about how Brenda Underwood has positively impacted your life through her coaching, mentoring, teaching or speaking engagements.


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How will Brenda help me to get a breakthrough for life?
True breakthrough comes from sound biblical application of scripture to your current life struggle. By appropriately applying biblical principals to your situation, scripture promises to give you a breakthrough to a more abundant and prosperous life – a breakthrough that will stand forever.

God’s truth is not temporary or subjective.  He is no respecter of persons and His truth stands the test of time.


Brenda has spent 16 years learning and applying the truth of scripture to her own life.  She has battled many struggles and has come out on the other side standing on the promises of GOD, not perfect but triumphant.  She is a firm believer that greatness is on the inside of every human being and her heart’s desire is to tap into that greatness.  Helping people craft a winning life of significance on and off the job is Brenda’s life purpose.


Don’t take her word for it!!  Check out the testimonies that continue to pour in from people who have experienced Brenda’s heart to tap into the power on the inside of all us.  Christ did not go to the cross so we can live a life of mediocrity!  It is time for you to WIN AT LIFE.  What’s stopping you?  Take the first step today and schedule your FREE 30 minute Discovery Call TODAY.

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When and Where?
Coaching sessions are scheduled Tuesday through Saturday from 10a to 8p. For your convenience you will have access to Coach Brenda’s online calendar and can schedule appointments at a time that best fits your schedule. All times are Eastern Standard.

With the advancement of technology “Where” can be anywhere. will be utilized for all clients outside of the Georgia area. Clients within Georgia are more than welcome to set up a face-to-face meeting at BtFL’s Gwinnett, GA office.  This will be discussed during your FREE Discovery Call.


Think about this one question: What wall do you need to breakthrough to craft a winning life you can fall in love with over and over again?

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What is the different between coaching, mentoring and clinical counseling?
Coaching, mentoring and clinical counseling all have fundamentally different approaches to helping clients.

Coaching allows the client to be an expert in his or her own life.  Only you know the whole story to your hidden desires, dreams and fears.  A coach’s job is to come along side you and help you tap into the answers that will bring the most growth to your life.


As a coach Brenda will help you unlock your hidden potential, expose your blindside, encourage your action steps and believe in you to accomplish your goals and dreams.  Brenda is your biggest fan and loudest cheerleader.  Coaches don’t tell you what to do; instead they help you find the answers that will empower you to do what is necessary to achieve your dreams.


Mentoring and coaching are very similar in many ways.  They are both designed to help the client grow through a one on one relationship.  The focus of both disciplines is client growth.  Mentoring takes more of an authoritarian approach.  Mentors are usually experts in their field of knowledge.  They will advise their clients based on their experience by imparting skills, information and perspective.  The major difference between coaches and mentors are that coaches help you discover the answer and mentors tell you what the answer is based on their experience.


Brenda has spent 10+ years mentoring men and women in the areas of finance, spiritual growth, relationship and career advancement.  Therefore she is well versed in both modalities.  However, she finds the quickest growth comes when the client taps into the answers that are already inside of them through the Life Coaching process.


Counseling focuses primarily on helping people sort out the issues of their past and deal with their emotional healing.  Counselors are usually licensed in the field of psychology and well versed in different methods of therapy.  This distinguishes counseling from the other disciplines mentioned above.


Brenda Underwood is a Certified Life Coach and not a licensed psychologist.  Although she is well trained in the areas of spiritual inner healing, she does not provide clinical diagnosis for mental illness or psychiatric medications.  Clients seeking psychiatric services will need to locate a clinical professional in their area.

What is the price?
There are a variety of pricing packages based on your specific needs.  The different pricing options are discussed during your free 30 minute Discovery Call.

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What can I expect on the FREE 30 minute Discovery Call?
On your 30 minute FREE phone consultation you can expect the following:

1.  Complete confidentiality.  Your private information will not be shared with anyone for any reason.  The information you provide and discuss will be held in the strictest confidence.


2. On time services.  Brenda will be ready and prepared at the scheduled time for your appointment.  Time is valuable and she will do everything within her power to respect your time and start on time!!


3. You will discuss with Brenda what you hope to achieve in your coaching sessions and the impact you want it to have in your life.


4. Brenda will briefly describe the services she offers and you will discuss which services best meet your current needs.


5. Brenda will discuss the different price and payment plans available based on your specific needs.  Don’t worry!  You will not need to sell the house and kids to afford her services.  So just relax!!!  Brenda’s heart is to help people grow through providing valuable services that get results.  Your growth is well worth the investment.


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