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Life Coach Insights - Poverty Mentality

Many people believe the only people with a poverty mentality are people living at the poverty line, which is 43.1 million people in the US.1 However, there are many middle class, 6-figure earners who also suffer from a poverty mentality (not all but some). Some signs are living paycheck-to-paycheck with only one source of income, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to economic changes in the marketplace. When they look at the world they see problems and obstacles, not solutions and opportunities. Their focus is on lack. Their thoughts are consumed with the limits of life. Often they complain about what they don’t have and/or can’t do. The more money they make the more debt they accumulate. A poverty mentality is not revealed through the amount of money you make but instead how you view and handle money. In this blog, I hope to give you valuable tools to break limited thinking.

Thought Life: 
In the private recesses of your mind do you ever think any of these thoughts:

  • I can’t afford that.
  • I just can’t get ahead.
  • I can’t do the business expansion because I don’t have the money.
  • How is it that I make six figures and still live paycheck-to-paycheck?
  • I will never get out of debt.
  • It’s always something!
  • I’m broke!
Your private thoughts always reveal your true beliefs about a situation. If there is a cycle or a behavior in your life that you don’t like then there is a belief fueling it. Your behavior is directly connected to what you truly believe. We all know what we should think but what we should think is not always what we truly believe. Your mind is one thing but your heart belief is a completely different thing. A person simply cannot achieve a life vision higher than their heart belief. If you believe in your heart of hearts you are supposed to be broke or you lack the ability to gain and sustain wealth then you will make decisions to confirm that belief.

Breakthrough Tool #1: Think about what you are thinking about and what your thoughts reveal about your heart beliefs.

Blind Spot: 
As a business coach, I often get business owners that only want to focus on the pragmatic aspects of their business. They don’t want you to touch on any of their limited thinking, soul issues and sabotaging beliefs. Early in my life coaching business, I use to take those clients on and charge forward, until one day I had a client that had a serious soul issue that was limiting the success of their business. In that moment I realized that we can make all the right steps and only get minimal results because their business was never going to go higher than their limited thinking. As a RESULTS COACH, it isn’t beneficial to take on clients that are unwilling to address the barriers that hinder forward growth. The goal of life coaching is to get monumental success for my clients and equip them with the tools to win at life in every area of life.

Monumental success happens when you address all aspects of life and not just the money-making strategies. Life is not compartmentalized! We try to put it in compartments but the truth is if you are having a crappy day at the office you are not going to easily slip into joyful and attentive husband mode when you get home. Likewise, if your marriage is falling apart your mind is not going to be in the game at work. The two are interconnected.

Breakthrough Tool #2: Self-Awareness is fundamental to forward growth.

Get brutally honest with yourself. What mentality best describes your fears, worries, and concerns, lack or abundance? Own it! Once you own it you can change it. Living in denial only sabotages your future and repeats destructive cycles. You can only change a mindset you acknowledge.

The Dilemma: 
Here is the dilemma, how do we change our heart belief so we can manifest a different life result? Change what you focus on in the deep recesses of your mind. Instead of focusing on lack, look for the provisions all around you. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, sharpen your strengths. Your emotions will always follow what you focus on and what you focus on repeats. If you are focused on lack and weaknesses you are going to feel defeated and discouraged. In a defeated mind space it is hard to gain victory. Discouragement will fog your vision and kill your creativity. On the other hand, being encouraged will ignite your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Your focus is like a camera. Whatever the lens is focused on is what it will capture in the picture of your life.


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I hope this video will encourage you to KEEP ON PRESSING! YOU ARE A WINNER!!!! 

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