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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 08-01-17

August 1, 2015, I put a post-it note on my home office window, above my desk. The post-it note read,

“August 1, 2016 Full Time in My Own Business”

The next line indicated a dollar amount I needed in order to walk away from my corporate job of 7 years.


The journey to entrepreneurship didn’t start there, but the post-it note is what I believe brought me across the finish line. See I had never imagined owning my own business. I was never that much of a risk taker. I liked the illusion of job security.

Seeds Of Entrepreneurship

My mother owned her own business back in the day when black women didn’t own their own businesses. She was my first place of employment, along with all my other friends. She taught me work ethic. She also taught me that owning a business was hard work. She once said, “You never own a business, a business always owns you.” In that moment, I made a vow to never own a business. I never dreamed of having that type of responsibility. I was totally content working someone else’s dream, until that someone else inspired me to go after my own dreams. The problem was I didn’t have any, but he planted a seed that time and circumstances cultivated.


That seed started to grow at the end of 2011. I had just returned from the Bahamas. The trip was my 40th birthday gift to myself and I had a blast. I returned to my dream job and my co-workers had fully decorated my office. My boss, who was one of my dearest friends had a 40” wide screen TV sitting on my desk. I was totally surprised. He said if you stay with the company until you are fifty I will buy you a 50”. I was floored by his generosity.


The next day I walked into my office, shut the door, laid my head on the desk and started balling like a 2 year old baby. I was at the top of my game, the height of my career and I should have been as happy as all get out; but I wasn’t. I said to myself, “There has to be more to life than this.” At 40 years old, I went on a journey to discover what I wanted to be when I grew up. I looked at what I liked, my gifts, talents and passions. I spent time in prayer, fasting and journaling. I was on a hunt for the answer and I was not letting up until I found it.

Comfort Zone

A couple years later, I was in my office mad as a hornet about something that had transpired at work. I was furious! Me and God was having one of those Mose in the desert conversations and I wasn’t holding back. You could’ve fried an egg on my forehead, I was so HOT! At that point the Holy Spirit whispered to me,

“This job is not your dream and you are way to comfortable in this place.”

The problem with this statement, is it was not the first time I had heard it. Curiously I said, “Ok, if not this then what?” The Holy Spirit whispers, “Life Coaching”. WHAT? Is that even a real profession? I’m a Director over 2 companies and a non-profit, 100 employees, my own office, and a fat paycheck. Life coaching isn’t even a regulated field of occupation. Anybody can call themselves a life coach. The rant goes on and on and on. As I resisted the call to become a life coach the job became more and more contentious.


Long story short, I eventually yielded to the call to be a Life Coach. I found a good school that wasn’t a quick weekend training camp, but it was an 18 week intensive program. I was required to do peer coaching, supervised coaching, log hours of solo coaching, pass a written and oral exam before I was certified. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned more in 18 weeks then I did in 6 years of college. It was powerful. So powerful it helped to turn everything around on my job. I got comfortable again and God rocked the boat again.

Rock the Boat

I remember getting in trouble for being late to work. I was like really? I didn’t leave the office until 2 am and yeah, I’m not going to be back in the office at 9 am sharp the next day. They didn’t care. I could put in 70 hours a week but I better not be 10 minutes late. That is when I gave birth to the post-it note. I had never worked a salaried job where you can work 6 days a week, 70 hours per week, on call 24/7 and get in trouble for being 10 minutes late. In 7 years, I had worked three 24 hour shifts and I was getting in trouble for being 10 minutes late. I was hot as firecracker. I said if you want to treat me like an hourly employee then my butt comes to work on time and I am not staying one minute past the end of my shift. It got ugly. The boat was rocked and the post-it note was put in place.


Even with all that transpired from August, 2015 to August, 2016, I was still scared to leave my job. On July, 2016, I looked up at the post-it note. I pleaded with God to give me 6 more months and I will quit at the first of the year.

The Holy Spirit whispered, “What amount of money did you say you needed to get out the boat? Do you have it?”

I calculated my salary to that point, the money from speaking engagements and coaching clients. To my surprise God had exceeded the amount I needed by 40%. I could just see God shaking His head and saying, “Do you trust me yet?”

Goal Visualization

That post-it note was a consistent reminder for me to stay focused on the goal. So many breakthrough tips were birthed from that 5 year journey to destiny. The main breakthrough tip is goal visualization. On September 22, 2016, I resigned from my job and started walking on the water. I’m so glad I did because I get to partner with God in His mission to help people live life to their full potential and stop trading money for destiny. God’s bank account is stacked high. Money really isn’t the object, people are the focus. Never again will I trade destiny for false security, because true security is in the path God sets before me. His hands are large enough to hold my entire world with great GRACE!


What do you need to put on a post-it note and look at everyday for a year?

Below is a short video about my journey to become a Life Coach.


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