Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 08-10-16

Nothing is more disheartening than longing for a mate when there are no viable options in sight. Loneliness will sometimes draw you into entertaining things that are no good for your future or your walk with Christ. Some may take to drinking, clubbing, or partying to fill the void and deaden the pain of loneliness. Others may begin to entertain people that look good but have no good intentions for them. Then there is always going back to the exes of the past. You begin to entertain people who have a proven record of mistreating you, because something is better than nothing, right? The sad thing is all of these options will only delay the promise of a good God fearing mate.

Impatience is the vehicle of disobedience. When we become impatient in waiting on the promises of God to manifest, we begin to operate in our flesh instead of in our faith. The problem with operating in your flesh is your flesh will always give birth to an Ishmael. Ishmael will delay the manifestation of God’s promises causing conflict in your life and, potentially, turmoil in your soul.

During these times when loneliness has set in and you begin to look for options outside of Christ, look to Psalm 119:37. “Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, And revive me in Your way.”

God doesn’t always take care of you in the way you expect but He always exceeds your expectations with great care. Waiting on the Lord isn’t easy and it requires patience, self-discipline and faith in order to press through with joy and contentment. All of these attributes are provided through the Holy Spirit; meaning, success in this area comes from staying connected to the vine in order to overcome the beast of loneliness. Here are some breakthrough tips to aide in your walk of singleness.

  • Pour out your heart unto the Lord (see Psalm 6:8). Don’t deny the desire, but instead of acting out based on the desire, take it to the Lord.  Express your anguish and ask Him to help you see things from His perspective and provide you with the grace to wait for His very best for your life.
  • Ask the Lord to increase your faith because He gives each of us a measure of faith (see Romans 12:3).
  • Remember the character of God. He is a GOOD GOD, true and faithful to those who believe in Jesus.  Knowing His character will help you to embrace your season with joy, faith and contentment.
  • During this season work on being the mate you want in your life.
    • Get your house in order financially, physically and emotionally.
    • Get your inner healing. If you are dealing with emotional pains, hurts or unforgiveness from past relationships then it is time to face them, process them and heal from them.  Otherwise, they will be landmines in your new God given relationship.
    • Cut ties with worthless things. If you are still entertaining a person you know isn’t for you, cut ties – especially inappropriate soul ties.  When you cut those ties, do so with grace, love and clarity of heart.  The point is you must stop carrying Ishmael in your emotions and imagination.  Fantasizing about a relationship that you know is not God sent just to pacify the beast of loneliness will blind you from seeing what God has in store for you.  Jesus is a good and faithful God. Trust Him.

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