Life Coach or Specialty Coach

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 08-24-17

In the field of life coaching, you have as many different specialties as you do hairs on your head. Check out this short list of coaching specialties:

  1. Life Coach
  2. Certified Life Coach
  3. Christian Life Coach
  4. Spiritual Coach
  5. Relationship Coach
  6. Wellness Coach
  7. Career Coach
  8. Business Coach
  9. Leadership Coach
  10. Writing Coach
  11. Mindset Coach
  12. Finance Coach
The list goes on and on. Selecting the right coach can be a little tricky with so many options. This blog is designed to help shed some light on the variety of life coaches.

The discipline of life coaching is a specific modality different from therapy, counseling and mentoring. A life coach is a growth and change agent, designed to help you establish your goals and reach them faster than you would alone. Since we are unable to replenish time like we can money, shoes, and clothes it makes sense to use our time wisely. The truth is you are going to be 40 years old at some point in your life. You can either be 40 living your dreams or NOT! The choice is yours.
Life Coaching Variety

The modality of life coaching is the foundation for all specialty coaching. The word in front of “coach” will determine the area of specialty they focus on with their clients. Take for instance the field of medicine. There is a general practitioner, surgeon, dermatologist, pediatrician, psychiatrist, OBGYN and much more. They all work in the field of medicine and went to medical school; however, some specialized in a particular field of medicine.

Working with a life coach is like working with a general practitioner. A life coach will take a comprehensive approach to your coaching needs. They will cover a variety of different areas of your life: self-awareness, career, finance, relationship, health, confidence, and parenting. Their approach is holistic, but their modality is the same as a specialty coach. Unlike doctors, not all life coaches have undergone training to become a life coach. You always want to ask if a life coach is certified or not and where they received their certification.

Specialty coaches will have a laser focus in one area of your life. If you are seeking to write a book and have never written a book before, you may want to seek out a writing coach. Typically (exceptions to every rule), a writing coach will not dive deep into marital problems or parenting issues. Their focus is to help you get your book written and published.

The key is to understand there isn’t an “either or” as much as it is, what do you want to accomplish right now? You may start out with a life coach to identify your blind spots, break through hindering barriers, discover your purpose and define the future you. Then you may select a relationship coach to help you find a mate, a marriage coach to help bring harmony to your marriage and a writing coach to help publish your book. The beauty is there is a life coach out there to help you get results in every area of life and you do not have to navigate this journey alone.

I have always said, “Life coaching is a luxury until you experience it and then it becomes a necessity for long lasting success.”

Life Coaching Styles

The style of life coaching may differ from coach to coach. Some coaches are what I like to call “box” coaches and others are “dynamic” coaches. A box coach will usually have predetermined coursework they use for all their clients. If you come to them for career coaching, they will take you through the same steps they take the next client through. Some coaches will even have online videos: 7 steps to success, 5 steps to confidence, etc.

A dynamic coach, on the other hand, will celebrate the uniqueness of each client, which is the true life coaching modality. As much as we are the same, we are different. A dynamic coach will seek to tap into that uniqueness and magnify it to its greatness. Instead of telling you what to do, we will help you to explore options that best fit your personality, values and life vision. The way Tony Robbins reached his level of success may not be the same way Lisa Nichols reaches her success. Some attributes may be the same but many may be different. This is where a dynamic coach shines for their clients. A dynamic coach does not seek to put you on an assembly line, cookie cutter approach. Through intuitive listening and a thorough understanding of how change happens, a dynamic coach will take you on your own unique journey to full potential living.

Please understand the box coach may work for some individuals and if it does, GREAT! My only goal here is to shed light on the different types of coaching styles. Coaching is an investment of time and resources and you want to make the right choice. I am truly a student of my trade and enjoy working with both box coaches and dynamic coaches. I have learned a wealth of knowledge from online courses, books, and videos. However, my personal favorite is one on one coaching that taps into my unique gifts, talents, and desires.

What We Offer:

Breakthrough for Life is a holistic, dynamic life coaching company designed to help you live life to your full potential. We specialize in breaking through the obstacles that hinder forward growth. What are some of those obstacles?

  • Lack of Confidence
  • Fear of Failure, Rejection, Success, Change, Public Speaking, etc.
  • Broken Spirit
  • Procrastination
  • Indecision
  • Destructive Life Cycles
  • Poor Habit Cycles
  • Lack of Focus
  • Negative Self Talk
  • Lack of Direction
Once we break through hindering barriers, I am then able to put my years of corporate level management experience to use in helping my clients with workplace exit strategies, career development and/or business launching. As a certified life coach, I seek to tap into the greatness on the inside of my client and help that greatness break through into every area of their life. Depending on the personality of my client, I utilize a variety of different techniques to help them achieve the results they desire. Life coaching is my life calling. As you can see from my testimonies page, I have worked with everyone from business owners to housewives. I have helped a variety of clients build the confidence they need to break out of the mundane and into a life of purpose.

What would the world look like if everyone lived life to their full potential?

2 comments on “Life Coach or Specialty Coach

Keith Pittman

I am still in shock. Because I had a thought that life coaching was restricted to a sole category. But after giving a glance to your blog, I came to know that it could be possible to split life coaching in multiple headings. Well, in this regard, if anyone will consider my standpoint, then I can say that I will choose life coaching over specialty coaching. Because as I have less knowledge about specialty coaching, thus, I feel sorry, and I can’t put my opinion on the same. But I can say that if someone engages himself with life coaching, he can annihilate his dread. Also, he can concentrate on the quests that are at his hands. Moreover, by life coaching, he can be accountable, confident, which is very crucial for him to reach at the top. Thank you.

    Keith thank you so much for your feedback. I love considering various points of view. I agree life coaching is a great way to get the tools necessary to break through fear and build confidence to reach your best version of you. Always BU!!!

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