Life Coach Brenda’s Thoughts

Life Coach Brenda Underwood Thoughts

A Few Thoughts from Life Coach Brenda!

Living in the realities of the situation allows you not to live in the conflict of the drama.


Confidence is intimidating to the unconfident.


Never let the criticism of others define your inner voice.


Don’t set limits on your capacity to learn, thrive and excel.


Weakness only defines you if you allow it to rule you.


Let gratitude be your fortitude

What I see, is what will always be and the beautiful thing is I can change how I see, what I see. It’s all a matter of perspective.


Never let your vision be hostage to your sight.


Let fear propel you, not paralyze you.


All behavior is based on a belief. If you don’t like your behavior discover the root belief and change it. Your behavior will follow.


The Bible tells us to press forward forgetting what is behind. So why do we spend so much time digging up the dead bones of our past to determine how to step into our future?


What good is a promise that is never realized?


Life is your playground! Get to the place where you set your own rules. Autonomy of time! Autonomy of resources!


Never give people more power in your life than they deserve.


Offense has to be taken. I strongly suggest you don’t take it!


Relationship is Chief. Honor, love and forgive.


Let people be who they are! You decide if they fit into the world of who you are or NOT!


Don’t let criticism go to your heart and don’t let praise go to your head.


Who were you before life happen to you?


There is so much power in this one word: NO!


Never give fear a voice or let it dictate your actions.


Just a few thoughts from the life of a modern day Mary Magdalene. I am a woman delivered from a many of foes.


I’ve lived long enough to know, Jesus is gracious and life with Him is a BEAUTIFUL THING!


Those who are delivered from much, LOVE MUCH!!!


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En Vivo Associates

It is interesting that other life coaches follow and comment on Breakthrough For Life’s website. She is truly becoming a leader in the coaching industry. Thanks for all the hard work you provide Life Coach Brenda!

    Life Coach Brenda Underwood Post author

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Always happy to hear from my blog readers.

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