Jezebel – Recognize her?

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Jezebel is considered one of the most seductive women of the bible. She is named 22 times in scripture and never in a favorable light. She far exceeds her rivals: Deliah, Rahab, and Potiphar’s wife. She is the most wicked woman in the Bible. A Phoenician by birth and daughter to the king of Sidon, Ethbaal. After marrying King Ahab she brought her idol worship of Baal and Asherah to Israel. She is first mentioned in 1 Kings 16:31 as scripture describes how her marriage with the king of Israel stirred up a new level of wickedness in Ahab.


You may be wondering, “Why does a life coaching blog have an article on Jezebel?” Well, I am glad you asked. I am a Christian Life Coach who specializes in breaking through barriers that keep people from winning at life. Jezebel is a barrier to many people in the body of Christ. Contending with this spirit can be more than a notion. Through this blog series, I hope to help people not only recognize her spirit but defeat it effectively. I will only reference bible scriptures to characterize Jezebel because, like many villains of the Bible, her personality traits have been exaggerated and embellished over the years.


Characteristics of Jezebel:
First I will list the characteristics that are revealed through scripture about Jezebel’s personality. Let me caution every reader, if a person has one or even a couple of these traits it does not mean they are operating in the spirit of Jezebel. However, if you encounter someone operating in the first five traits then you better keep reading and go into DEEP PRAYER. Throughout a series of blogs, I will go into greater detail with each trait and tie it directly into scripture. Please do not take my word for it, read it in the scriptures for yourself, and allow the Holy Spirit to increase your understanding.

  1. Usurp Authority
  2. Controlling
  3. Manipulative
  4. Deceptive
  5. Vengeful
  6. Murder
  7. Dishonors and Emasculates
  8. Sexually Immoral (Adultery and/or Fornication)
  9. Witchcraft
  10. Idolatry

We know that Jezebel is more than just a person who lived in the 9th century (874-853 B.C.), because in Revelation 2:20 the church of Thyatira is charged with tolerating “that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess.” It is clear that her evil spirit lived on and continues to influence those susceptible to her ways. How do you become susceptible to her ways? Open yourself up to willful sin in the areas listed above. When you see yourself usurping authority, controlling, manipulative, deceitful, vengeful, and slanderous toward others – WATCH OUT! There is no love in any of those characteristics and it does not promote loyalty, unity, and healthy relationship. There are two types of spirits that operate in this world: The Holy Spirit and other spirits. Other spirits are evil spirits that are not authored by Jesus Christ.


This blog series is not meant to demonize anyone. It is meant to shed light on a barrier and provide tools for a breakthrough. If you have family members, friends, or co-workers with these traits then you will be armed with the knowledge of how to pray effectively to help them break free for life.


Usurp Authority and Not Submitted:
Usurping authority and not submitting to authority are two different things. However, some people are quick to label others (especially women) as Jezebels if they are the least bit resistant to authority. Understanding the difference between being unwilling to submit to authority and usurping authority is key. Remember the enemy of your soul operates in confusion, perversion, deception, and chaos. We know from the garden of Eden and his conversation with Eve, he loves to play with words and their meanings. Arm yourself with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.


Usurping authority means to take a title or position by force. The person doesn’t have a legal right to operate with the authority but they do so anyway and force others to submit to their illegal authority. They see the incompetence of someone in authority and take over, stealing their voice and position.


Not submitting to authority is rebellion. This person is not taking a title or position they aren’t entitled to have, they simply do not obey the rules of the authority in place. They are disobedient, defiant, unruly, and insubordinate. They don’t try to be the authority but they don’t pay any attention to the authority either.


Usurping authority and not submitting to authority may be 3rd cousins in the same family but they are not twins. Many people have been incorrectly characterized as a “Jezebel” because of the misunderstanding of these two concepts. One of the main characteristics of Jezebel is that she usurped the authority of the King (her husband) to get Naboth’s vineyard for him. We will take a greater look at 1 Kings 21:1-29, later in this blog series.


First Steps to Defeat Jezebel:
When contending with the spirit of Jezebel it is wise to cover the entire situation in prayer. This spirit is not defeated with a worldly frontal attack and to do so will mean the sting of her revenge. If this spirit can make Elijah run for cover, it can wreak havoc on the average Christian if they are not prayed up. When you pray against the spirit of Jezebel you want to cover yourself, family, and all affiliation from her vengeful attacks by asking Jesus to be your covering. You also want to pray for the person being used by this spirit to get the tools they need to break free. This spirit is only defeated by the power of the Holy Spirit, so stay prayerful and seek His guidance. He promises to teach your fingers to war!


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6 comments on “Jezebel – Recognize her?

This is one for the records! It has messed me up on so many levels. I will need to reread this 10 times! Thank you for revelation knowledge and now pray that I will be led by Holy Spirit alone.

I have a sister who labels others as jezebels if they do not agree with her. She labels herself as Christian but is haughty, judgemental, rude and lacks manners. What can we do ? She scares me.

    Candace that is a deep question that I believe will be best answered in a blog. There is not quick answer for dealing with what you described. The short answer is study how Jehu dealt with Jezi. Also remember that your fight is not against flesh and blood, ie the person, but instead a fight against an enemy spirit. (Ephesians 6:12) Subscribe to my blog to future blogs on this topic.

Thank you for this article, it is a very timely one. What I would also like is for women to find a healthy balance with men who respect them and treat them honourably. I think that excesses from behalf of men (aggressive, disrespectful to women, harsh), had a role in sneaking with ease in our lives the spirit of Jezebel, because many women felt vindicated in a way.
We need to learn what would look like to live in a Biblical way as women and men and respecting the order set by God without misusing the roles.

    Cristina thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It would be a wonderful thing if men and women learned to live out biblical behavior toward each other. Relationships will last longer and be more beneficial to all involved. However, please keep in mind the vindictiveness or seeking vindication doesn’t necessarily mean someone is operating in a spirit of Jezebel. Identifying this spirit requires multiple traits to be operating in concert together with the chief trait being usurping authority. Jezebel is not exampled in scripture as allowing anyone, including her husband King Ahab to disrespect her or act in harsh aggressive ways toward her. It is always disheartening when anyone is being disrespected in a relationship. I have learned through years of coaching married women that when both parties grow closer to Jesus Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide their actions the relationship heals, grows, and thrives. I pray this reply helps you. May healing, joy and blessings be upon you in abundance.

    Much love!!!


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