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Brenda is a licensed Real Talk Group Trainer.

The Real Talk Training (RTT)

Real Conversations Are No Longer Common

  • Families are more like individuals living separate lives in the same house.
  • Even though technology has increased our communication options, our ability to authentically connect is at an all time low.
  • Current culture expects their leaders to connect with them authentically and lead by example.
  • We hold ourselves back from engaging others because we are unsure what it will require of us.

The quality of your conversations is a barometer of the quality of your relationships. The Real Talk Training (RTT) Seminar is an experience that will change the way you relate to people. You will learn foundational coaching skills that will empower you to deepen your relationship through conversations. You can leverage the power of conversations to impact people in transformational ways. These powerful conversations can improve your personal effectiveness both at home and work.

In this seminar you will be introduced to powerful skills coaches use to create breakthrough conversations. This seminar provides interactive training that will move your relationships forward. You will learn how to understand the deeper meaning behind words, listen more effectively and ask powerful questions. You are going to see your world of relationships from a new vantage point. @2012 Transformational Leadership Coaching International Version 4.4

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Other Group Coaching Services:

  • Communication Skills
  • Team building
  • Executive level collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Work/Home Life Balance

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