God Blesses the Steps you Take, Not the Ones you Contemplate

Life Coach Insights - Fear Stops Blessings

Many of us have dreams, goals, and aspirations. We know that the life we are living today isn’t the life we want to be living 5 years from today. You could be among those who have reached a stage in your life where you want to discover your purpose. Or maybe you are fortunate enough to know your purpose but struggle with how to successfully bring it to life. Monetizing your passions can be a bit of a maze especially when you are trying to gain clarity on what the “FUTURE YOU” looks like 5 years from today.


Regardless of the phase of life, you are currently in when you begin to think of making your dreams a reality your barriers become boulders. Some of the barriers that many struggle to overcome are:

• Stinking thinking
• People pleasing
• Procrastination
• Lack of confidence
• Inconsistency

No matter what you want to change about your life there is a common denominator to getting the results you want. The common denominator is ACTION. It is only through action that you are able to change your life.

Name Your Fear: 
When it comes to taking action fear has the potential to stop you dead in your tracks. Many fears begin to manifest when you begin to step out of your comfort zones and employ the resources necessary to walk in the direction of your purpose and destiny. Pick your poison:
• Fear of the unknown
• Fear of failure
• Fear of making the wrong decision
• Fear of being inadequate (my personal favorite)
• Fear of success (which is one that always bewilders me)

We will rationalize and justify inaction with many good clichés like; “what will be will be” or “it is what it is” and “I’m just waiting on the Lord (to drop a job in my lap)”. All these statements create a passive approach to achieving your dreams. When we justify inaction we hinder our own progress. We are to take an active role in walking in our purpose. This is illustrated beautifully in the story of the talents, Matthew 25:14-30.


In this story, there are three servants each given a different number of talents. I believe that the talents can represent money or the talents God gives you to earn money. The servants that where given multiple talents went and immediately multiplied what had been given to them from their master. However, the servant that received one talent went and buried the talent in the ground.

Where are YOU?: 
As a life coach, I want to ask you which category do you fall into? Have you shared your gifts and talents with the world to make it a richer and better place? Or have you hidden your talent from everyone like a light hidden under a bushel? Some of you reading this will say, “But Brenda I don’t have a talent. I’m just an ordinary person”. To that, I would say, “WRONG”! We all have gifts and talents that God desires for us to use in this world to make it a more beautiful place to live. Many of you possess gifts and talents that help others unlock their gifts. We all have a sphere of influence and when we bury our talents, we cheat those who are connected to us out of experiencing what God placed in us.

“Fear can be a dictator of your actions or a spectator to your courage.” Life Coach Brenda


Do you want to guess why the servant with one talent buried it in the ground? Let’s take a look at Matthew 25:24-25.

“Then he who had received the one talent came and said, ‘Lord, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. And I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours.”

Fear caused the servant to contemplate and overthink all the factors involved with the situation. This servant took the safe route and stayed stuck in the same place the master had found him. As a result of him letting fear dictate his actions or inaction, he was not blessed by his master. We see in Matthew 25:26-28, the servant was actually reprimanded:

“But his lord answered and said to him, ‘You wicked and lazy servant, you knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed. ‘So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers, and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest. Therefore take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents.”

Blessed Actions: 
What the servant had was taken from him and given to the servant that was faithful to multiple what the lord had given him. The people blessed in this passage are the ones that took action to multiply their talents and bring back to the master greater talents than what was originally given to them. To my earlier point, when we are in proper position and using our talents we have a ripple effect in the world. Others see our light and it gives them permission to shine brightly. There is someone who knows your story and is looking to you for the courage to rise up from the ashes and live LIFE. A full life of purpose and significance. It is more than just about you! It is about everyone connected to you, young and old.

When we begin to take action in our God-given talents then He can bless our steps in ways we could have never imagined before. The servant that took action had no idea he would be given more than what he had earned. He was simply a good steward over what he had been entrusted to multiply.


“Sometimes the biggest blessings are hidden in the most obscure places.” Life Coaching Client, C. Lucas


This is what I love about Jesus! With Jesus, it is never too late to start afresh. A winning life is a life lived on purpose.


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