Embrace Your Season

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 05-16-17

One of the hardest things in life is to recognize when seasons change. When things are going great we think, “WOW this is exactly where I am supposed to be!” When things are difficult and hard, our first instinct is to make an immediate change. The truth is, sometimes in the hard places we are to stay and in the good places, we are to move to higher ground. The key is knowing the difference.


I remember when I decided to open my business. I had endured one of the greatest betrayals of my life. I was literally having a Garden of Gethsemane experience. This is the place where both destruction and destiny meets. One wrong move could’ve profoundly changed the course of my life. The betrayal made me feel worthless, unlovable, inadequate, and like dirt. It was one of the lowest points of my life. The love of God and the destiny He placed in me pulled me through to the other side of the garden.


“When your life looks like dirt. All you need is the breath of God. Don’t ever count God out. He is the best at bringing dead things to life.” Jake Hamilton


A Quick Out

In the moment of betrayal, I would have taken a quick out if I allowed my emotions to dictate my actions. I wanted to gas up my car and drive until I ran out of gas. Wherever I stopped, I was going to rebuild my life in that new city. Is it just me or has anyone else dreamed of running away as an adult?


During this season of mass chaos and confusion on every side, I lingered. I refused to give fear power over my future. I doubled down in prayer, bible study and devotional time. I needed to discern that season in my life and I could not rely on logic. I needed to hear from God. Now don’t distort this, not every move you make requires a double down effort. Deciding which mall to go to is not a critical life decision. Deciding which church to attend is a little more important and I am sure some of you wish you had heard from God before you married your spouse. I’m just saying, LOL!


While my emotions and fears were creating a storm in my soul the best decision for me was to stay put! My season was not over and it had a lot to teach me. It was another two to three years before I got the full breadth of that life lesson. I’m so glad I chose to discern the season I was in, instead of taking a quick out.


Personal Inventory

Take a second and do an inventory of your critical life moments. What life lessons did you learn during those times? Did you learn pivotal lessons during the easy or hard places of life? Was it your successes or your failures that created paradigm shifts in your worldview? What created the most change in your life: the times of pain and pressure or happiness and comfort? There is something to be said about embracing every season of life.


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV


As a transformational life coach, I constantly ask my clients, “Who do you want to be a year from now?” Life coaching is focused on getting unstuck and moving forward. However, the right coach will help you discern the seasons and times in which to make a move. This is where Christian Life Coaching is so fundamental to a person’s life journey.


A life coach is NOT your best friend there to just listen, encourage you and make you feel good by agreeing with all your ideas. A life coach is your change agent and growth expert. We are here to help you assess where you are now, break through barriers, discover where you want to go, and put a plan of action together so you can get there in due season. We will encourage, support and provide healthy accountability, while also providing options and different perspectives that open up your worldview.


I am thankful that during that garden moment, I had a Christian Life Coach to help me navigate the storm. She anchored me in the truth and loved me through my weaknesses. She believed in me, challenged my perspectives and encouraged a larger worldview.


As I reflect over my life, I wish I had embraced every hard place as much as I enjoyed every happy place. They both contribute to who you are today. Spending time worrying about how to make ends meet causes you to miss the provisional nuggets all around you. Walking in destiny requires a level of trust in God that you are not born with when you come into this world. Destiny walkers (water-walkers) have to cultivate that trust and know that hard places are vital for the journey. Don’t get confused while you are in the garden. His love paves the path in every hard place. Embrace every season.


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