Drink Deeply

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 03-26-15

Drinking deeply from the depths of God’s love refreshes the soul.  It is required to quench the dryness of life in this broken world.

Let Jesus’ love interrupt your daily routine frequently.   Take time to linger and drink deeply from the Well of Living Water.  Take a moment to reflect on the meaning of His love for you.  Let His love heal you this very moment from every rejection, offense, hurt and pain.

See when you get a heart revelation that the GOD of the universe loves you deeply, just the way you are – you lose the need to prove yourself.  You lose the need to perform for others.  The realization that no matter how much approval or disapproval you receive from man, it does not hold a candle to the approval, justification, acceptance and love of Jesus.  WHAT COMPARES?

This is a God that knows your thoughts before you know to think them, the true motives of your heart, your secret desires and even then, He still loves you!!!  WHAT COMPARES?

His love for you will never decrease and can’t be compared with any other love from any other person.  Let His pure, unconditional, unrelenting love interrupt the moments of your life. DRINK DEEPLY from His love.

Look in the mirror and say, “The all powerful, all knowing God of heaven and earth loves ME completely and fully.  I AM LOVED!  I was NOT created for rejection! I am created for love – a PURE LOVE, that only the Author of Love can give.”

Think on That!!!

What does that mean?

That means you are forgiven for every failure, sin, wrong thought or deed. That means He died to pay the price for your humanness (sin nature).  That means you are given mercy and things you have not earned or deserve.  It is a gift of LOVE from the Author of Love.  DRINK DEEPLY!!!

It means you don’t have to defend yourself any longer.  You don’t have to protect yourself any longer.  The Lord of Hosts – your warring GOD is your defender and protector.  And trust me… the enemy of your soul, his arms are too short to box with your GOD!!!

Love interrupted means He is good, loyal and faithful to love you when you feel no one else does or will.  It means you reflect on His love for you. It means you take your burdens and cares to the foot of the cross.  Allow His love to arrest your heart, to heal your soul and mend your broken pieces!

Will you let Him love you?  I am not talking about knowing (head knowledge) He loves you.  I am talking about experiencing His love on a heart level and allowing it to flow into the crevices of your soul, where your secrets reside.  Will you let His love into your secrets? Your pain? Your shame?  If you will, I promise you will be cleansed and refreshed!!

Drink Deeply from the fountain of His LOVE…


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Nellie Creacy

Greetings! Very useful advice within this article! It’s the little changes which will make the most significant changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!|

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