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One of the things I have learned in life, is the very relationship God wants in your life to move you forward the enemy will attack to spiral you backwards. How does the enemy do that? He creates a point of division. See satan can’t stop you unless you let him. He can only hinder and slow your progress if you focus on points of division. The enemy always seeks to steal, kill and destroy.1 He is the father of all lies.2 His very nature is to divide by deception. If you ever forget that, he will be able to move throughout your life causing destruction and havoc without opposition. When you know how an enemy operates, you know how to guard yourself and counter attack.


Knowing the enemy seeks division, you can counter that by fostering unity in your relationships.

Knowing the enemy only speaks lies and twist words to pervert truth, you can prepare a counter attack.  Always be willing to ask God for the truth in every situation. Having the humility to say you don’t know the answer is the answer. Be willing to humble yourself and say, “Holy Spirit, I DON’T KNOW the truth in this situation and I am relying on you to reveal God’s perspective to me, so I can act accordingly.”

Love covers a multitude of sins and a friend that overlooks an offense promotes unity.3 I am not promoting being a doormat or enduring malicious verbal, emotional and physical abuse. What I am promoting is evaluating your right to get offended vs. your right to maintain valuable relationships.


You will never know how many times being offended with someone has blocked your progress. Please hear me when I say, offense is the point of division. God works through people. When He wants to bless you, He sends a person. The enemy sees the blessing coming and sends a block called offense. If you are offended with the very person God sent to bless you then you can’t receive your blessing.


When God wanted to heal the world of sin, He sent the person of Jesus – fully God and fully man. Look through history and see how many people have been offended by Jesus, hence blocking their blessing.


If the issue is a matter of personal opinion then ask yourself, “Is being right or forcing another person to see things my way worth losing the relationship, friendship or job?” If the answer is no, then let it go because satan’s greatest bait is offense.


1 John 10:10
2 John 8:44
3 1 Peter 4:8, Proverbs 17:9

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