Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 05-24-17


Nothing cuts deeper than the knife of betrayal. Why is that? Is it because betrayal can only come from a friend and not a foe, a spouse and not a stranger – someone you trust or want to trust? Imagine if you will, take a journey with me back to the Garden of Gethsemane. There [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 08-10-16


Nothing is more disheartening than longing for a mate when there are no viable options in sight. Loneliness will sometimes draw you into entertaining things that are no good for your future or your walk with Christ. Some may take to drinking, clubbing, or partying to fill the void and [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 07-04-15


One of the things I have learned in life, is the very relationship God wants in your life to move you forward the enemy will attack to spiral you backwards. How does the enemy do that? He creates a point of division. See satan can’t stop you unless you let him. He can only hinder [...]
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