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Breakthrough for Life Coach Blog - Racism

How a “Good Old Prejudice Redneck” blessed me!

One night after attending a very intense spiritual renewal, I went to grab a bite to eat at a very popular restaurant to digest everything I learned and experienced. When I dine alone I usually sit at the bar, not for the alcohol but for the [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights Independence


Independence brings a feeling of pride and freedom. We strive for that freedom through different phases of life. The harder we fight for independence the sweeter the feeling of freedom is to our souls. As a toddler, we strive to walk on our own and we all know a teenager that [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 06-17-17

What is Love?

thinking of others more than yourself. Which is a large aspect of humility. being considerate and thoughtful of others. Love is asking yourself what will bring a smile to their face, warm their heart and leave them feeling loved. valuing a person’s time, resources and state of [...]
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