Entrepreneurship - 5 Myths to Debunk

Entrepreneurship – 5 Myths to Debunk

Roughly 62% of US billionaires are entrepreneurs who worked from nothing to something great. Most believe that being in the top 1% requires receiving a hefty inheritance but that is far from the truth. Entrepreneurship can break barriers when it comes to [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 06-29-17

Business Tip – Make it Easy

As a Business Life Coach, I work with a variety of small business owners on tight budgets. They hire me for a multitude of reasons but the main reason is always to get more clients. A business license, logo, and website does not equate to having a business. You only [...]
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Breakthrough for Life 01-05-17

The “C” Word

We have a word around our house that my daughter affectionately calls the “C” word.  That “C” word is consistency.  Consistency is a huge part of leadership in all areas of life.  Our evolution of the “C” word came through the challenge of disciplining children.  I discovered [...]
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