3 Tips to Finally Make Your Job Optional


In the current work atmosphere, 87% of employees are frustrated with their jobs. The workforce spends more time at work than they spend at home with their loved ones. How would your life change if you fully enjoyed how you make a living?


If you're like many working women, you've dreamed of one day being able to make your job optional until you can make it obsolete. After all, we all share the goal of having the financial security and professional fulfillment that comes with a steady job, but without the constant restraints, pressure and stress.  We get bogged down in the day-to-day realities of our jobs and can't seem to shake the feeling that we're stuck on a treadmill we can't escape.


What if there were ways to make your job optional? In this blog post, Breakthrough for Life shares three tips that just might help you finally achieve that goal. So read on for the keys to your future!

Knowing Your "Why"

As business coaches, we often work with women who are struggling to find fulfillment in their work. Many of them are “C-Suite” executives who feel locked into their jobs because of the pay and benefits. While these factors are important, they should not be the only things that dictate our career choices.


Coach Brenda Underwood believes you can have both a nice paycheck and a fulfilling career. That may mean changes within your current job, a new job that better aligns with your God-given purpose or launching your entrepreneurial career.


The key is identifying what are you most passionate about? What makes you feel alive? What type of work would you do if money and benefits were a given? Your passion is often directly connected with your purpose. When we can answer these questions, we can begin to move towards a truly fulfilling career and life of significance that doesn't sacrifice pay.


When you know "what" you want to do then your "why" becomes the fuel needed to make it come to life.  Look at your "why" as the gasoline that keeps the engine thriving. Making your dreams a reality requires plenty of discipline and motivation. Your "why" gives you what is necessary to keep going when the journey gets hard.


Have an Exit Strategy

Most business executives are happy with their salaries and benefits. The problem begins with the long work hours and dissatisfaction with the work they do day in and day out. They may feel trapped by their commitments and unable to pursue other opportunities. If this sounds like you, it's important to have a winning workplace exit strategy. A plan to exchange your paycheck for a profit check is essential for a successful career transition.  With a proper blueprint, you can make your job optional until you are ready to make it obsolete.


Many clients come to Breakthrough for Life frustrated and ready to quit their jobs without a clear plan. Once we teach them how to handle the intangibles necessary for a strong business launch or job change, they are forever grateful. Now they can quit their jobs on their own terms and not in a moment of extreme frustration. We call that a WIN!

Don’t Be Handcuffed

The best way to get unstuck is to create options for yourself. To unlock the golden handcuffs of corporate with the keys to business ownership may sound like a daunting task. AND IT IS BY YOURSELF! This is why Coach Brenda, left corporate and dedicated her life to helping women align their purpose with their paycheck.


Just because you're earning a good income doesn't mean you have to stay in a job that doesn't make you happy. There are plenty of other opportunities out there and often they aren’t on the same trajectory or career path you are currently on. At Breakthrough for Life, we often work with women who feel "handcuffed" by their jobs. In some cases, they've been in the same position for years and feel like they're stuck. If this sounds familiar, I want you to know that you're not alone. It's very common to feel this way, and it's important to understand that you have options. We are here to help successful, hard-working women remove the metaphorical handcuffs that make them feel imprisoned in the workplace.


This is how BtFL helps women win:

  1. Gain crystal clear clarity on how to monetize your passions and purpose.
  2. Crush the mental barriers that hinder swift action.
  3. Implementation of the intangibles necessary to build a thriving business: creating the business name, structure (LLC), branding, marketing strategy, sales funnel, product/service pricing structure, and so much more.

We have been helping women win for nearly a decade and we would love to help you WIN!


While making your job optional may seem like a far-fetched dream, it's actually within reach for many women. If you're interested in learning more about how to make your job optional, please contact Breakthrough for Life. We would be happy to share our expertise with you and help you create a custom workplace exit strategy that will allow you to achieve the level of financial security and professional fulfillment you desire. Here at BtFL we like to call it THE WINNING LIFE!

Life Coach Brenda Underwood

Meet Breakthrough Strategist and Business Life Coach, Brenda Underwood (Coach BU). After 25+ years of corporate-level management for Unisource Worldwide, Mitchell Williams Law Firm, and Toshiba America, Brenda is reaching out to help others elevate their life to new heights and soar into monumental success.

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