But Mary Lingered…

Brekathrough for Life Coach Insights 04-16-17

At the time of Jesus’ resurrection, there was a story about a woman who “LINGERED”.

On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb of Jesus to anoint His body with spices and oils only to find the stone rolled away.  She ran to the others in distress and told them the tomb was empty. The disciples ran to the tomb to see for themselves. They discovered Mary was correct the tomb was indeed empty. Each disciple left and went their own way, BUT Mary lingered. She stooped down and wept before the empty tomb. When she looked up, she saw two angels where the body of Jesus had laid. As the angels questioned Mary about why she was weeping, Jesus appeared. At first, Mary did not recognize Him. As they spoke, she realized He was “Rabboni!” (Which is to say, Teacher.) Jesus commissioned her to tell the rest that He was ascending to the Father.1

The concept of lingering is one we don’t entertain in a busy world demanding us to do more with less. More work to do than we have time. More bills to pay than we have money. More gaps to fill than we have resources. The pressure of GETTING IT DONE overwhelms us into a frenzy of activity. But what if we “LINGERED”, on our knees at the feet of Jesus? What would Jesus reveal? What would He heal? What would He resolve in our lives?

Prayers Answered:

Is it possible that the answers we have not received through our quick prayers on the drive to work are because we didn’t linger long enough to see the angels and the LORD revealed? Mary had to linger long enough to see the angels, talk to them, then Jesus appeared and OH WHEN HE APPEARED! When He appeared, He brought revelation and purpose to Mary’s life. What she was weeping about was completely resolved because He gave her answers. Not only did He give her the answer to what she was crying about, He also gave her purpose.

Mary was the first to see Jesus resurrected NOT Peter, NOT John, BUT MARY! I believe because she lingered, she was given the awesome privilege to go tell the others that JESUS LIVES – HE IS NOT DEAD!!!

Taking time to stop and linger has the ability to bring about a clarity that you otherwise may not achieve.  Many people say, “I pray while driving to work or in the shower.” That is great! However, “FOCUS” is a premium in a world full of distractions.

“We have about five trillion bits of information coming into the brain every second.  We are only aware of about ten thousand bits.” The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., ND with Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD

There is a special release of revelation when we take the time to linger in the presence of the Most High God. During this time of lingering, is it possible that He will reveal to you what He revealed to Mary, her purpose? Is it possible that by lingering in His presence we may be able to know Him better, get answers to our deepest questions and healed from the greatest betrayals? What would happen if we took the stopwatch off God?

Purpose Revealed:

I remember when God first began to reveal to me my purpose. It was many years ago when I was on a corporate fast with my church Free Chapel. I was in my prayer closet asking Him to reveal my purpose. In a vision, He showed me on stage speaking to a multitude of people. I was so overwhelmed by the vision I cried out, “That can’t be me!” and the vision stopped.

A couple of years later He began to reveal it to me again. Piece by piece He has unfolded the awesome design for my life. Now I travel all over, as far as South Africa to speak to hundreds and soon thousands. I am simply overwhelmed that He can use an ex-drug dealing user to help others break through the barriers that hinder their ability to experience the promises of God. Every day it blows my mind that I get to do what I do, by His grace. My purpose was birthed out of my lingering times with the Lord God Almighty. Those sweet times when I took the stopwatch off Jesus and just lingered in His presence, quietly waiting for Him to impart knowledge into my life and heal the wounds of my past. Jesus understands that we are spouses, parents, and employees that have obligations with deadlines. I’m not suggesting you take the time clock off your life. I am suggesting you find pockets of time to take the time clock off Jesus.

What would happen if you did?

1 John 20:1-18 Paraphrase

The below song always helps me focus on the faithfulness of God!


7 comments on “But Mary Lingered…

This is a beautiful piece. I receive such contentment, confidence in Him & peace when I have those times of lingering. Thank you for breaking it down sharing insight using Mary’s experience.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I really enjoyed this. I’ve been so busy and at times overwhelmed. Remembering to linger, to take time, pause and be at the feet of Jesus, listening and waiting to see what he has to say is the best advice.

    Nothing like the advice of an all knowing God that loves you immensely to help iron out the kinks of life! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You and Terri are now entered in BtFL’s April drawing for the book Instinct by TD Jakes or a gift card to Carrabba’s Italian Grill.

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