One Life – BREAKTHROUGH! by David Jenkins

This is it: One Life
One life to live,
One life to love.

Cast your net wide,
Build something with pride.
It sounds simple,
Yet you see no ripple.

Despite convictions,
You are held down by restrictions.
You are sitting in stagnation,
Caught in the coagulation of procrastination,
And ready to give in to the frustration.

If it was only one door,
You would be through it by now.
Instead, Every door is met by another…So why bother?



This is it: One Life

Now is not the time for hesitation,
These words are your confirmation:
Now is the time to rise above distraction.
Step up, drop the excuses, bring the action!



Coaching will show you the way through:
one door, then two.
Rising higher and higher,
We will draw from that God-given desire.
Soaring above the naysayers
Leaving behind the haters;
they will say, “Girl, you are on fire!”



This is your moment of breakthrough,
Days are not something you just get through,
I will show you life anew,
shift your point of view,
If you are ready,
you can have new streams of revenue,
and find satisfaction too.

Life won’t give you a redo.



This is it: Breakthrough!

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I hope this video will ignite your breakthrough mindset!


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