Life Coach Insights - Privileges

Relationship Has Privileges

A Stranger Doesn’t Have Privileges If a stranger walked into your home and went to your fridge, pulled out some food to make a sandwich, what would you do? Or better yet, they went to your bathroom and grabbed five rolls of toilet tissue? A TOTAL STRANGER! I [...]
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Life Coach The Answer to Money Problems

Money Problems – Abundance Mentality

Poverty, Scarcity, and Abundance Mentalities “The most important thing to understand is that abundance begins in the mind.  Choosing a belief system that cultivates abundance is crucial.” Deepak Chopra An abundance mentality is birthed from a place of [...]
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Life Coach Insights on Money Problems

Money Problems – Scarcity Mentality

Poverty, Scarcity, and Abundance Mentalities Scarcity Defined defines scarcity as insufficiency or shortness of supply: dearth, rarity, in frequency. A person with a scarcity mentality has a worldview of LACK. Their overwhelming thought [...]
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Business Life Coach Insights Money Problems

Money Problems – The Series

Poverty, Scarcity, and Abundance Mentalities Mentality Defined: Mental process. A particular way of thinking, mindset, mental attitude, outlook and disposition. The capacity for intelligent thought.1 Mentalities are a way of grouping certain common viewpoints [...]
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