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Purpose of Dating

Dating a new person can be fun, exciting and even intoxicating. The dating process starts out full of possibilities and hopes, BUT if you don’t understand the purpose of dating you could be setting yourself up for a crash landing. Achieve what you want out of dating [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights Independence


Independence brings a feeling of pride and freedom. We strive for that freedom through different phases of life. The harder we fight for independence the sweeter the feeling of freedom is to our souls. As a toddler, we strive to walk on our own and we all know a teenager that [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 06-29-17

Business Tip – Make it Easy

As a Business Life Coach, I work with a variety of small business owners on tight budgets. They hire me for a multitude of reasons but the main reason is always to get more clients. A business license, logo, and website does not equate to having a business. You only [...]
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