Treasure Tuesdays – Money

This is one of the most misquoted and misunderstood scriptures in the bible, in my opinion. Many will quote this scripture as “money is the root of all evil.” INCORRECT!! The LOVE of money is A root of all kinds of evil. If I may, take a moment to break [...]
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Standoff - Treasure Tuesdays

Treasure Tuesdays – Stand

A WORD to STAND on and WIN the ferocious battle that is raging! One of my favorite scriptures in the bible is 3 John 2. This verse speaks to prospering in all areas of life and then explicitly calls out HEALTH. Rich relationships with poor health are difficult to [...]
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Treasure Tuesdays Expect a Breakthrough

Treasure Tuesdays Breakthrough

EXPECT BREAKTHROUGH! In life, we often get what we expect. That is why negative outlooks are so dangerous because they produce a fruit we rarely want to eat. I want to encourage you today to adjust your expectations. It is easy to grow weary in waiting for [...]
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Perspective on Identity

Treasure Tuesday – Perspective

Change your perspective and change the game! Living a life that leaves a legacy starts with your point of view about YOU. Do you see yourself living in the inheritance Jesus left for you? Do you identify with the promises given to the righteous? For a long time, [...]
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