September, 2017

Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights Blog

Jezebel – Recognize her?

Jezebel is considered one of the most seductive women of the bible. She is named 22 times in scripture and never in a favorable light. She far exceeds her rivals: Deliah, Rahab and Potiphar’s wife. She is the most wicked woman of the Bible. A Phoenician by birth [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Blog - Racism

How a “Good Old Prejudice Redneck” blessed me!

One night after attending a very intense spiritual renewal, I went to grab a bite to eat at a very popular restaurant to digest everything I learned and experienced. When I dine alone I usually sit at the bar, not for the alcohol but for the [...]
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Life Coach Brenda - Blog about Storms

When the Storm Comes

Hurricane Irma has stirred up a flurry of fear and anxiety. As I sit in my office looking out the window at the rain and feeling the powerful winds, I am prayerful. I am prayerful for the families that have lost loved ones in natural disasters like Irma. I am also [...]
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