August, 2017

Life Coach Brenda Underwood Thoughts

Life Coach Brenda’s Thoughts

A Few Thoughts from Life Coach Brenda! Living in the realities of the situation allows you not to live in the conflict of the drama. Confidence is intimidating to the unconfident. Never let the criticism of others define your inner voice. Don’t set limits on [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coach Insights 08-24-17

Life Coach or Specialty Coach

In the field of life coaching, you have as many different specialties as you do hairs on your head. Check out this short list of coaching specialties: Life Coach Certified Life Coach Christian Life Coach Spiritual Coach Relationship Coach Wellness Coach Career [...]
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Breakthrough for Life Coaching Blog

Purpose of Dating

Dating a new person can be fun, exciting and even intoxicating. The dating process starts out full of possibilities and hopes, BUT if you don’t understand the purpose of dating you could be setting yourself up for a crash landing. Achieve what you want out of dating [...]
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